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OCTOBER 5, 2003


I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. You have step by step reached a plateau of the
Morontial Brotherhood climb, and I must say the view from here is beautiful.
I am in awe of your willingness to overcome social stumbling blocks and turn
your difficulties into stepping stones toward higher understanding. Well
done. You each have acknowledged your difficulties in relating with your
fellows and also have brought forth solutions.

Your presence here this evening speaks volumes concerning last week
question: What do you want? It is obvious that first and foremost you desire
a Father-led life. You each have expressed your want for peace. You have
made good use of your time this past week and have seen the fruits of your
labor. Our harvest is before us in sharing the joy and reality of one
another's company. Father gave you one another so that life may be abundant
in many aspects, positive and negative, for both bring understanding and new

Again, I put forth the same question for you to ponder during this upcoming
week: What do you want from this mortal experience? It is clear to us that
you are recommitted to moving forward with the Correcting Time. Now make
this question more personal. What do you want concerning your personal
relationships with Father and your fellows? What do you hope to attain in a
spiritual sense? What do you want as far as your life work? What do you want
concerning home and family life?

The answers to these questions are important, for they clear the fog of
indecision. They open the path that you are to travel. Being clear with your
decisions creates inner peace and an opening to have concentrated focus and
move toward the set goals. Father knows the desires of your heart. He
understands your needs. He thrives in His children's joy. You are each
entirely capable of spirit reception and knowing the Father's will is for
you in full view. Regarding the lesson on the Morontial Brotherhood let us
review how those citizens on the mansion worlds move about with such social

I am EMULAN. Greetings. I have been honored to participate in this evening's
lesson. As most of you know, I am simply enthralled with the inner workings
of the mind, be it mortal, morontial, etc. After much study I have a few
basic steps in which those morontial citizens take to achieving social
success. On those correction worlds everyone is in the full knowledge that
they are indeed a child of the one and only Paradise Father. Morontia
citizens consider one another a child of God--with this each child is
bestowed certain rights.

The first of those rights is free will. Each citizen respects the others
free will--the right to make personal decisions, the right to grow as they
will. There is not set time limits. There is not criticizing one another for
slowness in understanding. There is only allowance for growth. On the
mansion worlds it is taught that love is supreme. Love is healing and
bringing forth the best in universe citizens. There are still disagreements,
but love reigns supreme and with respect of one another's status as a child
of God, love for one another allows for one another's growth as it will
naturally happen.

Father is no respecter of persons, but respect is a natural outworking of
love for your fellows, meaning that the individual child of God has rights
and there are boundaries that must be respected. Citizens on the worlds of
correction do not infringe upon the rights of their fellows. Each one is
entitled to their personal beliefs and have not fear of rejection or
criticism. The mind of mortals feel safer when personal set boundaries are
respected. Boundaries--meaning the right to exercise personal beliefs and
grow as they may. Every mortal should have some personally set boundaries,
meaning that they feel worthy of expressing themselves how they will.
Boundaries is not to put up walls to keep your fellows out, but to have
self-respect, believing that you are well deserving of maintaining your
status as Father's child.

As fellows in the Morontia Brotherhood social success begins with respecting
your fellows' personal boundaries, allowing them to grow as they will. You
can be of assistance when you can, but always allow room for growth, room
for thought, room for the flow of positive energy. What are your personal
set boundaries? What is your level of understanding your status as Father's
child? How comfortable do you feel in self expression? What is the measure
of fear in being your true self? We will have further discussion next week.
I give you back to ABRAHAM. Farewell.

Wonderful, Emulan, very thought provoking. I am always with such comfort
when a brother is at hand to work toward the common goal, the common good.
Thank you, my brother. Ponder upon this lesson, my children. Next time we
will take questions. Know that I am with supreme love for you each. Above
all else I am with exceeding gratitude for your welcoming hearts. My love
goes with you. Until next time, shalom.

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