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MARCH 15, 2004


I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. Once again I am grateful to be among you this evening. Your welcoming hearts and minds make my tasks more enjoyable. I thank you. I sincerely appreciate your varying personalities. Each one of you brings a unique ingredient to that reality we are co-creating.

When I review my existence I am filled with appreciation, for Father has always been there. Throughout those difficult times when I was closed off to Him, He was always the good Father, there and yet not intrusive. I am touched by the fact that I am such a minute part of the universe, and yet Father leads me to find it a fact that I am His child and always a priority, as are you, my friends.

Many individuals fear isolation or loneliness. In fact they live their lives according to what they believe will keep those they love in their lives, in other words, they work for self-protection. If every universal citizen understood their place in Father's heart they would know for certain that they were never, and never will be, alone, abandoned or isolated. To have every mortal on this world believe they are a beloved child of God, just as is their fellows, then certainly would that cast us forth into Light and Life.

Your role as Teaching Mission ambassadors are one that shows care and concern for all Father's creatures. All life is important. Certainly love is a factor in growth. If you should leave one message to the world it could be that we are all indeed blessed, for Father has made this so. This would certainly dismiss the lines between classes of people. There would none superior or inferior, practically no judgment, for there would be a common understanding between individuals that life is a series of lessons and we are each students, no matter how well we do, we are indeed loved and well watch over by a wonderful Father and expansive cast of universe caretakers.

Over these years we have made it our priority to understand the Fatherhood of God and Brotherhood of Man. You, my friends, are beginning to see the importance this has in directing us toward Light and Life. Love is a nutrient which causes growth. Kindness is a producer of healing chemicals. You each are endowed with a spiritual power that can create tremendous change. Our goal is to create change toward the good for the whole.

This week make effort to have understanding on your definition on the Fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood of Man. Note how your well balanced relationship with Father affects your relationship with your fellows. Note that kindness done to one creates healing for the giver and receiver and also for those who have awareness of the kindness. The small amount of effort you make today to be kind may make a tremendous difference in enlarging our doorway toward Light and Life, not to mention the growth of the Supreme Being.

No questions this evening, perhaps next. Know that my purpose is to aid you in receiving your own spiritual information. I am no more than a helping hand, definitely something I love to do. Know that in all my daily activities I think about you each. You have certainly been a wonderful example of kindness and love to me. My love goes with you. Until next week, shalom.

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