[tmtranscripts] N. Idaho TeaM 9/14/03

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Sat Sep 27 10:08:16 PDT 2003

North Idaho Teaching Mission Group
Topics: The Peace of Michael,Union of Cooperating Souls, 
Friendship/Brotherhood with Michael.
Teachers: Elyon, Abraham, Michael

September 14, 2003

*	Elyon (Jonathan TR):  This is Elyon, I greet you.
	Said Jesus, “Blessed are the peace makers.”  Also said he, 
“My peace I give to you”, “My peace I leave with you”.  Truly is 
Michael the Prince of Peace.  So you, within the jurisdiction 
granted to you, are the very representatives of the peace of 
Michael.  Everyone of you contains that gift of his peace.
	You know it has been said that it is not what Jesus said 
that moved the souls of the followers but rather it was merely 
to look upon him, to behold the man who was divine, for the soul 
to be transformed.  You have received his peace, and you in the 
arena of your abilities, in the circuit of your social 
connections, are likewise the manifestation of Michael; 
manifesting his peace, spirit contentment, confidence in the 
knowledge and experience of belonging to the family of God.  The 
peace of Michael, while it will not prevent turmoil, does 
instill in the soul a sense of belonging, a sense of permanence, 
a sense of safety that you will withstand all mortal 
difficulties and that, while in a season of disturbance you will 
never be forsaken nor forgotten.
	While the mortal mind may not perceive the intricacies 
involved in a growth cycle, the Divine Presence understands that 
the mercy and compassion of Michael is overshadowing you, that 
while you may feel as one lost sheep, you are diligently sought 
for and taken into care and custody.  This deep understanding is 
a manifestation of that peace that Michael leaves you.
	Today your world is concerned with peace among nations, a 
peace noble in aspiration but fragile and unattainable without 
first attaining peace in the soul of the individual --  your 
jurisdiction, the arena of your authority to manifest Michael.  
As you do so, revealing the peace given to you, it may be said 
of you that he who has seen you has seen the divine Son and the 
Son’s Father.  While it may not appear to be an observation you 
are worthy of, it is nonetheless true.  Remember it is the 
Michael gift of peace that you reveal.
	Knowing all too well your frailties and faults, understand 
that the revelation through you is that of Michael’s presence; 
that is what the other individual receives when they behold that 
peace, that love, the light, the truth.  For that matter, your 
faults and frailties assist your fellows, for it is all too 
often held as an unattainable ideal the sense of divinity within 
humanity.  To behold another struggling, failing, correcting, 
and retrying inspires one to continue in their own travails.  
Peace will not bring ease; peace will sustain through all 
difficulties.  While peace is often seen as an end to be 
achieved, it is truly the method of transition through conflict.  
Seeking peace before solutions makes solutions attainable.
	Each day acknowledge the everpresence of Michael, affirm the 
gift he has given you.  Let it settle into your mind, into your 
heart, and into your soul.  Establishing this foundation daily 
prepares you for the events of your day, be they conflicting or 
be they smooth in operation.
	I will allow time for the voices of others.  Thank you for 
receiving my words.

	Jill:  Thank you, Elyon.  That was very inspirational this 
morning.  I appreciate you.

*	Elyon:  You are welcome.  I receive warmly your comment.

*	Abraham (Daniel):  And yes, as you may have suspected, I am 
here as well.  My friends, this is your Urantia brother Abraham.
	It is good to see, my brother, that you have made this 
connection with this group of fellow seekers in our Teaching 
Mission.  You will have gifts to give in your presence with this 
group, and truly you will receive gifts as well from this new 
	It is timely that you all have become acquainted.  This 
ever-evolving and growing group has much to offer in the mission 
community, and it has a special uniqueness about it that now has 
the opportunity to become even more so.  Each of our groups in 
this ever expanding mission has a unique specialness to them.  
All serve admirably in this ever-progressing correction time.  
You, my friend Bill, have found a group in which you may begin 
to feel even more at home.
	One of the things that I have noticed over these years of 
teaching is that those of you who are in this mission of Michael 
with sincerity are becoming much more expert at following the 
leadings of your divine Adjusters and the directions of your 
guardian seraphim.  You seek the will of our Universal Father, 
and you are willing to go to wherever you are led in order to 
discover His will.  All of you here today have come from some 
place else, and each one of you has grown immeasurably by so 
being.  This union of cooperating souls sheds light far and 
	I will finish my part today with a message of our love for 
you all and step aside for yet another.

*	Michael (Bill):  Greetings, this is Michael, your brother, 
father.  It is well to be here among you, with you, indwelling 
each of you, as you know me.   I am always here in this place.  
As you wish at times to become closer to me, you will understand 
my word is truth, true to yours as you discern truth.  It is so 
that you are among friends here this morning as well as I am 
here among you in friendship and brotherhood.  It is odd to 
think of us being brothers, sisters, as well as sons and 
daughters at the same time, yet you know the inclusion of 
aspects of our relationships.  Take notice in this as you appear 
before your brothers  unknowing of me who also desire this 
closeness yet strive to be themselves without me.  They are 
searching, they are your mission, they are ‘who may guess’[?] 
who we are as a whole of humanity.  It is true who seek me find 
me and those who search daily will find me daily and as you know 
this there are many who have given up this search for self 
interests and are lost.  You seek to find your true selves in 
me, and your lost brothers will find you and therefore find me.  
It is the way.  It is our mission together to be open to new and 
loving friendships that can grow and blossom and to search for 
this and find it.
	Send me your dreams, your fears. and in time all will be 
resolved in a better way than you could ever have imagined 
having sought this on your own as you know.  Share this openly 
with your brothers and sisters who come your way.  They will 
appreciate me and my voice speaking through you to them and my 
knowingness will be attributed to your grandness, for which you 
must not take credit, of course.  So you see in this day there 
are many who will come; there are many you will not meet again 
yet you will influence greatly as they go forward in their lives 
taking from your acquaintance a specialness that will not be 
forgotten by them.  Of course you may not take this with you to 
be special.  Say this is in memory of me, and yet you do not 
seek any praise.
	This is all for today.  I love is as always with you, more 
so as you come to my love cannot be expressed ... on this plane.

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