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JANUARY 26, 2004


I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. I find it so refreshing to come here each week and be connected in spirit with you. Those who participate in this time of correction are made to be deep thinkers. What the world sees as meaningful would have us stay on surface levels of thought, but the Correcting Time would drive us to search for truth and the deeper meanings in life. For us to gather each week assists us in refocusing to spirit and positive ways of living.

In the days of old the deep thinkers were mostly thought of as prophets, ministers or those who held high positions in religious organizations, meaning those who were seemingly gifted in spirit were the voice for God. To be one who was a voice for God, you had to be seen as blameless. Those who held high positions in churches were thought of as 'looked upon with favor,' for they lived a righteous life.

As the Correcting Time progresses we can see all are equal in spirit reception, all have the same opportunities. To strive to live a well balanced spirit life is one who will receive a great deal more divine information than would one who embraces darkness or the ways of the ego. The traditions of old are misleading, and yet they do bare some truth. To put your best forth in everyday life opens you to spirit reception, however you not more favored by God, as some religious traditions would have you believe. To work your way to the top in any organization does not make you superior but server of all.

Let us review the life of an average mortal. People want to be loved and for the most part many do those things that will get them that love. Many want to be seen as good or blameless and reap admiration from their fellows. However, there are those small occurrences every day that would possibly drag one toward the darkness.

Take gossiping for example: One who gossips appears to have information that holds others attention and many believe that this attention is an accumulation of energy, therefore the one who shares his information appears to be the most interesting. Again, many simply want to be loved, but to embrace the darkness in life is going to lessen your spirit reception, which in turn keeps you on surface levels of thinking.

Those who find it acceptable to twist the truth will also find their reception limited, for Father does not fraternize with the darkness, no. He will however play a part in His children's personal correction. Do you see, to strive for the positive in living, to embrace truth, beauty and goodness, is to keep an open channel with Father? This is not a promise of heavenly rewards or a seat next to the Master, but common sense Correcting Time lessons.

Also let us look at spirit poisons, anger, jealousy, despair, worry. These poisons can bring one's animal side to the surface, therefore lessening that part of the mind that does the deep thinking. Soul searching, what is soul searching but one who goes below surface levels of the mind to be receptive to the greater truths that Father has to offer. To be caught up in the material world is to increase the animal and decrease the soul. This is truly misery for any mortal.

Think not 'I want to live a life of truth, beauty and goodness'---do it. Do not sit back and have desire for it, no. Begin in this very moment to move away from the ego, who desires the attention from people--toward the soul who literally lives on the love of the Father. Have not worry, children. This is an easy step in your careers.

This week make time to remove yourself from the noise of the material world. Make time for deep thinking, even journaling. Walk the walk of the Correcting Time. Know that my heart is full as I look into your eyes. I am with ever growing love. Go in peace. Until next time, shalom.

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