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Group: Denver TeaM

Topic: Announcement

Teacher: Monjoronson (TR's, Jo Ann & Mary Jo)

January 29, 2004, 8 PM Mountain time

[This message was received by two novice T/R's on the night of Jan. 29,

2004. We acted as a t/r team, so there are two voices. We were expecting

everyone to receive the same message/announcement and agreed to listen in to

sharpen our t/r skills, thinking we could actually check our work. We were chagrined at first to see that we did not receive the same message as our group, but enlightened by the directive to piece together the messages. Because of that directive, we offer our first transcription to our friends in spirit in the teaching mission.]

MONJORONSON (1ST TR): Children of Earth, I salute you! I am Monjoronson; I am he of whom you have been speaking. I have a mission and I have called you together because it is fitting that you should hear me as one. For those who read this message, you are here in spirit now. This message is for ALL who happen to come to it, in whatever way.

I shall sometime walk your earth, walk your soil. I remain aloft (?) for the time being. I am here in a very real way to each of you. I am accessible to you, each of you. No, this is not a dream. Your planet has been lovingly, carefully watched and nurtured, lo theses many eons of time, and it is no different now. Even more so are you watched, cared for and protected. This world of the cross is a very pivotal and intriguing sphere. Your Father/brother Michael sojourned here, as you know. He chose with deliberation this planet. Great and momentous occurrences are at hand. The Universe is poised with anticipation and joy to witness the re-balancing, the re-...(2nd t/r) ...connecting of the circuit of light and life, as it is infused into the rebellious planets of your system. We come with light to scatter the darkness. We come with love to dissipate the hatred. We come with gifts to shatter the greed that exists everywhere on these rebellion-torn worlds. Come join with us to carry the light to those who sit in darkness. You yourselves have been drawn to this light. Absorb it and reflect [it] out to others. The path you take is your choice.

(1st t/r)

You are my beloveds. I am close to your Prince; I am here with his blessing and approval. The time is drawing nigh for the world to be informed and upstepped by the information. There will be confusion, disbelief, anger, [and] fear. For this you have been prepared, you are BEING prepared. I am not here to tell you the time or the day, only to gather you, as it were, to anoint you, to let you know these things are coming to pass and that your participation and cooperation is greatly appreciated and also greatly required (or needed?). It is time to take the prerogative of co-creation into the arena of the world. You have been testing and trying this for many years, many of you and manifesting truth, beauty, and goodness in your personal spheres. You must be witness now to the greatness and power of God, his loving kindness, and the all-encompassing love that is the Father. It has ever been thus, so many crying in the wilderness. You are to be the light; you are to be the water. You are to be the bread-not you-but God through you. Be humble, be patient, be tolerant and kind. Be kind to one another.

(2nd t/r)

Proclaim this message of saving joy: One is coming who will put aright many wrongs that have been on this planet for a long time! Magisterial missions are judicial; adjudication is part of my mission. Things being set right on the material level may cause somewhat of a chaotic interim. Let this not concern you, but know that it will be a fact. The anguish felt by those who trust not these messages, the consternation they will feel is not of Spirit.

Be one with us when these times come. When these individuals approach you, comfort them. Let them know that in the Father's Universe all is always well. Invite them into the Kingdom where the deepest of peaceful feelings is available to each of you always, no matter the appearances from the outside world. Peace is plentiful; light is bountiful; abundance is yours through this joyful work.

Deeper we ask you to commit yourselves to carrying the light forward with your hands held by celestials as you go. Fear not; you are not alone. We are with you always. Shining light into the darkness is what we ask of you at this time and from this time forward. Will you step forward with us at your side, all around you as it were, to continue this work? To pledge yourselves individually to helping people expect the good and experience the happiness that comes from the certainty of the Father's presence for each of us?

(1st t/r)

I will someday walk with you; I will someday meet you. We will all someday be together in the flesh, perhaps not for all of you but for many of you.

However you must be patient; you must live your lives as they are; you must not falter or faint by the wayside. Know that help is always but a thought away. Be not afraid; be of good cheer. Experience the stillness, even in your busiest time. REMEMBER the stillness. It is enough just to remember the stillness in order to experience it. This will refresh you, rejuvenate you, and prepare you to better meet your lives as they unfold in this time of waiting and correcting.

The "bottom line" as you say, is God-consciousness at all times. Strive for this. We are legion here, who watch and want to help. We all come in the Spirit of Michael and in the light of truth, beauty and goodness. We love you with a love that would almost astonish you were you able to truly appreciate and feel it. We understand your condition here and we love you all the more for it, for your willingness to seek higher experiences, the faith that there are such experiences to [be] had, even on this unfortunate but beautiful planet.

Fortunes change children, and your fortunes here are about to turn for the better. Do not expect immediate results, but do expect results. With your continued cooperation and help great things WILL happen, for we are not willing that you should perish-any of you. We are not willing that your planet should languish in error and ignorance, greed, depression and fear. The tide is turning; can you not feel it? You are on the vanguard, and we take the point with you in joy and true brotherhood. Talk with one another. Yes, compare notes. You will always find us faithful. Much love to each of you.

[Transmitted by Mary Jo Garascia and Jo Ann Wiedman]

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