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Group: Colorado Springs, Colorado

Topics: Fidelity, Loyalty and Trust

A summer of changes

Seeing forthcoming events with enlightenment

Q & A: Gabriel and his trumpet

Planetary cleansing

Energy changes

Magnetic influences

Sensing the "event"

Changes of a Morontial nature


A gathering together

Teachers/TR's: Risdon/Daniel & Paul; Malaventa/Daniel; Mantutia/Don;

June 7, 1994

[Note: This tape was not transcribed until July 2003.]

RISDON/Paul: This is Risdon. (Good evening, Risdon.) Hello, greetings!

Daniel: I guess you've convened the meeting tonight?

RISDON: I am here to speak with you on "Fidelity." As you know, loyalty is considered a carnal virtue in our galaxy of values. Loyalty is basic to the development of all relationships. Without loyalty, there is no basis for long-term healthy relationships. Fidelity was often referred to by Christ Michael in his discussions with the Disciples. There are many levels of fidelity, as there are many objects of fidelity. Many times human beings on this planet mistake a kind of primitive loyalty to oneself in contrast to the more advanced forms of thoughtful loyalty that inspire a higher wisdom. There is much confusion among people on this planet, as to the meaning of fidelity. The greatest form of fidelity is that of loyalty to God, your Father, as expressed in the most difficult of times. Those persons who can maintain and even strengthen this fidelity to God, when there seems to be no good reason for it, when you seemed to have been abandoned at least temporarily by God, those who can do this are greatly admired throughout the heavens. Do you have questions?

Daniel: You spoke of loyalty to our Father, the First Source and Center, and that some people-I know I have in the past, when times are tough-seemingly to abandon our Father. Is this what you are talking about? (Yes.) And would trust, that all pervading trust, that total faith trust, be the companion value for loyalty? (Yes.) So this is trust and loyalty-I have loyalty to that personality; I trust that personality to do the right thing for me, even if I am unknowing of that.

RISDON: Loyalty is a necessary condition for trust. Trust may be viewed as a higher form of loyalty, a deeper level of meaning.

Daniel: I see. So it is one thing to-I harken back or look back to the feudal times-a person may be loyal or pledge fealty to their lord, but not trust that lord.

RISDON: Precisely. But loyalty is basic; it is a necessary foundation block in the building of the more highly spiritualized concept of trust. Thus, teach loyalty to your children and to all people; try to help those around you to be more discriminating in what they are loyal to. So often, humans practice a misplaced loyalty that can be very destructive in its consequences.

Daniel: Could you go into a little more detail on that part, please?

RISDON: I will try. There is a form of loyalty to a person, an idea, or even an ideal, where the loyalty is predicated on fear for self. That is a loyalty predicated on a fear of losing something for ones self, whereby it may be position or status or money or security, or any number of false idols, worshipped by that person. When loyalty is based on fear, fear of loss of the false idol, then loyalty is misplaced and may well become extremely destructive for that person in their relationships.

This happens both inside and outside of religion; it happens in all fields. It may be easier for you to see in the political arena, perhaps less threatening .?. for you if you consider, for example, the rabid loyalty of a dedicated Nazi to his party and fuhrer. That kind of loyalty was based on fear of losing one's position or power or financial security. But please take note, that this same form of misplaced loyalty is commonplace in the everyday world, often in less rabid form, but commonly present. We do not eschew this form of loyalty, because even this is a harbinger of a more highly evolved loyalty that can come to that person. We applaud almost any form of loyalty, for it is a necessary building block to the higher state of trust. A young boy who is loyal to his baseball hero, a young girl who is rabidly loyal to her first love, no matter how ill-advised that object of that love may be, is endearing to our sight, for it tells us that that person has the capacity for eventual ultimate trust. This does not mean that thoughtless loyalty, ill directed loyalty or loyalty based on fear, should not be analyzed with its ill consequences brought forward to the attention of the young mind or the immature mind. But in so doing, do not destroy the latent capacity for deep loyalty inherent in the burgeoning soul of that individual. Do you understand the necessary relationship between loyalty and trust? (Yes.) Then my lesson is complete. I am pleased to be with you tonight; it is always a great pleasure. I will now turn the podium over to another who wishes to speak. (Daniel: Thank you for the lesson, Risdon. That was wonderful. I really appreciate that.) (Eric: Thank you.) You are welcome; it is my pleasure.

MALAVENTA/Daniel: This is Malaventa, your "Italian foul wind." (Eric: Well, thanks for blowing in!) You are most welcome! [Daniel: This guy has a voice that is just like a big barrel chest, big mouth and throat, and I can't emulate it, hardly.] We have gathered here tonight, numerous ones of us, we are in preparation for this summer. This summer will mark a time in your memories for good and for rapid change. The lesson on loyalty, we wish you to take this to heart. It is not so much loyalty or disloyalty that you have exhibited, but keep this in mind as the days and weeks will pass. There will be many who fall away from this mission. We want you to remain stouthearted.

