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TeaMWorks T/R Conference Call


Teacher: Machiventa Melchizedek
Transmitter: Mark Rogers
Subject: New Phase...Sharing the truth

* Machiventa: I greet you all. This is Machiventa, and I am so
pleased to have each of you join our Melchizedek schools. We take the
opportunity to work wherever you will assemble and allow us to be involved
in your midst. We rejoice to work with such opportunities as you have
structured even now over these existing phone lines and with the existing
technology, to bring about the opportunity to expand the word and reach more

The time has come on your world where the options of broadcasting are now
widespread enough to be largely effective to many on your world. This form
of communication provides the leverage we need to augment some of the next
phase of Michael’s plan. There will be an increased interest in the
discovery of the lessons from the teachers and there is great opportunity
before us to share the many lessons that have been circulated and have been
digested by you over time.

You are our latest experiment in bringing about changes to your world, to
our world, and we welcome the opportunity to work with whatever direction
you, as workers, are inclined towards. Michael's plan encompasses all
levels of workers. There are all aspects of expertise required in spiritual
affairs and those of you who have been engaged in the study of the lessons
of the Teaching Mission have received much material to digest over the
years. It is now time to take the lessons of the classroom and move them to
lab. The lab, in this case, is your environment -- your world.

It is one thing to contemplate the greater spiritual truths; it is another
thing to take them out and spread them throughout the world. Now is the time
where we become active with our engagement with these spiritual truths. No
longer will we be content to sit back with each other and discuss these
truths, but we will be driven by a new sense of urgency to be about the
phase of sharing the truths.

This is a joyous new phase that we enter in, wherein we rely on your faith
offerings to extend toward us and provide us with the means we need to
implement the changes we seek. It means a great deal of the legwork is going
to be done by you, as individuals. You will be our mouths, you will be our
arms, you will be our legs about this movement, and we will work together to
bring about the changes necessary on your world.

Those who extend to us in faith will be worked with. We accept all sincere
efforts directed toward us. We will use all resources in our power to
actualize this plan and this includes human participation on a spiritually
deep level. So the call goes out to the humans of Urantia. Who among you
will step forward to accept this challenge to be bold about your faith, to
be bold with your faith, to assert your faith? To allow you to be effective
ambassadors for Michael and his cosmic reality, each must look for strength
to their spirit sense, their spirit eyes, if you will. To see the truths
through the eyes of spirit provides you with additional perspectives. When
viewed through this spiritual perspective one can more easily sort out the
avenues open and more effectively channel energy to maximize the potential
of their contribution to this mission.

You who have the benefit of the text of the Urantia papers know of my
service to your world many years ago, and I am grateful to have a forum such
as this to extend my personal reach to each of you, to know me in the spirit
form, to know me as a personality with your spirit eyes. By being on this
line you have extended your faith to the point of the acceptance of this
very reality, and I merely offer that you extend this sense to include
yourselves as one familiar with presences such as myself. Just to accept
another’s presence into your being is a reach of faith and you are coming to
learn that there are many personalities that you will never see with your
material eyes, but you will see them with your spiritual perspective. You
will feel their presence in your lives.

This is the level on which we need to direct our attention, formulating your
seat of observation to your environment to be a spiritual seat. Observe your
world through your spiritual perception as much as possible, and you will
see that the reality before you begins to change, and that the surroundings
you have come to be familiar with may appear different with a new focus.
This is our opportunity. This is our chance for spiritual movement. It is
healthy to recognize these occurrences and to establish that this is a
routine part of human nature, of your human existence.

I applaud you all, each one, for your curiosity and the faith that you
extend to experiment with such a new form of communication on your world,
stringing together your land lines with your spirit lines. We marvel at your
desires to string together the realities that you have at hand to accomplish
even a spiritual task. Therefore do we pledge our support to those who come
with sincere intentions to be a part of a new and broader outreach program
wherein celestial personalities may visit with a larger number of
individuals and the spiritual concepts may be spread abroad.

