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DATE: August 24, 2003
LOCATION: Rio Rancho TeaM - Annie's Place
MUSIC: "Lord of all Soulfulness" - Dorenda on Piano
T/Rs: Gerdean and Matthew
Matthew: Let us place ourselves in the presence of Jesus, the
Master Teacher,
It's been a little while since we've been together, but there's
never been a separation or a gap in our connection with you or with one
another, since that will never be severed. We are eternally grateful for
the connection that you have made with us, and connected us to the Father
and made us one big happy family, as we will know in reality, as we
progress in our eternal careers.
We thank all of our teachers, wherever they are and whoever they
are, both personal and collective, for their efforts and dedication to us
and to your cause and purpose for which we are all united. We ask for
the teachers that you will provide today that we receive fruitful and
productive suggestions for how to continue our purpose in Christ, and for
that, we are forever grateful and look forward to your and/or messages
that are brought to us today.
Group: Amen.
TOMAS: Amen! Good afternoon, my dear friends and companions. This is
Tomas, your teacher and host for the afternoon's gathering. We throng to
this place to conjoin with you in your up-reach and your circle of
friendship. I wanted to introduce myself today as your "black box"
[referencing our pre-session dialog about various methods of receiving
cable TV].
Matthew: That's good.
Elena: You only need one, right?
Group: (Laughter)
TOMAS: It is helpful to have several. (Group laughter) You never know
when one is going to short-circuit. (Group laughter).
The transmittal process is a science indeed, a study of universe
equipment, utilized to bring the Voice of God into the outermost reaches
of creation. The merit to having several black boxes that can Transmit
the Word lies in the fact of so many different types of Receivers. Each
of you, in fact, is a unique receiver of the Word, of the message, of the
media that is broadcast -- though most, it would seem, have turned their
set off completely. But -- those of you who are turned on to the greater
reality have authority over the messages that come in, much as you are
able to control the programming and the volume of the television, which
accompanies so many of you on your life path.
The circumstances of this Teacher Base at this time are such that evinces
a series of vignettes or newsreels as compared to a lengthy melodrama ...
because all of you are uproariously engaged in a mass change of one
sort or another, given the exception of Esmeralda who started this whole
cycle by remodeling. (Group chuckles) And now the Bowens are in their
new location and the Staffords, as well, in theirs. And we have new
furnishings at the school teacher's abode!
All of this is an up-stepping of frequency for your individual
receivers. All of you are affected by all of these changes. And with
all of these events occurring/ transpiring simultaneously, it is the
ideal season to fine-tune your sets so that when the long winter's night
sets in, we will be able to choreograph our frequencies into one
harmonious "Lost Chord" of the Divine Word, which will reach into your
heart and broadcast the messages of Salvington, and even Havona, to you
literal-minded, material creatures of my assignment.
We have guests this afternoon, Anatolia and I. And while this is not
unusual, it is in accordance with the theme of receiving that which is
transmitted, that certain programming be presented that will appeal to
you each individually, if not always as a group and if not always
extending into the greater community of the Teaching Mission and the
greatest breadth of the Correcting Time at large. Without further ado
then, let me step aside and Anatolia can commence.
ANATOLIA: This is a fine day in which to live and rejoice and have
your being. Contrary to but in the same token, the Native American
saying "It's a fine day to die," means the same as what I am expressing:
"It is a fine day to live" - knowing that your consciousness is a flow
unbroken by any event, even unto death, as you know it.
"This is a fine day to live" - whether where you are or where we find
ourselves to be or anywhere that your mind and your heart can envision to
be, for when you find yourself on the other side of physical restriction,
you will find the opportunity to be where your heart and mind place you.
This is truly what it is to be at one with all-that-is, for you can
traverse angles and pyramids and caverns and open space, if you will,
indefinitely. However, even this would eventually have its limit, in
terms of interest, for there is no finer and greater and more meaningful
purpose than to adjust your frequencies to those of the living God
To be in the presence of God is to be godlike. Like attracts like. The
refinement of your being and your character and your will, predominantly,
is what attunes you to the frequencies that allows God-mindedness to be
evident and present in your being. This is what we strive to do in our
efforts, for there is no other effort worth its salt, if you will, that
is any greater than to bring the consciousness of individuals to their
ultimate purpose.
I hate to use cliches but these are terms that you will recognize and the
simple statement says it all, that "Rome was not built in a day." This,
too, is meaningful, yet is only one side of the coin. While Rome was not
built in a day, it is as if, in reality, Rome, at its height (not in
terms of power but in terms of purpose) existed at the same time that it
was in formation. For the goal and the purpose and intent were there
long before it ever came into fruition. So, too, it is in your hearts
and minds, my children, that as you set your sights and your goals, for
nothing less than unification with your eternal Creator. Then my friends
you have nowhere to go but that destination. However, it is in your
current circumstances, the physical maintenance of that program that you
must see through to completion, and the rest will be like a feather
floating to its destination.
