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North Idaho Teaching Mission Group
Topics: Spiritual Vitality Within your Soul
Teachers: Malvantra, Elyon

April 13, 2003

* Malvantra (Jonathan TR): I am Malvantra. I greet you today.
While you are quite conscious of your sense of duty toward aiding this
planet you live upon to progress in civilization, to be preserving of its
beauty and its living, life-providing conditions, I want to remind you
once again of the divine powers which reside within you. I am abreast of
your orientation, that you are sorted in your values to the point that you
realize riches, wealth, while convenient are not the answer to your
happiness nor to your effectiveness in promoting light and truth and love.
You also are sensitive to spirit action within you and through you, all
the while reminded that you are also human with faults and frailties, with
longings and fears. At this time of year in this hemisphere many are
enthused over the resurgence of life, the vitality that causes growth, the
new life to be born, the supplying of food for many creatures through such
birth and growth. This infusion, this vital life force, is not unlike the
spiritual vitality within your own soul, the presence of the divine
Father, the spirits of Michael and Mother.
You have developed technology wherein you may enrich food to
supplement what is provided with an extra dose to add even that which may
be lacking. This I ask you to remember when you find yourself feeling all
too human and not much divine. You have the ability of enrichment,
allowing the nutrients of Father, Son, and Spirit to give you that power,
that vitality. These are the true possessions that make one wealthy in
soul, peaceful in mind and heart. The design of our Creator for life
and the plans for the advancement of all creatures no matter what form of
life they take up in were to provide environment that could support living
which advances into personalities who are loving. There are in this
framework of life many supplements that nourish you, not only in your
physical vehicles but on a social level, mental and emotional. An example
is the flower. While it provides reproduction for the species, it also
brings a smile to a creature like yourself. Yet in the divine wisdom it
is known that these nutrients, support mechanisms, carry you up only so
far. Without the downstep of divinity indwelling you, you reach a limited
potential. However, by indwelling you as these spirit entities do, you
lay upon your potentials as a human potentials of God. What may, given
conditions, stop you from full attainment has now been enriched,
fortified, such that these limitations are overcome. It is not in the
plan that they eliminate entirely these limitations, for it is in the
discovery of a limitation that you are challenged personally, that you
wrestle with solving problems, that you encounter the uncertainty of
whether or not you can overcome such obstacles. Given sovereignty of
volition in all personalities, it is not the divine will to force upon you
spirit solutions. So these natural conditions in your life stimulate you
to choose for yourself. But the hand of divine favor is forthcoming
rapidly when it is asked for. The spirit energies, circuits, and
personalities bestowed in and upon you are ever ready and ever willing.
Stillness is a time of enrichment, of infusing within you strength and
power not naturally found in a human being who seeks not that infusion.
The mind of a human being is able to perform many tasks repeatedly without
effort, even into your automatic functions of brain and nervous system.
This does well in supporting life and meeting with the commonplace and
daily recurrences of toil. Spiritually you can apply this same trait in
your devotion and your adherence to values you deem high and worthy of
attainment. But I caution you also to not let this ability weaken this
sense of stupendous awe that is to be had in the realization of divine
presence and even possession of divinity within. I urge you to kindle a
sensitivity of freshness, of newness. Just as spring recurs yearly, it
brings newness and freshness and upliftment. While the mind may know, it
is the heart that needs to be recharged periodically. Just as you may
know of a friend, but it is the visit that is invigorating. When you feel
weak seek enrichment of spirit. I have finished my presentation to you.
I remain with you.

Mark: Thank you. We will take your suggestions to heart next weekend
when we rally the tribe together. We look forward to your participation
and others. We hope for any messages or suggestions geared to something
like that.

