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Machiventa: I would welcome the opportunity, even the priviledge to be once
again a part of this group that is formed in this new channel of access
established. This is Machiventa Melchizadek and I delight in witnessing your
discussions and would use your observations and discussions as a springboard
to discuss the effects of fear as I notice in my T/R associate a
trepidation, a sense of uncertainty that requires active engagement with the
mortal mind to bring into control. Your fear reflex is as basic to you as
your reflex to breathe.

It has been an extremely useful reflex for your ancestors to have had as it
has provided great stilmulus for them to avoid unnecessary loss of life and
unnecessary hardship when used to motivate an individual to avoid a harmful
situataion. In this example, fear has played  a positive role in the
preservation and prosperity of your ancesters and is deeply imbedded in your
genetic code as part of your history.

As a world develops, it becomes necessary to reevaluate the function of fear
in your lives. As your perspective becomes more spiritual, it becomes
necessary to reevaluate whether this impulse of fdear is a stimulant which
serves you as beneficial or whether in fact the triggered fear response is
responsible for what otherwise might be a positive and growthful experience
for you. The fear of falling is what grips you when standing next to a deep
abyss and what keeps you from the desire to become reckless with your life
as you are balanced on the precipice.

That example of fear is the proper use of the fear response to preserve your
life. The fear of not being accepted or of not being understood can lead to
the stifiling of an individuals expression and the subsequent growth
involved in that descision. In that example, the fear response has been
automatically triggered and the individual has responded by withdrawing from
the fear of the unknown and thereby has denied themselves the experience of
growth involved in the expression of these mortal desires. It becomes
necessary as you develop, to keep in check the unecessasry triggering of
this fear response, so as to rob you of the full extent of your life
experience. This is accomplished through sheer force of will, to override
this inherent fear response with your mind circuit, your knowledge that the
universe is a safe place, that your place in it is assured, that these
conditions exist whereby your fear becomes unwarranted and you can deny
yourself this response to this fear reaction.

This is an active role one plays when you recognize that fear has been
triggered and this response is underway. You have the authority at any time
to intervene in what is an automatic response, and override it through this
force of will. This technique when applied by any individual, can override
this automatic response and can surplant it with a higher objective, a more
spiritual response.  This is one of the largest paradigms that you grapple
with on your world. This fear element has served your ancestors for a very
long time and serves you well even now when appropriately applied, but as
your dangers have reduced on your planet, the need for this intense fear
response must diminish.

This technique I speak of is a key that can be used by you to gain access to
a more spiritual platform through the denial of your fear response and the
acceptance of a higher reality. These lessons that we provide for you, are a
series of keys which may be used in guiding you in understanding, in gaining
passage to a greater understanding, and overcoming an apparent obstacle
before you, as just a guide to your understanding, a map to your
development. These keys that we provide for you are yours to take with you
once you have gained the understanding of the use of this tool, the use of
this key, the properties of the key. These keys become yours as your tools
in the toolbox to navigate through the obstacles that come before you and
the art of living is learning which keys to apply to which of your lifes
circumstances to most easily unlock the spirit content and pass through to
the spiritual understanding.

We have provided over the years many key themes and they all may be used at
different times under different circumstances to apply great leverage to the
situation. Each one of you is also an individual, an individual passage to
greater understanding, to the wisdom of your life experience, to the wisdom
of anothers' life experience. You can not only be a key to your own art of
living, but you might also find yourself providing the key to anothers
understanding to the art of living. Therefore you must see yourselves as
collecting these keys, and also as being these keys, as each of you are
uniquely suited to apply the exact leverage necessary to accomodate the
passage of understanding necessary.

I would open up the line for any dialogue at this time as I have delivered
my intended lesson for the day and would welcome any comments or questions
as it helps us to determine how to proceed with future lesson plans.

Question: I have been asked to help a nephew of mine that happens to be in
jail at the moment. I have been using some of the methods you have stated
and would like to know if my thought adjuster could be used to contact the
other persons adjuster or ones of my relatives. Could you comment on that

Machiventa: Surely, it is an actual component of your being, this aspect of
the thoughter, likewise it is a component of the being of every other
individual you are likely to ever come in contact with. If you realize that
this is a part of you and a part of them, and you attempt to share on this
level, it most certainly can be accomplished, however this is greatly
subject to individual levels of participation. That is to say that your
thought adjuster, under no circumstances, can bridge the gap and become an
univited guest to communicate with anothers thought adjuster. If the
permission has not been granted in all directions, no such contact could
occur. If the opposite is true, and permission has been granted by both
individuals and their subsequent thought adjusters, then it is entirely
possible for this communication to take place and you will find that this
seemingly unknown of, unheard of communication on your world will one day
become the normal mode of communication between you as individuals. However
those times are remote from now, and at this point you rely on the
permission of your thought adjusters to have any such contact with other
individuals, and if they're not in the same mind set and acceptance level as
you, there may be an incompatibility between the exchange of free thought,
between two individuals.