Our forces on this side are growing stronger, we are claiming more and more of this planet under the jurisdiction of our Prince, Machiventa. The Melchizedeks who were originally in receivership are diligently working for the highest good of this planet. This may not be a rapid process, but it will be sure. We wish you to see the Light of all that comes forth during this time. I speak roundabout, as I wish not to startle anyone. There are always two-sides to every value, as loyalty veers to disloyalty, and many, many, many shades in-between. There are many shades of happiness-fulfillment, contentment, satisfaction-all together. We wish you test, analyze, and examine these values in the events that come into your lives.

We would hope-we pray for-your enlightenment, so that you see forthcoming events, situations, and developments for the Light that they bring. Many of you have learned in your childhood and your adulthood, that when you drop a glass onto the floor, as you were drying it after having washed it and it breaks, rather than cursing or railing against slippery hands or the hard floor, or the frailty of the glass, you simple accept this as it happened and go on to clean up the mess and proceed with the rest of the dishes. Some of you have been able to take this calmness of mind into larger situations. If you back up your car and you push the fender into a post, some of you immediately become angry with yourself, the car, the post, the day, your mate-or anything else. Others of you are able to simply say, "Well. It looks like I need to get the car fixed," and proceed with your day, without its affecting your life. I give you these very brief, very minor examples for you to chew on, to work on, to think about in the future as larger events loom in your life. There will be situations in your planet, on your planet that you will not be able to affect either to prevent them, or to help them. You can become greatly aggravated, lose your composure, your centeredness and question God's love for this planet. On the other hand, you can be very thankful that "I am safe," that "all is well," and then pray for these people, or for this situation.

Eric: Malaventa, may I ask a question? (You are welcome to.) Are any of these comments in any way in reference to the conference that is coming up next month in Spokane? (No.) They are larger events on earth? (Yes. These are planetary events.)

MALAVENTA: These lessons you receive are almost always connected to issues in your life, almost always present and in the future. This monolog of mine is not disconnected from Risdon's lessons. We wish you to keep these things in mind. I apologize that I am not able to be more direct at this time. Please be of good cheer-something our Master said to the Apostles before his crucifixion-this too shall pass! Know that we are close at hand, always. You have access to more Celestial and Divine authority influence and energy than you have in your imagination. Some of you, who see this as colors, must be seeing a kaleidoscope now. With that, I will leave you in the good hands of one of my brothers, who himself has more words to say through another, but not this one, right now. I bid you farewell, for the time being; I am about your planet and working closely with the Prince and preparing all good works to come forth, even out of difficulties. Good night. (Good night. Thank you, Malaventa.)

Daniel: Welcome, Mantutia!

MANTUTIA/Don: Are there any questions?

Paul: Mantutia, this is Paul. Some of my good Christian friends have been storing, making the rounds, I guess nation wide that there is going to be some big "To do" on June 9th, which is Thursday, this week, and it has to do with Celestials, Gabriel in particular has been noted, in these statements. I was just wondering if you would care to comment on that; is there any truth to it, and if so, what is it that's going to happen on June 9th?

MANTUTIA: It is a combination of announcement and celebration when indeed.[unintelligible]

Paul: Will it be a worldwide phenomenon or may I ask, will it be focused in a particular region or area or what?

MANTUTIA: It is larger than the planet. It's big to you. [Ed. It sounds as if parts of the dialog are coming more from the TR's description of what he "sees" than directly from Mantutia's words.] Or maybe it is coming from beyond the planet. Because there's something about water. (Water?) Um, or a cleansing. I don't know-I'm stuck.

Paul: Well, will it result in natural disasters? Earthquakes, floods, that sort of thing, or is it more benign in nature?

Don: I think benign, and it's.cleansing isn't quite the right word.it's maybe a "flushing out" or an "opening" that allows a new flowing of vitality.

Robbie: Will we know it's happened?

Don: Probably not.

Daniel: So you are talking about changes of vitality, of energy to this earth, which we may not be aware of? Is that correct?

Don: Yes. And I still am getting water. It may have to do directly with water. I don't understand, but maybe a "cleansing."

Daniel: Water has the ability to energize and to cleanse us. Are you suggesting that the state of energy that's in the water will be changed to help manifest changes within humans?

Don: Yes.

Daniel: That was quick! Because water is the common molecule for all living beings and it is the quickest and surest way to effect change unseeingly. Is that a correct surmise?

Don: Yes, and it's part of a long chain of actions that have been taking place and will continue to take place in the, I think, something about magnetic.ummm aspects of the material world.

Daniel: I'm going to guess here-will this magnetic influence allow for aligning, or align the energy within beings so that they are more congruent with universal energy, or more easily influenced by universal energy?

Don: [Ed. Continued paraphrasing of what the TR sees/senses.] Yes, but the most immediate result will be in interpersonal relationships. The effect will come through the plant world, to, into your world; the energies of plants will become more accessible.

Daniel: Now when you talk about energies through plants, are you talking about caloric energy, or are you also talking about the pranic energy, the universal energy that comes through plants?

