[tmtranscripts] Mantutia 2-15-04

Daniel cwithin at churchwithin.org
Thu Mar 4 09:55:36 PST 2004

The Faith Garden TeaM - Post Falls, Idaho
Sunday, February 15, 2004

	Mantutia (a Melchizedek)-(T/R-Daniel):  Agondonter:  One who believes 
without seeing.  You have no idea how rare and valued are they who are 
able to believe wholeheartedly without seeing.  In the whole of the Grand 
Universe, they are of inestimable value to the outworking of Our Father's 
Plan of Perfection.  And so are you all, agondonters.  You will be valued 
for your abilities throughout your entire age-long journey to Paradise 
and beyond.  The normal evolutionary plan for worlds is that they have 
visible and cooperative help throughout their evolution from savage unto 
the full culmination of Light and Life.  Very few are worlds such as 
yours in where there is no Material Son and associated violet race to 
show the way.  The vast majority of mortal beings in the universes never 
have the opportunity to believe without having seen, and so worlds such 
as yours give their mortal inhabitants a gift of great value which you 
will one day discover is well worth the toil, the pain, the confusion 
that you are made to suffer because of the circumstances that have 
allowed you to become agondonters.  We are not immune to your human 
suffering.  We feel your pain along with you in our empathy and love for 

	As rare and precious as you are with your status of agondonter, we look 
forward to the days in the not too distant future when the planet Urantia 
has no more agondonters to send into the universe.  It is the Father's 
Will that this world does one day become perfect, and to that end there 
will one day be Divine Sons and Sons of the Divine, resident in visible 
form upon your world.  It is not for me to share with you when this time 
shall come but I assure you, dear children, it is coming.  

	Be about the Father's business of learning and growth, and loving and 
serving.  Be about the business of being a beloved child of God.  Be an 
example of the love you have been given, for in so doing these things, 
you are preparing the way and you are preparing yourself for even greater 
service here and on worlds beyond.  Hold not back your love and 
understanding from any, for in this way you further the cause of 
Michael's mission.  Love as you have been loved.  Love as you believe 
Michael loves you.  Go forward in faith.  Follow your inner intuitions, 
for even though they may prove to be different from your expectations, 
indeed will your wisdom and spiritual growth be greatly benefited by it.  
It is far less important that you be right in your ideas than it is for 
you to be propelled by your ideals.  

	I am Mantutia.  Keep on believing, my friends even though you may not 
see.  Good night.

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