However, I would redirect your line of thinking and would install the idea
of a third party intermediary between you and another individual and that is
the spirit of Michael, that can negociate the difference between individual
spiritual levels and can be used to interprit and provide insight between
individuals through the circuit of the spirit of truth. This is entirely
possible, this is desirable. This is the way diverse individuals may come to
intimate understanding. It is not necessary for you to have complete control
over access to your indwelling spirit for you to have unlimited access to
Michael, Nebadonia and others who may perform this similar function for you
as an extension of their spirit. This is also a component of all of your
beings. This needs to be recognized as a relevant part of your lives, not an
unknown and unexplored dimension of your being, but rather an accepted and
accomodated aspect of your selves.

This the stage we are in. We are gaining  awareness of this sense of soul
within the self and we are in the phases of learning to turn to that aspect
of yourselves and how to communicate through that aspect, how to function
within the parameters of that, how to use the keys provided through this
avenue of understanding to facilitate your life mission. I appreciate your
question and encourage all to lend more validity in their expression to the
reality of this spirit component and its properties in your lives. Any more

Questioner: I appreciate what you just said. It is most helpful. Thankyou
very much.

Machiventa: You are most welcome and I honor each of you  who are searching
for these keys to unlock your spiritual expression, your dimension of
spirit. I remain ever willing to assist in this advancement of using these
keys to facilitate your art of living.

Question: This is related to the comments on the thought adjusters in some
respect. I hear people speaking often of what they call "past lives" and a
form of therapy has been developed called "past life regression" and
sometime I have mixed feelings about what is being talked about. I haven't
come across it yet in the Urantia book, but what might they be speaking
about in what I understand is world number one, in terms of past lives. Is
this something related to where the thought adjuster has been?

Machiventa: You are correct in your observation that perhaps the thought
adjuster is involved in the experience of such an individual and in fact it
is possible that the thought adjuster of such an individual has in his
possession  a store of experiences that are not part of the experiences of
the individual he indwels. These experiences may at times be flashed into
awareness through some consciousness techniques and on occasion individuals
have had the strong sense that they have had experiences that their life
clearly has not provided for them.

The far greater possibility for the experience of individuals who have quite
clearly experienced something to make them feel as though they have had an
experience that they were not there for. This can occur  by means of the
fact as I mentioned, you all have a spirit component and that when you
access this spirit component, it has properties which enable you to traverse
past your experience and share the experience of others, even remote to your
place. This stream of cosmic consciousness and awareness is present as a
component of your spiritual aspect. This stream of cosmic consciousness has
as part of it, the vast amount of experiences that the mortal mind has
encountered, and can be accessed by another member through this human
circuit and a flash of existense can be obtained through this circuit of all

All of the experiences of the human race are contained within this circuit
of experience, this stream of human consciousness and you not only
contribute to this stream, but from time to time you access this stream and
actually are aware of the experiences of another. Because you have not had
this experience yourself, because you know when you were born and how you
lived your life, you attribute such a vivid experience to having obviously
lived this experience at some other time when in fact you are exchanging
experiences with other individuals through this spiritual dimension of
yourselves. This is a property of this spiritual dimension, and there will
come a time when you will be versed in the use of this property and will be
able to access this stream of consciousness at will and realize the function
and properties of this consciousness clearly in your lives. At this time you
only get fleeting glimpses and snatches of what is in truth, reality which
has occured to some mortal of the realm but may not have occured to you as
part of your own individual experience except through this circuit. Does
provide you with any insights?