Don: Food. (Caloric energy?) Yes.

Eric: I received information about a new chitin [or possibly chiton] or a new seaweed, coming about around this time of the year. Is this an aspect of that?

Don: It would be influenced, although it is not likely to be any new life forms, develop as a result of this action. But the form "of" life, you can expect all forms of life to be affected.

Paul: What would be Gabriel's role in this, since he has been noted, specifically?

Don: There's a trumpet-I guess the announcement-he'll make the announcement, or..

Paul: My God, that's what the Christians have been told! (Daniel: Really?) That is what was stated to them, that on June 9th, Gabriel will put his lips to this trumpet. It's come from all over the country. Originally it came from Kona, Hawaii.

Daniel: The cleansing aspect, Mantutia-we've gone quite into the energy and the feeding aspect, but I don't quite understand the cleansing-how this energy that comes through plants will help cleanse? Make us more pacific, less hostile and aggressive?

MANTUTIA: This can be expected. It is like fine-tuning, like cleaning up a radio signal where you remove the static, so it's energy flows more freely. [Don: I keep getting water and then they talk about energy and I'm wondering if it isn't somehow all mixed up.]

Eric: Jesus referred to the "water of life" in reference to his Spirit of Truth. This is energy.

Don: Well, it just seems awful wet out there, so I'm just going to leave it as water, although it may be both.

Paul: Will we know Gabriel's announcement, or will that only be noted among the Celestials?

MANTUTIA: You could hear this message, if you were silent at the right time. It would be a "feeling." Yes, it will be a feeling and would be sensible; it would be a sensible thing because the announcement and the event are the same.

Daniel: Well, I would surely welcome that.

Paul: Can you tell us what the right time would be?

Don: (Pause) On the 9th or the 10th-maybe the announcement/event is on the 9th and the effect is on the 10th, or something like that. And it is a time of celebration; there is a lot of "light" that is surrounding this event.

Daniel: If you closed your eyes on Friday, you'd see it!

Daniel: Mantutia, this is just one of many changes in the basic energies that people use that will be brought into effect, is that correct? (Yes.) This is really an elemental change, then? (Yes.)

Paul: I have it, as it is probably one of the necessary steps to bringing this planet back into the universal networks of connection? (Yes.) So it will not be a situation where Gabriel, or whomever, will be seen by groups of people; this will be operative more at the spiritual rather than the material level?

Don: Morontial. It's closer to the earth, it feels more morontial than spiritual, but not physical.

Eric: This is not the coming of the temple?

Don: I don't get anything of that quality. Or quality of disaster.its not just movement but it doesn't seem to be anything catastrophic.

Daniel: And you said this energy will help relationships?

MANTUTIA or Don: In that there will be less static, an easier flowing, less frustration, and so there will be a measurable difference in quality.

Daniel: Good! We can only hope North Korea drinks lots of water and eats plants! This is wonderful news, and our Christian brothers are recipients of this news too. It sound like to me, Mantutia, that fundamental Christians are also receiving revelations, aren't they. (Yes. Subject to a different interpretation.) Should we know more about this announcement or this change of energy?

MANTUTIA: No, I would have been very glad to have shared it so there is no secret about it, but I don't think there is anything more.

Paul: Mantutia, Marilyn, our Sarah, has spoken with Machiventa and it was on that basis she made her decision to come here on June 15th, next week. She was going to ask Machiventa about our meeting with the special Masters on June 16th. That's why she is coming out to attend that meeting. Can you tell us what Machiventa has told Marilyn/Sarah about that?

Don: There's lots of lines that are coming.oh no.. there is a gathering of some kind, a gathering together. for awhile it seemed there were lots of lines of roads that were coming together at a single point, but that's not quite it.so a gathering, a focusing.

Paul: Well, on June 16th, there will be a gathering together of all plaintiffs and defendants, all in one room, before a judge, with our attorneys present. That is occurring on the 16th of June.

Don: The result of this seems to be a singular direction; the movement out of this gathering is in one direction. So it seems like it will be a consolidating event; it's not a very strong thing, but there is a singular direction. So there is a focusing, and a gathering, and a movement in a single direction, but not taking off like a rocket-a slower, developmental movement. That's all I get. I don't know if that even addresses your question.

Paul: It's circumspect.

Daniel: Will there be any particular spiritual work that we will do when Sarah is here?

MANTUTIA & Don: Well, I think there's an invitation to gather together, or a welcoming. That's always nice to have everybody together. But I don't get anything specific about actions to take or work to be done. I get a vision of a very benign, smiling, angelic, celestial energy of joy and compassion and blessings-truly so-that is passed on to all of you, and we do welcome these opportunities to specifically share time in a conscious and connecting way. It is of benefit and you are thanked, deeply. (Paul: Thank you, Mantutia.) (Daniel: Yes, thank you.) (Long pause)

[Ed. A personal issue was brought up by one of the group participants, however the quality of the tape recording became so poor from excessive background noise, that an accurate transcription was impossible.]

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