[tmtranscripts] Center for Christ Consciousness -- Mother, Michael & Monjoronson -- July 28, 2003

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JULY 28, 2003

Good evening, my children.  This is Nebadonia.  I wish to begin this
evening’s meeting with my greetings to each one of you.  And how I
delight in seeing you participate at events such as this!  My children
are coming to know me, and in coming to know coming to trust in my
watch-care and the ministry of my seraphim, who reach down to you,
touchingly influencing your lives in so many ways that are unbeknownst to
you. My eyes are all around the universe of Nebadon, and so you are never
out of my sight. And never can I lose track of where you are in thought,
word, and deed.

As my angels draw close to you, I ask you to consider them more carefully
in how they approach you in your daily life.  Ask yourselves, ‘what can I
do now this day to cooperate more fully with those who have been sent to
guide me?’  (Pause)

Your guardian seraphim and you are a team—a team of my ministers—and it
is now the time for you to become more consciously aware of your
responsibilities of being a team member as the ministering agents of the
Father on this planet.  While your position on this team is somewhat in a
subordinate posture from our perspective, truly you are the instrument of
our love on this world.  And we send you forth on this mission to
administer this love to your brothers and sisters, but you can be more
effective each day in being attuned to those opportunities that will come
before you that have been carefully prepared for you by your superb
unseen friends.  Now I ask you:  is this something you would wish to be
more attuned to in your daily life? (Students say ‘yes’) 

Go within.  Compose your thoughts around this idea, and your Father and I
will add something into.  (Pause)

Now is the time of more active service; to be so infused with love that
your fellow comrades will sense this outpouring from your soul and be
drawn to you.  And you will feed them this rich food for their soul that
they have been craving, giving them hope, giving them a bit of light—more
than they are used to accepting or feeling—but yet giving them a very
substantial spiritual meal that will bring them back to you for more.

I ask you now to honestly sense inside the intensity of love from the
Father that you feel, and the intensity of desire to share this love with
your fellows.  Be entirely honest with yourself if you feel this love is
somewhat constrained within you.  The constraints will indicate that
there are places within you that still need to be opened to receive more
of the Father’s love, and Michael and I will add more into you.  Find
your desire, and then ask that more love be infused into your soul. 

The power of Michael’s truth overshadows any distortion of ideas that you
hold within you.  My children, invite Him in to all of those places
within your mind where the years of distortion have settled deep within
you—those doubts and fears that you still retain.  By your very design as
our children are you entitled to His living truth!  Call upon this:
invite Him in to uproot all that is shadow—all that is distortion—and
claim your liberty as his sons.  (Pause)

The Father’s light emanating from Paradise is upon you now; and like
flowers long parched in the soils of deprivation and stagnation, when
these waters first enter into your being they will feel somewhat unusual
as they purified the environment of your mind and begin to feed you at
your very core.  But they resonate within you a new vibrancy, full of
joy, full of life eternal, full of celebration and wonderment.  So
receive these waters of love flowing into your bodies and minds now, my
children.  It is time to awaken—totally awaken—each molecule, each
impulse of body and mind—and to receive the fullest capacity of the love
of the Source.  (Pause)

Drink this in, my children.  This is your water for life.  When you are
so imbued with this living refreshment you will feel the urge to be the
water-bearers for your brothers and sisters.  They will see that you have
this living water to share with them, and they will come to you, and you
will extend the cup and let them drink.  Let them drink as fully and as
deeply as they can possibly handle at any one time.  Allow them to quench
their thirst, and when they are ready they will be back for more.

This is the time to allow this encircuitment to anchor within you.  And
you do this by finding that place of desire to be these bearers of living
water to your brethren.  As this capacity to love grows within you, the
light of Michael’s truth living within you will find more room in your
soul, and the effectiveness of your ministry will be greatly used by your
angels to lead you into greater service.  And in doing this you are
fulfilling your responsibilities of this team of which you are an
integral member.  

