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APRIL 12, 2004


I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. What a wonderful spirit we have here this evening. Your outlook and attitude make this an open arena for our communications. You cannot see me or have any proof that I exist, and yet you welcome me each week without fail. I am with gratitude for your faithfulness and am inspired by your durability.

Mortal life does indeed take its toll on the spirit. You that intend to move forward at any cost of the ego, exhibit a grace that is inspirational to us all. Again, we take a moment to rise above our daily occurrences, above our discomforts, worries and fear. We are safe at home with our family. Here we make discoveries, find solutions, increase energy and build upon our faith.

I am feeling the excitement of a shift in mass mind. I am able to see the Master's hands at work. The world's inhabitants are hungry for new thought, new direction, simply something new. I am overjoyed at the influence of our Correcting Time. I am energized at the good that has been produced so far. I need not to see results to continue the work, but even I must admit it causes me to rejoice, to be grateful for Father and His well orchestrated plan and purpose.

Your experience as Mission participants and faithful followers of the Master, have made you a wonderful coach for those who are seeking a new and better way. Your willingness to make the most out of humbling experiences puts you in a place to be an awesome example. Every day it would seem there are tests to becoming an expert at perfected humility. Let me assure you that all experience is used to its fullest to aid you in stepping closer to our Father.

In keeping with the subject of the season, I should like to discuss the Master and His life. Over these many years you have gained insight into the personality of the Master. His Spirit of Truth keeps us ever reaching and growing. In our attempt to walk a closer walk with Him, our vision of the Master continuously unfolds. As our experience changes, as our maturity levels increases, also does our vision of the Master evolve. Our experience of the Spirit of Truth becomes more real and interactive. Is it He who changes? Of course not. Our vision of Him is always increasing with our willingness to follow Him.

We have discussed the Master's willingness to drink the cup of mortal life--come what may. He was indeed a super personality, but remember it was His mortal example that we could all relate to. With each experience, good and bad, the Master was more and more prepared to complete His earthly destiny. With each minute of living faith He was more and more changed into the individual who would forever change history.

Said the Master, "Why do you call me good. It is the Father in Heaven who is good." And he meant that with all His mind and soul. The Master was wonderful in His own right-granted, and yet His willingness to be Father-led was a map for Him to follow to have the ability to do the great things He had done. Knowing Father as you do, can you not see these personality traits in the Master and His exemplary life He lived on Urantia?

Willingness to listen, to have not worry about self, to be mindful of the work also leads to your personal evolution and lays out a map for you to follow to also fulfill your earthly destiny. As a mortal you are drawn to the Master because He was also part mortal. He lived your experiences and had faced the very worst that mortal life had to offer. His willingness to have faith that Father always had something in the works that was adding to His map of earthly destiny kept Him moving along with great faith.

We go back in time to when the Master had laid prostrate on the ground with the burden of the world upon His back. He knew the bitter cup that had awaited Him and did indeed have struggle between the mortal and the divine. His mortal side sought comfort from His dozing brethren. His mortal side sought other avenues of escape. His mortal side sought comfort and clarity in what seemed to be uncontrollable circumstances. His divine side sought His Father's will. He was made to wait patently upon the will of Father. He was made to struggle against escape and embrace His divine side--no matter what.

In these moments He did find mindal reconciliation with the divine side. He did find comfort and ministry. He did find strength to carry on, but the strength that filled this God-man was not just from this one moment in time, no. It was from a lifetime of exercising faith, following that map that Father had laid before Him, a lifetime of working through discomfort, having mindal reconciliation, finding humor in all things, ministering to others, raising a family, carpentry work, teaching, fishing, adversity and blessings. This is what enabled the Master to drink the bitter cup with grace and perfect balance in all aspects. It was His will that the Father's will be done and from that He attained the strength of a universe. Our older Brother was indeed, and still is, an inspiration for us to live by.

This week look back at your earthly map and what directions it has led you to bring you this far and ponder where you may be going. How was the Master a light upon your path? What is it about Him that is most inspirational to you? Children, this week be a peace. Have not concern. Be about the Father business. My love goes with you. Until next week, shalom.
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