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NOVEMER 17, 2003


I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. I am enjoying your discussion and fellowship this evening. You are each with a positive outlook, and yet you stay put on the path of reality. To view mortal situations in a positive light is always leading to positive solutions, and yet there is a fine line where one would possibly overlook reality. You can view the problems of the world and put them out of your mind, for they do not directly involve you. You can also worry about these problems and feel quite hopeless or you can be comforted by the fact that Michael and His Correcting Time are shedding light upon these dark areas for all to view and have understanding.

The healing of the whole begins with an individual. We will be moving from the concepts of the Morontial Brotherhood and looking more at individual healing and wholeness. Values form from what the mind can comprehend. Certainly a child cannot understand all an adult can. Each individual's perception is colored by their past experiences, culture, society and feelings of being at home or accepted.

Every day many people are committed to living a life that they think others will approve of. They are limited in their choices in living the mortal life. In this limitation their resentment rises and they are excusing themselves from taking responsibility for their life circumstances. When one dishonestly views their own life and does not take responsibility for it, it is keeping them on a path of non-reality--of course this is successful in serving the ego, but you who chose the path of truth, beauty and goodness, this is simply not acceptable.

Any mortal with desire to follow a divine path must embrace the truth of reality, and yet leave room in the mind for evolution or change. One way to continue to serve the ego is to excuse yourself from responsibility for your life. One can blame their parents, spouse, employer and even their church for the misfortune in their life. This keeps ones mind in a state of being a victim, being helpless, without options, without personal power. As you mature in the spirit you are seeing with the eyes of the spirit and while the cup of truth is bitter from time to time, you are willing to drink it, for new growth results.

Life is what it is. Your interpretation of it is everything. Your willingness to be open or to be taught determines your levels in spiritual advancement. I would say that a balanced perspective in experience will enable you to withdraw the values and meanings therefrom. Those who dare to be transformed by the spirit will find their fear of truth greatly decreased. A spirit driven mortal embraces truth as it is, in whatever form and enthusiastically looks for the meanings and values therein.

This week take time to review your life experience and present to Father what values you have found. Be aware of your willingness to embrace truth no matter how harsh that may be, but also know that each bit of truth is completing a part of the puzzle that is your eternal life. Think about those moments in your experience where you have felt wronged or cheated, and if you had let it build you in spirit or tear down your soul. Think about your levels of trust in our First Source and Center and really with one who is so all encompassing of love, knowledge and power, how can we be afraid of anything? Take time to find a quiet moment with Father each day and learn the art of reconciling the mortal mind to the divine.

No questions this evening. I am enjoying your fellowship. Know that with each day that passes I am with ever increasing love for you each. Until next time, shalom.

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