Tonight is not an evening for questions, my children.  It is my desire
that this endowment soak deep within you, uprooting all that is of
distortion, freeing you from fear and doubt, increasing your capacity to
love and to trust.  As I withdraw, you need not fear the removal of my
presence for ever are my ministers of love applying that into you. 
Slowly, but surely, you are growing more lovely, love dominated, love
saturated.  Safe in my womb, growing stronger, growing more divine.  Good
evening, my beloved children.  (Pause)

My peace is upon you, my children.  I am Michael, and I greet you this
evening with blessings of our Father in Paradise, whose love lives within
you, whose personality encircuits you as you grow ever more like Him.  I
am honored by the desire you show me by opening your hearts to receive
me—trusting me; depending on me to grow you in the unfolding of your
Father-bestowed personality attributes.  The exquisite loveliness of the
Divine Nature is not fully disclosed to you, but yet surely, steadily,
steadfastly you are growing into Him.  The truth of my reality paves the
way for you to emerge more fully into your exquisite divine nature.

And I say to you: how beautiful do you wish to become while you are still
living the life in the flesh here on Urantia?  And as your Mother asked
you a question about receiving the Father’s love to be service, so is
there a corollary in integrating your personality attributes such that
you will reflect the beauty of the Divine Nature.  So my question,
children, is:  how much Father-likeness do you wish to absorb within your
being during your sojourn here?  Take this question now into the
stillness, and again as your Mother instructed, be completely honest with
yourself in sensing those places where you may feel somewhat of a
defilement, and I will help you overcome that. (Pause)

Call upon my truth now to break through the hold of this defilement upon
you.  (Pause)  Find that place within you that loves, longs, craves for
that truth essence to saturate your every molecule.  (Pause) 

Find your desire to continue to build yourself in me.  Upon this rock is
your foundation, your strength, your stability.  It is my desire that all
of my children be so gathered into my family as one body living in me. 
Will you help me gather my children?  Will you build your foundation by
asking for my truth to illuminate you so brightly that others will see
you—come to you—and you will help them access the truth.  Will you do
this for me, my sons?  (Pause)

You will find great joy in this active, dynamic, and bountiful service. 
The time of harvest is drawing near, and you as the workers in the field
are being made ready to gather all those who are ready to receive me. 
You have been tested, and you have shown patience, faith, obedience to my
Father.  And I commend each and every one of you for that which you have
offered to us in spirit.  And now I would extend more opportunities to
you for joyful service, asking you to let what has been seeded within you
over the course of your lifetime to continue to grow its way to the
surface as it produces the beautiful fruits of the spirit that shine upon
this land. 

As I send you out this evening, back into the world, remember to spend
time with your Mother and me, asking for us to re-pattern you in the
truth, cooperating more faith-fully with your Father Fragment by asking
to do His will.  You can only succeed, my children, in doing this.  It is
inevitable.  As I withdraw, there is another who would speak to you this
evening to bring words of encouragement and greater hope upon this world.
 My peace is upon you, my truth shines within you.  You are mine, and I
love you.  Good evening, children.

Greetings, brethren.  This is Monjoronson, your magisterial comrade who
is among you as part of my mission to up-step this planet.  Long was this
mission planned when the news of the rebellion first broke out on the
varied worlds of Satania.  Michael’s loving mercy is such that no soul
should ever perish because of the evils of sin and iniquity.  All through
the ages has the light of truth been growing brighter on Urantia to the
day when Michael can stand upon this planet and reclaim it fully as His
for all His children will know Him and receive Him.  It is part of my
obligation—my joyful obligation—to bring this planet up into the truth so
your Creator Father may be received in the fullness of His glory and

So I come here tonight to acknowledge that which you are achieving in
your own personal growth and that which you are achieving in your groups,
in your service ministry.  I wish to have a personal relationship with
each one of you.  I am introducing myself to you this evening that you
may come to me in your stillness and ask me to reveal myself to you if
this your choice.

All of your activities are important now; those small and large actions
of loving service that you yield in your daily lives.  Rejoice in the
knowledge that they are producing beautiful fruit on this world, even
though you may not know see what you have done.  Truly, brethren, you
will one day, and you will be awed by the goodness you have sown here.  

This mission will not fail.  No, my children, Michael’s plan is surely
being implemented one soul at a time.  It is of such great delight for me
to come to this world and to bring the light of Paradise to Urantia.  The
way is clear. The path has been prepared.  Be patient, dear children, and
wait for me, and you will see some of the wonderful changes to come soon
to Urantia. 

I withdraw and send you the greetings of Paradise, whose gaze is upon you
in love and recognition of what you are willing to do for your Father. 
Good evening.     

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