I am aware that there is some deal of concern about plans for a new age on
your world and all the implications that go along with that and I would just
pass along that the changes in the spirit pressure to your world, although
great in magnitude, do not alter our lesson plan for you as mortals of the
realm. Our mandate from Michael is one of slow and steady spiritual
upliftment from the grassroots volunteers who desire to be involved. That
mandate does not change, regardless of the times in which we live. It only
becomes charged by certain events that come along, and this is the case at
this time.

There is a charge about this new phase and excitement to be shared. This
excitement can be used as a propellant for individuals to become spiritually
involved, and to that extent, we will ride that wave. But I assure you your
imaginations are capable of providing for you a much more grandiose outlook
on the direct effect this might have on you than will be the reality of the
case. Truly it is a great step for our world. It is the passing of an age
and we do rejoice to be about this next phase and welcome each who would
come as volunteers to this cause.

When I was on your world many years ago, I was fortunate to work with many
humans, such as yourselves, and I became very fond of the human nature and
the human perspective and the human willingness to be involved in pursuits
which were outside of their basic human nature. So it is with you.

I am so pleased to come in contact with sincere individuals who desire to
affect spiritual change on their world and I would welcome working with all
who would work with me. That is the pledge I submit to all honest seekers,
and I look forward to the reality of this very pledge.Would there be desire
for any questions?

Q: Machiventa, I have a question regarding a recent transcript concerning
changes coming which suggested the best way to reach people who might
somewhat disturbed by changes that might occur is to reach them through the
heart rather than the mind. Even though conceptually I understand that, I
would appreciate if you could discuss that and some examples of how to reach
someone from the heart. I guess it's not intellectual, but how do you do
that exactly?

* Machiventa: On your world there is cause for some discrimination
between your understanding of certain concepts, one being an exchange of the
heart and another being an exchange of the spirit, of the soul. Oftentimes
on your world those two are so closely linked as to be indistinguishable,
the one from the other. In my discussion earlier about the eyes with which
you will look to another, with which you will look out onto your world, if
one can focus from your spiritual center to another’s spiritual center the
resulting exchange is powerful and dynamic and is oftentimes confused as an
affair of the heart when more appropriately the more profound exchanges are
indeed an affair of the spirit. When you function in this spirit realm you
do encounter profound exchanges and these have the capacity to effect great
change in others when they are shared through this medium of spirit.

So as I was discussing, when one functions from this realm of spirit, one
oftentimes has shifts in their understanding and perception due to their
search for understanding. The surest way to represent this to any individual
is simply with your own personal expression of complete honesty. When you
are completely honest and open to another individual, then they respond with
great openness in return. At this time, it is possible to affect the seeking
of another individual when the doors are open to gaining this understanding.

Always respond with the love that we associate with the heart space. This
love is an attitude. This love is a posture. When you respond with this
attitude of love, and on the plane of spirit, then people very much notice.
They aren't necessarily aware of the dynamics of what you are doing, but
they certainly sense your posture and attitude and are more or less
receptive to you as you are more or less effective in portraying this

Q: Thank you so much.

Q: Machiventa, can you give us more details of your plan for stage two?

* Machiventa: My details of my upcoming mandate includes being
persistent with certain foundational points with the students available to
me on Urantia. I am in charge of instilling the rudimentary elements of
spiritual training, the importance of STILLNESS, the necessity of actively
choosing to function on the spiritual plane. I am not in any way in charge
of the larger mandate involved in Michael’s latest implementation of spirit
influence onto this world. My mandate is and always has been the rather slow
and steady training of the foot soldiers involved in this process. I attempt
to prepare them to be ready, to be deployed when and where they are
required, and I rely on the judgment of my superiors to place the
individuals in their appropriate spheres of influence after they have gained
some basic “boot camp” level of spiritual understanding. My personal
directive remains constant, to train the foot soldiers, the volunteers who
come forward to donate their time, to exercise their faith, to extend their
influence. They come to our schools, as you are now, to learn such spiritual
realities. In some regards I am in charge of the beginners of spiritual
influence, for once they pass through my schools they then become qualified
to undertake many outside challenges and go on to work in other schools
throughout. Does this provide you with information about my directives?