This I present to you with good news intended, happy hearts expected, and
pure vision and sight projected. I wish you what I know to be true in my
heart and mind, that the purpose of our creation and the purpose of our
return to our Creator is to bring us and our Creator to perfect
satisfaction, for the Spirit that is us, will not be fully satisfied
until all creation is satisfied. So you see, we all have a lot of work
to do. It is the best of work. It is the only work that has lasting
merit. I leave you with this simple fact of truth: that the all-purpose
is the only purpose. Renew your hearts and your minds to this message
that I wish to renew for you today, and join me in our eternal purpose
for unity in all of creation.
I leave you in peaceful, good tidings, and eternal love surrounding you,
as we are one in the Christ, now and always. Peace be with you.
Group: Thank you.
MACHIVENTA: I am Machiventa Melchizedek. I am here to greet you. To
be a part of your comfort for a brief time this afternoon. The purpose
of my visit - aside from offering comfort in companionship - is to
re-establish for you my evidentiary authority in your realm. I am here
because of an emergency mission. And the emergency mission in this case
is to keep alive the light of truth during the tumultuous times in which
you live, the changes through which this planet is currently undergoing.

The difficulty with such a planet as Urantia, that has been so beset with
difficulty as to virtually have no underpinnings, is that you live in an
almost constant state of dire need. And everyone has terrible need to
find some kind of order in this otherwise chaotic state of being, in
which you Urantia mortals find yourselves. The attempt to instill and
perpetuate evolutionary realities is the product of trial and error. And
while some of you find that process and the subsequent results
acceptable, there is a growing number of you who feel that the existing
paradigms of reality on Urantia are such that there must be a better way,
and begin your search - your soulful search - for divine guidance along
the path to perfection.
Those of you who have set out on this path are those whom we have
enlisted in the Reserve Corps of Destiny, to lead humanity forward on the
compelling path to truth, beauty and goodness, and these teachers that we
have sent into your realm are committed to that purpose as well. But
when you feel the urge to reach beyond that which is known to that which
is yet unknown, (like the telephone ringing!), will be helped in your
efforts to advance for as you advance, so do your fellows.
One of the mortal ministers among you uses a little rubber figure of a
man which stretches, which makes the point that while you stretch far
beyond your normal state, you will return to your normal state,
reconstituted and ready to reach again for the impossible. As you reach
for the impossible, you contribute to the lure that will compel others to
also extend their reach into that which is yet unknown, even as all of
you return to that which is familiar, to take comfort in the reality that
is familiar and that serves as your medium of life.
Thus, when you feel stretched, when you feel you have reached beyond your
capacity and when you have extended yourself beyond normal mortal
endurance, consider your work for the Lord and let divinity take charge
of that effort you have extended and expended, into those realms beyond
your consciousness, in order to draw forward those who are affected by
the energy you leave in the wake of your striving.
And finally, I am here to thank you for your efforts on behalf of the
Supreme God, that reality which we all serve. Go in peace.
Group: Thank you!
DANI: My name is Dani. I'm a secondary midwayer. I'm here with
several of my fellows. I am not the one who is manipulating the black
box. I can't speak and perform that service at the same time. Thus, I
have someone who is what you might say is "the wind beneath my wings."
The Prince, Machiventa, was just discussing how it is that you contribute
to the stabilization of the advancement of the revelatory reality of
divinity, how it is that you contribute to working with the Reserves in
times of urgency, as it is apparent from any news broadcast on your
world, there are some pretty urgent situations on-going which have been
going on for millennia and which will seemingly continue for millennia
unless and until someone and/or all of us unite to redirect the paradigm
of reality on this blighted planet.
Yes, it is a blessing indeed that we have been gifted with this
re-encircuitment plan and the subsequent relationship with the teachers
of the Teacher Corps and beyond, who have been helping you realize
yourselves in the spirit sense, instilling in you a sense of dignity
status, and according your sonship status the guidance it requires to
stabilize and reality-ize the arena over which you have an influence.
It is to some extent still difficult, however, for you to realize the
blessing that the United Midwayer corps is to you as well, for we are
what you might call "land-locked" and our turf is not so lofty. Our
efforts remain in the streets of your world where the need is great. No,
we are not the conscience of divinity, not by a long shot. In many ways
we are like Paula here. We are occasionally real "stinkers," but we are
surely and certainly workers in the field.
And so when you want to talk about the work of the realm, while the
teachers may uphold your dignity, we will teach you how to get your hands
dirty. We might even be able to teach you to be "stinkers for reality"
which is not much different, really, than being "fools for God" but, God
knows, there are enough fools on the side of darkness, that it sometimes
takes tactics to effectively counter the budding realities of evil that
spin uncontrolled from the mind of man which has run amok of the mind of
Infinite Spirit.
Thanks for having me over. I will be around. Watch for me in your life
and for my fellows who are "busting our butt" for you and your siblings.
Group: Thank you, Dani.
Esmarelda: We appreciate what you are doing.
Elena: We really do.
MERIUM: This is Merium, an old friend of the Teaching Mission, a
playful matriarch of sorts, a morontia babysitter. I'm here to lift you
up from the ponderings of your reach into the realms of greater reality.
