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FEBRUARY 23, 2004


I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. I am so inspired by your faith and willingness to put forth effort to be about our Father's business. Your faith is an energy, which makes these transmissions possible. You have faith and confidence that I will return each week and indeed I do. You are accepting of these lessons in their simplified form and learn what you can therefrom. I appreciate your acceptance and the fact that you receive what is given without condition or attempt to make change or fit these teachings into a format for ego fulfillment. I am exceedingly grateful. You take our spirituality to a level of practical reality. Well done.

Again I would ask you to cast off the cares of the day. Rise above the family turmoil, employment politics and community concerns. Take a step higher into that peaceful arena within the mind that allows you to breathe easy. Relax your muscles, feel your heart rate begin to slow, breathe in that peace that only the Father of all fathers can grant you. Here in this place rest is acceptable, healing is allowed and Father whispers to you the wisdom of the ages.

Why are we here in the world at this time? What is our sole purpose? What is our earthly destiny leading to? I believe many mortals get caught up in the drama of living and tend to overlook the overall purpose of going beyond merely existing to really living. We are here because at some moment in time we were a thought in the mind of God. The act of love and thought created the actuality, which brought us into being. Father has worked with most of us our entire lives to get us to really know Him, to understand His role in our existence. He has always loved us; He will always love us and want for our highest good.

I cannot claim to know the Father's overall plan and purpose, but I can say up to this point in my eternal career, I fully trust Father and have some realization of His endless possibilities; therefore I crave to do the will. I seek out the right and desire it with all of my being. I look back on my personal history and realize Father was always there-not coaxing me heavenward or pushing me to be someone I wasn't, but lovingly guiding me toward Him. I can see that now. As a man on earth I was somewhat blinded to those facts. I put first what my eyes could see. My priority was to have good thoughts about who and what I was. The material world was distracting with all its promises of personal grandeur. I was then and am now grateful for guidance and slow but sure enlightenment.

Many mortals every day are with internal pain, mindal pain, regrets and to compensate for this they do search for relief through the building up of ego. The material world becomes everything to them-their god, so to speak. This temporary self-satisfaction is fleeting and a waste of energy. These are the individuals who seem to be in the middle of all the daily drama.

I thank God for the spiritual path. I thank God for the slow but sure enlightenment. I thank God for progression. These are indeed soul saving, meaning that when one becomes aware of eternal things focus is changed and actions are sure to follow. It is a struggle at times. This is the way it is supposed to be on an evolutionary planet such as this-not good or bad, just the way it is. When one can quiet the mind and material distractions, then do you take a step above life's dramas to the clear air of understanding your plan and purpose.

This week spend time simplifying your material life. Take note of those distractions that would cost you energy. Practice rising above the fog of confusion into the clear air of Father's wisdom. With enough practice this becomes a way of living. Know that Father knows you are each making your best effort. He longs to serve you. He longs to uplift the world through you, not in grand earth shattering ways, but in small, simple, lasting ways. That is all for this evening. Know that I visit each one of you during the week and feel honored to serve you in any way. As always my love is ever growing for you. Go in peace. Until next week, shalom.

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