[tmtranscripts] N. Idaho TeaM 5/18/03

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North Idaho Teaching Mission Group
Topics: Thoughts on Import and Export, Spiritual Achievement, Pray with Me
Teachers: Elyon, Machiventa, Mother Spirit

May 18, 2003

*	Elyon (Jonathan TR):  Greetings to you, this is Elyon.  I am happy to 
once again be in your company.
	I have allowed others to present to you discourses so that you may 
derive the benefit of meaning given through the creative minds of these 
other personalities, for each individual presents an aspect of truth as it 
is coordinated by the personality.  While it is understood that no single 
person presents absolute totality, each in variety accumulates into a 
representative whole of this single pure oneness that is our recognition 
of God.
	You have received a lesson on spiritual economy; today I wish to 
present to you thoughts on import and export.  You have spoken in your 
discussion about the benefits of recharging your own being through 
stillness, through rest, even study, and you have expressed your enjoyment 
of and your dutiful motivation to be of service, to be uplifting, to be 
helpful for the welfare of others.  Each one of you is a port through 
which passes the energy that uplifts yourself and the energy that 
ministers to others.  Minor reflection would present to the mind’s eye 
that, if all ships enter your port to bring the goods for restocking your 
shelves continued to come endlessly, your marina would be crowded, 
overflowing with abundance even to the point of unnecessary accumulation.  
Likewise if all you were to do was to send your ships to sea with your 
packages of aid, your port would empty; you would run depleted.  These 
imbalances, these trade deficits of either extreme are not helpful to 
oneself or to others.  So you are encouraged to establish and maintain a 
balance in trade.
	The human soul infused with spirit, inspired toward goodness, 
questions what is important.  Soon the answer is arrived at, that it is 
the union of soul with Creator that is important, and subsequently it is 
kindness and service to others that is important.  This second phase I 
would call “exportant”.  Primarily your understanding and attainment of 
the position of your kinship with God imports all that your human self 
needs to be about the “exportant” task of helping your fellows.
	As you look about your world you come to realize much of what makes up 
this planet is living, is dynamic.  There is no room for static states in 
life.  When imbalance occurs naturally does nature begin a correction.  In 
the sphere of your being and the realm of your influence you are a 
participant with nature in creating correction and providing progress.  So 
you become a regulatory agency, and you develop the skills needed to 
balance trade deficit.  Recognize those times when your shelves are full 
and need to be unloaded and recognize when your warehouse is empty and 
needs to be restocked.  As each one of you becomes adept in this balance 
you each provide for one another, and there is no lack.
	  I have with me today associates who at this time wish to address 
you.  I remain in your presence.

*	Machiventa (Mark):  I greet you at this time, this is Machiventa.  I 
take this opportunity to visit this classroom of most eager students.  It 
is a joy to participate in the lesson plans and striving towards the 
objective with you of spiritual mastery that we may more effectively be 
about the larger lesson plan before us all, that being the elevation of 
your world to spiritual status through individuals such as yourselves and 
the many others we are working with who occupy the positions necessary to 
access the grassroots level of humankind, fledgling spirit beings, as it 
were.  It is by your example, it is through your effort, it is with your 
cooperation that we are empowered to formulate such plans which involve 
the many different aspects of this plan ranging from the material level 
you are familiar with, through the semi-material level you are growing to 
learn about and into the spiritual level which is hard even of your 
understanding or description.  Nevertheless, each one of you involved in 
this process has come to accept these challenges with eagerness and with 
heartfelt desire to participate in this plan, even though none of you is 
fully aware of the scope of this plan or necessarily your individual part 
to play in it.  You have volunteered your services in faith that your role 
may be utilized in this lesson plan, that you may be put to good service 
through the orchestration of those you cannot see.  This is truly one of 
the magnificent occurrences that happens on your world wherein an 
individual decides to apply themselves into a realm they are unfamiliar 
with, resting all the while on their faith that this is an appropriate 
action to take and that the appropriate universe forces will come into 
play to manifest these qualities that your hearts desire but that your 
material experience does not provide you.
	This whole side of yourselves, this spirit component of you as 
individuals, appears at times to be lost and in clouds of murkiness, tends 
to be thought of as needing to be found, needing to be pulled out of the 
back, needing to be uncovered somehow.  These are images your mind 
provides for you to allow this effort on your part to dig deeper, to 
search even in the dark corners of yourselves to be persistent enough to 
engage in this practice until you uncover this light source within you.  
This is truly a miracle, not only that you have arrived at this place 
where you desire to unearth this element within, but you have progressed 
to the point wherein you wish to study this element, wish to observe it, 
wish to participate with it, even wish to have some control over it.  This 
step alone represents great growth and spiritual achievement on your part, 
but its effect is only to wet your whistle for more.  It provides you with 
the pull that your soul feels to pursue this avenue of direction even 
though you may be uncertain as to the next step to take or where this 
avenue may lead you after your efforts.  You remain convinced throughout 
this journey through your faith that this is the direction to choose, is 
the direction to follow, that the effort you choose to devote to this is 
in fact worthwhile while.  You are given no physical, tangible, results to 
appease your sense of accomplishment.  The results you feel are in the 
spirit realm; they are in the eternal realm, the realm which all of your 
future work will be involved in.  It is this drawing of the individual to 
be reunited with the Creator which provides you with the direction, the 
path, and the desire to follow the path.
	The more you find yourselves engaged in this spirit realm the greater 
the addiction to spiritual pursuits and the stronger the motivation to be 
about this work, to not waste any valuable time you may have to be 
sidetracked from this objective and the more you find yourselves propelled 
to act in this direction.  Once having tasted the sweetness of reward for 
spiritual work, one craves to taste this again, to feel that feeling 
again, to once again be in the presence of spirit.  These draw you, pull 
you, ever forward, indeed draw all of us, pull us all forward.  This is 
the propellant that we use; your desire is what enables us to actuate our 
lesson plans.  We may formulate them; we may come to decisions as to what 
might work, what might not work; but the entire process rests with you and 
your acceptance, even your eagerness to pursue this endeavor.  The lesson 
plans are at the ready; the instructors are ever eager; the classroom 
awaits the students at all times.  It is by your faith and your desire 
that we move forward.  Therefore I applaud you, I welcome you, I encourage 
you, I support you, and I will work with you as with the others to ensure 
that we are as effective in this spiritual realm as this time/space 
environment and your desires allow.
	Once you understand the source of the propellant is also the goal to 
achieve, then it becomes a more peaceful process for you to endure to 
realize that, having chosen and begun down this path, the rest is only 
simply a matter of time.  The result is a foregone conclusion.  When you 
exercise this movement in faith all that is left is for us to actualize 
the details along the way.  You will take these steps and we will be there 
to assist as cheerleaders on the sidelines.  You would indeed be cheered 
if you could but behold the number of cosmic individuals cheering you on 
each step of the way as you act in faith and act in love and act for the 
	Once again thank you for your choices which bring you here now to this 
place.  Thank you for your willingness to be involved in this lesson plan 
in which you exercise great faith.  My spirit of camaraderie is with you 
at all times, and I remain duly impressed at the progress each one of you 
has made even on this sphere, even at this time.  Thank you.