* Malvantra: When you assemble as you do and as you will this coming
weekend, you are repeating a pattern of social reaction that occurs all
the way to Paradise. Fellowship is one of the primary spiritual
ingredients for upliftment, for recharging. At the far edges of the
universe gathering among fellows strengthens the inner bond between
Creator and creature. One day you will be on Paradise in the direct
presence of our Father. While your fellows will not have the same effect
of helping you clarify your orientation, of keeping you focused on God,
your experience reveals how much of the Father all your fellows are to
you. They will not lose that important contribution to you. It will
remain as it does now, however, now the qualities of an absolute being as
God are difficult of comprehension and sensitivity. Your fellowship with
your fellows becomes vital.

Evelyn: If we feel awkward asking spirit to enrich ourselves,
realizing that the more spirit-enriched we are, the more we can share it
with others makes it seem less selfish. We owe it to our fellows to be as
spirit infused as we can be.

* Malvantra: Yes, you are the window for glimpsing the divine light.
Any one of you and all are capable of this, and it is a noble motive to
seek to allow spirit luminosity to be reflected through you and witnessed
by others. The presence of divinity increases within each individual
consciously as they ascend. Association with your fellows remains equal
all the way.
No creature perfectly reflects the Creator. Each of you is a
texturizer, altering somewhat the divine manifestation as it passes
through you. The Father exists for all time and will be recognizable at
any time exactly as He is and has always been. This presence is
unchangeable. Each one of you who draws near to and becomes transformed
into the Father through fusion, each provides an alteration, a
manifestation of God and a means inexpressible in absoluteness. Knowledge
of this should dispel any concern of your inadequacy, that you must first
be wholly perfect and capable before you ever express the divinity you
have discovered.
At the same time it should always sober you in the knowledge that your
expression is not the universally perfect expression that all must become
like, that you will ever be seeking clearer manifestations of the divine
within you to all around you, and that the revelation of God from another
to you is a worthwhile, even if different, expression, another avenue
wherein God communicates to your soul.

* Elyon: This is Elyon. I have a small announcement to express, and
that is that I have also gone through my invitation list and have
requested the presence of several beings at your coming celebration. May
your ears be open and your hearts willing to receive, for they would be
more than happy to be known in your presence. We all look forward to this
time of joy, this time of fellowship.

Mark: Thank you. In an effort to be more inclusive we are expanding
the brotherhood by inviting peripheral people. I’m tentative about this
with people who aren’t familiar with our customs. I have a feeling it’s
right to open this up. I will seek your guidance to expand our horizons.
I welcome your guest list.

* Elyon: I speak for many of the teachers when I express that your
desire to include others into the fellowship is good and that, while we
are dedicated to this mission and make effort to be heard through you in
this transmitting medium, we are not disappointed ever if this is not an
engagement you undertake. We know that more powerful than ourselves is
the presence of divinity in you. This Teacher can work through you at any
time, around the dinner table, on a walk; it does not matter. While we do
get excited when you do take your time as you do now to focus and to
receive, we are also excited when we witness your performances, that is,
your sincere effort to be uplifting for others, to provide an arena
wherein spirit contact may be made by anyone depending on their level of
comfort and the degree they wish to be engaged.

Mark: Thank you for your words about our activities. I see us
engaged with you to our level and desiring more as time goes on. I am
assured of the success of any event where the participants are there for
the common cause of upliftment. I invite you and all those on your side
to enjoy and participate with us for the joy of it.

* Elyon: Invitation accepted.

Ginny: Thank you for reminding us that our openness to the divine
assistance within us is a great help for our solving our earthly problems
in our efforts to grow and improve.

* Elyon: You are welcome. Even one as myself is reminded of the value
of such a connection, that while you look forward to that turning point in
your life when you will fuse with the divine Fragment, you will still be a
creature of ascending status short of perfection. The reminders come more
quickly and are applied sooner than they do for you at this time. But
these are powerful spirit presences. You have them. Beings of higher
standing than you have them, but you are not unworthy of those
possessions. Turn to them when you can. Be not distressed if you forget,
for that is a natural human condition. Every time you remember you
strengthen your ability to remember sooner.

I will close our meeting. Let us assemble next week. Bring all the
light and love you have and be ready to receive such light and love
from all else present. Thank you.
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