I would like to help you recognize your environs and feel joyous and
childlike within them. Let's start with your chair. How do you feel in
your chair? Is your behind comfortable? Are your hands at rest? If you
have any disagreeable physical sensations, it would do you well to regard
that as an initial priority, for as long as you are irritated by your
immediate environment, which is your physical encasement, it will be
relatively impossible for you to get beyond that, to transcend that, and
to be grateful for all that is, all that you purvey.
There is nothing wrong with enjoying yourself. There is nothing wrong
with accepting your accomplishments and enjoying your acquisitions.
There is nothing wrong with putting your feet up at the end of a long day
and looking back over your efforts and finding them well done. There is
nothing wrong with a certain contentment from having done a job well
("Life is but a day's work; do it well.")
There is, however, some degree of self-indulgence in complacency, for
complacency effectively overlooks mercy, and it is mercy that seeks to
minister to those who suffer.
The problem with you young ministers of the gospel is that you have a
hard time ascertaining how to be of service. This is generally because
you are looking at the big picture and finding the effort you might make
insignificant. How could you possibly do anything about uranium
unleashed in Iraq? How can you reach into the addictive personalities of
opiates and salvage those souls? How can you wipe the tears and the dirt
from the faces and the feet of the children who have not eaten for days
and whose future is bleak? To dwell on the global picture is to behold
Have mercy! Have mercy. How can your efforts to help one individual who
is suffering make a dent in the scene before you? Trust the process.
Trust the need to serve. Trust the stirring within you that would be of
service, that sees a simple need and can do something about it. It is
that reality within you and the effect of your choice to do something
that joins with the energies of those others across the world and across
the universe that exponentially conjoin to help uplift even those, even
You are not to wallow in guilt for the condition of your world! Shrug
off that burden, that cross, and lift yourself up to the full potential
of your inner self, that which is truly free, that which is liberated in
the spirit, that which sings praises to those On High who have given the
gift of life and who have given abundantly to those who choose to do and
can do His will. While it reaches into the masses with unbridled mercy
to enfold, encompass and embrace the lost sheep, the misguided, and
misdirected authorities of lesser reality, that we might all rejoice in
the light.
Thus, open you hearts. Open your windows! Open your minds! And allow
the sun [sic] to shine. Allow the divine mind to refresh your thickened
brain cells, dusting the cobwebs from your consciousness, to lift your
souls into that sphere of light and life which calls for others to join
you in the service of and to humanity.
TOMAS: Matthew, is there anyone knocking on your door who would like to
come through?
Matthew: Yes. Jesus is.
TOMAS: Let him in!
JESUS: Peace be with you, all of my brothers and sisters. This is a
message which has been awaiting your ears for some time, for you have
been looking for directions to go and places to serve and willing hearts
to lend whatever efforts needed assistance. I am assuring you that your
efforts will not be in vain, and that whatever you would do to set the
purpose of truth, beauty and goodness forward, as an improvement program
over what your world conditions presently see, I can assure you that your
efforts will not be wasted.
I imagine you are thinking, "But what can I do? I have responsibilities.
I'm not able to drop everything that I have to go off to Mozambique or
wherever it may be to do what? To say what?" This is not necessarily the
requirement. The requirement is that you see the need, desire to help,
and to be willing to extend yourself beyond your comfort zone. It is not
to say, as was said, that comforts and securities are bad. It is that
these are now given, and to maintain them is important, but to be able to
do whatever you can do - whether it is darning socks, performing before
those who need to hear music and encouragement, reassurance that beauty
still exists, or to be able to fulfill the needs of persons who seek
comfort in an otherwise hostile environment - these are not only examples
of what can be done to be of service to the greater glory of your Father,
but to fulfill your purposes in being present at this time.
Let us say, for conjecture, that these are "the end times." I am, of
course, not relaying to you that they are, per se, because there is no
"end time" per se, only change. What level of change is to be seen.
This is not a fearful statement or factor that you need to consider in
terms of, "Oh, no. The worst is yet to come." It is not the worse. It
is the best of opportunities to be of living and loving service.
When the apostles were sent forward, they had no specific idea of where
they were going or what they were to say, but they have been prepared for
when the time would come. I am assuring you that the time has come for
you to take up your cloak and knock off the dust from where you have been
and go forward into a new day that has hope, leadership, and fulfillment
of purpose within its reach. These are intended to be comforting and
reassuring words, not nudging you off of a seat in which you currently
sit, but to say,
When you stand again, walk with courage, knowing you are with purpose and
part of the eternal plan, and there is no reason to fear. Be of sound
mind and good heart in knowing that your thoughts, your words and your
deeds are my hands at work, my lips in service, and my feet to carry
whatever needs carried. I assure you that all is well and whatever you
do in my name and for our Father of all ages, will in fact be energized
to be fruitful and productive.
I leave you in the highest regard and in the safest of blessings, knowing
that you are loved and secure, here and forever. Peace be with you.
TOMAS: No questions today. Class dismissed.
Matthew: Amen.
Elena: Amen, amen, amen.
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