Questioner: Yes it does most definitely. I have one more follow up question.
You're saying that the greater possibility is that individuals are tapping
into the cosmic stream however you mentioned that it is possibe that  the
thought adjuster has lived in anothers experience. I'd like to get a little
bit clearer on that. Is this a common thing that thought adjusters have
lived another experience?....or

Machiventa: It is not a common thing given your span of living on your
planet, to come in contact with many individuals with thought adjusters who
have previously inhabited other mortals of the realm. There on rare
occasions, individuals, as you know who make the choice not to sign on to
the divine plan and choose not to proceed with the spiritual ascension that
you are coming to understand. So on rare occasions individuals decline the
invitation to finish their eternal career and their thought adjusters may
be assigned to other individuals, and as you may have read in your text, the
thought adjusters gain experience through this process and the more
experienced thought adjusters are the ones who havae gone through this cycle
before and have been freed up to try again because it is the ultimate desire
and destiny  of the thought adjusters to unite completely and fully with a
single individual who has the desire  to persue the eternal spiritual

Therefore if they find themselves assigned to an individual who does not
choose to proceed forward, they are reassigned so that they may fulfill
their ultimate destiny. This is not a common occasion, but on your world it
has not been until recently, to your species, that most individuals are
aware enough now to choose eternal survival. Your ancesters may have lived
lives of ignorance and been unable to make proper choices about their
eternal career, and this is all part of the key role that free will  plays
in this process. The individuals are always given every opportunity and
circumstance to make their own descisions and are allowed the freedom to
choose not to go. So it is possible that this occurs from time to time, but
the far more likely scenario for individuals who feel that they encountered
experiences that they cannot account for, is that they have excercised this
this spiritual circuit and have accessed this cosmic consciousness and have
had a flash of experience for which they cannot account.

Question: Is it strictly the fact that young souls or old souls or whatever,
is entirely controlled by the thought adjuster?

Machiventa:  In fact, very little is controlled by the thought adjuster. The
thought adjuster acts in response to the descisions and motivations of the
individuals they are assigned to. Very rarly are they extended the
opportunity to be very effective in this descision making process of the
individual. So the statement that the thought adjusters are responsible for
the level of someones spiritual familiarity is more correctly stated as the
individual in question, having provided greater access and permission to
the thought adjuster to become active, and this relationship of dependency
is consistent throughout the journey together that these individuals take.

It is indeed a partnership between  yourself and your thought adjuster as to
your rate of spiritual advancement, your level of spiritual attainment, your
awareness of spiritual content. It is important to remember that this is a
partnership between you and your thought adjuster and to provide
your thought adjuster with permission to act on your behalf. The thought
adjuster, like any other spiritualized being that you may come in contact
with, is bound by this free willed choice that you must excercise in order
to complete this circuit and enable the thought adjuster to become a more
prominent force in your lives, in your descision making processes, even in
your value structure.

I would also mention, as we do regularly, that stillness is a technique, a
key, whereby you may get yourselves closer to accessing this channel of your
thought adjuster, this component of yourseld..your spirit self, that
stillness provides  you with the necessary orientation to be able to
navigate this spiritual dimension, and through stillness you will develop
your keys for your art of living.

Question: How do we introduce ourselves to our thought adjusters so that we
know who they are and if they have a name?

Machiventa: There is no way  that you can isolate yourselves from  your
thought adjuster. Your thought adjuster is absolutely aware of your
motivations, your intentions, your desires, your actions, and is in most
scenarios, an observer who looks for the occasional opportunity to insert
into your stream, the ideals which provide you with your spiritual
upliftment. You can, by simply acknowledging the prescense of your
companion, engage a response from them because you are wielding the most
mighty tool that you have, your free will choice. When you ask to be engaged
with your spiritual partner, then is he free to insert more liberally the
ideas of spirit and is therefore more free to act on your behalf when you
have provided your consent.

He is qualified to make the judgements for you about your spiritual
exposure, and when you act in consort with him it provides the necessary
shift for the playing field to change, for the partner who is so ever
willing, and ever patient with you, to become more active. Never doubt that
your thought adjuster is always in observation of you, always awaits your
signal for advancement, knows the deepest and most sincere desires of your
heart. There is no misrepresenting yourself to your thought adjuster. It
simply is not possible. There is no isolation of yourself from your thought
adjuster. That as well is not possible. You are  partners, and you will
remain partners until you indeed become one.

Machiventa: I would close this with a prayer. Divine parents who reside at
the center of all things, and who reside at the center of each of us, please
be with us, live through us, be welcome in our lives, in our circles be
welcome as we expeirience this life. We welcome you to share it with us. As
our gift to you, we bring you our experiences, we bring you our observation,
we bring you our love, the observations of our lives. Please take these as
our gifts. We offer them to you as the only things we indeed have to offer.
We know that is because of you that we accumulate these experiences and we
live  these lives. We want you to know that we cherish them, we will take
care of them, we will grow them and we will return them to you to be shared
by all. Thankyou for this opportunity for this priviledge, for this life.

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