Q: It provides me more questions. What other schools are you referring to?

* Machiventa: Our Melchizedek schools are wherever humans are
gathered with the interest to be about fostering spiritual ideas and the
learning of spiritual concepts. We will use any format, any forum, any
group, any set of individuals, any single individual, who will allocate to
us their time and their effort to become trained in the spiritual realities
of the universe. It is a partnership of the spiritual and material planes.
It is not at all new to your world, as there have been spiritual and human
partnerships you are aware of in the past, but at this time we do not employ
our own structures and arenas wherein this training takes place. We rather
take this training to the streets, to the study groups, to the meetings, to
the individuals who are willing to work with us and receive such spiritual

Q: Thank you.

Q: Machiventa, is this training you speak of also unconscious for the

* Machiventa: This training is not received in an unconscious
state, but when received, it does have subconscious elements involved to it,
but this is more of a spiritual matter than a conscious matter. The
consciousness of the individual is required to complete the training
circuit, but some of the more profound lessons may indeed have an impact on
the deeper consciousness and therefore have some effect on the lower levels
of consciousness, but this is not a main component of this circuit, rather
is it an effect to the cause.

Q: Machiventa, a while back you had a transmission requesting we shift our
focus from the individual to the group. Could you speak to that?

* Machiventa: I'm speaking to that right now. You all are a group, and
you are a new movement, and we have shifted the focus to expand the group
definition. There will be more work done with groupings of individuals and
this will be a natural result of peoples increased desire to be of service.
This desire to be of service will lead individuals together and will provide
the necessary impetus to push the movement of service forward.

Q: Thank you.

Q: Will the teachers be allowed to more actively guide us as to the
direction these groupings should go as far as these service tasks?

* Machiventa: Thank you for such a question because there is an element
involved in these aspects of spiritual components that must be included
wherein the individuals involved can ask for greater leeway with their
teachers in receiving instructions on potentials that might be actuated.
However, the faith choice of the individuals and the groups are the highest
priority in this entire plan. Nothing is allowed to occur to circumvent the
free will expression of the individuals involved, and therefore it is
paramount that the offer be presented by the individuals and the group, that
consent be provided so that this enhanced partnership may develop. We rely
on you, as individuals, to formulate the ideas to become involved with and
then we as teachers can bring to that the ideals of what the plan
encompasses. In this way we work together hand in hand, but we are very
resistant to lay out an entire plan, beginning to end, simply for you to
follow. This is not consistent with our mandate that we regard your
individual personal choice as.

Q: Inviolate?

* Machiventa: Indeed. We will not cross that line. We will not go
to that level of suggesting that which is outside that you should offer. We
wait for your offer and then we assure you we will assist you in any way
possible to bring about these changes. We are becoming more active in our
approach as we are inspired by the wave of spiritual pressure about to
impact this world and we wish to maximize its potential. Thank you, each one
listening, for being a part of this cycle, a part of this circuit we form

Think back from time to time about circuits that are formed in your lives
such as this one. It can be a source of great strength when you find
yourself uncertain. We are all involved in this circuit to support each
other, support the web. Thank you all for being a part of it.

Q: Machiventa, could you please end this session with a prayer to the

* Machiventa: Indeed. Father we ask your presence into our lives,
into our circuit that we form at this time together. We ask for you to flow
through us, flow through our circuit, flow out to each one with your love,
your grace, and your peace. We ask, each one, to be a proper tool in your
service. We ask to be ready to function. We ask to be on standby and at
your call. We would be in your service for your mission and we would be of
one heart, of one spirit, about working with you in these times. We are
grateful to have each other; we are grateful to be here now; and we would
share this love we feel from you out to all our brothers and sisters. Help
us each day to spread this about and to be your messengers. Thank you
Father. Amen.

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