*	Mother Spirit (Jonathan):  Joy to each of you.  This is Mother Spirit, 
Divine Minister.
	While you understand that I nurture you as does a gentle spring rain, 
that I warm you as does the summer sun, that I nourish you to the point of 
your harvest, and encapsulate you in your winters of hibernation, I am so 
surrounding that it becomes difficult to discern my presence.  Presence 
requires discreet distinction.  Expanded as I am throughout Nebadon, your 
ability to recognize my presence comes through grasping the totality of 
influence that I bring to you.  I am the one who established and networked 
all mind throughout this universe locality.  Therefore your longings, your 
sensitivities, your thoughts and emotions are integrated into my 
consciousness.  My consort Michael who functions in discreet manners and 
did so upon this world taught you that while the awesome, stupendous 
majesty of God may overawe you, may confuse you, you have a divine friend 
who loves you.  If this great being intimidates you as to how to pray, he 
assured you that you may pray to him who you came to know as a friend and 
brother, and in this trust you can be assured of the translation of your 
	Today I tell you that, when you pray, you pray with me, for the very 
circuits of our aspirations are my being.  Prayer acknowledges the source 
and the destiny from and to which the content of the prayer is expressed.  
Fill the gap with the understanding that I am the carrier that spans the 
bridge that makes the connection.
	You are never alone due to the bestowed spirits of Michael and myself,  
both of which never leave your presence.  You trust from minute to minute 
that air will be present to breathe.  Your trust has expanded to the point 
that you rarely give it a thought, the availability of air to breathe.  
Spiritually trust my everpresence sustaining, supporting, nourishing, and 
invigorating you.  Joy, the profound assurance of belonging, I give to you 
in love.

	Mark:  May each of us accept that beautiful gift in our lives.  Thank 

*	Elyon:  Friends, this is Elyon.  If you wish to ask a question or make 
a comment I would officiate such an event.

	Mark:  Could you shed some light on the phenomenon available through 
which we can petition the universe, Michael, to take from us our troubled 
hearts, our concerns, doubts, fears?  I feel this is an undervalued 

*	Elyon:  It is recorded that you may take your burdens and place them 
in the hands of the Creator Son, and he will give you rest.  Many a burden 
is carried far beyond its usefulness in training a young soul in the 
workings of cosmic reality.  Many times the growth that resulted ...no 
longer requires such encumbrances... to motivate the self to adjust and to 
grow.  These are the burdens that may be placed in the Creator’s hands and 
forgotten.  However, agitation, conflict, and turmoil on your level of 
being still function as stimulators of growth and mobilizers of will.  So, 
while you are looking forward to the lifting of burden, grasp within your 
faith the camaraderie of Michael undergoing with you the transformation, 
that while the task is heavy there are two of you to carry the load.  That 
which is of importance is the expansion of your soul.  Many a time a 
burden, a load, provides the work required to cause the expansion.
	You have heard from Mother Spirit today emphasizing the integration of 
her presence within your being.  Michael has said, ”I am with you always”.  
I assert he is with you in all ways.  The support of creator for creature, 
while ever mindful of the establishment of peace within your heart, is 
also aware of the development of strength in your soul.  To one clearing a 
mountain side, obstruction is a burden.  To one training for world 
competition in weightlifting, obstruction is the equivalent of strength.  
Whether you are relieved of or steeped within such difficulties, that 
which soothes is your association with the divine and your standing of 
full acceptance.
	I must remind you again of the power of stillness, for it not only 
allows a moment of time for conscious and undistracted engagement with a 
high being as Michael, it also familiarizes the human mind with the 
association and trains the mind to naturally, reflexively, recall the 
connection when turmoil causes unrest and disturbance.  You do not so much 
need the sense of the presence of the divine in stillness as you do in the 
times of pain and upset.  But those times of pain and upset are not the 
times to develop the sensitivity.  Rarely is a soul prepared at that time 
to make such a connection.  While some do, most all of you benefit from 
prior training. 
	I hope this has helped.

	Mark:  Thank you very much.  Thank you and all the teachers for your 
efforts on our behalf.  It really turns this life into something special 
to have this relation with you.

*	Elyon:  Go now, my friends, and enjoy the day.  If you can’t find the 
doorknob I will show you.  Farewell.

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