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APRIL 13, 2003


I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. I realize there is some tension here this evening. Have not worry. Take a deep breath. Allow that higher-mindedness to rise to the top. Envision, if you will, your better self shining through.

With the planet having been re-incircuited into the fold of Nebadon, energies are much more easily noticed and even felt on a physical level. To re-incircuit the planet has been almost likened to giving a power tool to a child to play with. Only revelational instruction will guide you on the new understanding of energy. This is the purpose of our Correcting Time, our Brother/Father's Teaching Mission.

This past week we have focused on the Master's resurrection and our dying to the old to welcome the new. There are many beliefs surrounding the Master's death when sojourning on Urantia. Many faith religions believe He died to cleanse us of our sins. While this is not truth, He did set a wonderful example of how we can cleanse ourselves of the animal nature. Everyone who dwells in the mortal flesh will experience the animal nature.

As many should progress they will incorporate the divine into their nature and this should bring you closer to the Father. The animal nature is indeed a part of the mortal experience, however ugly it may appear to be at times. The Master knew of this nature and did indeed overcome it with the Father's assistance. He did not so much suppress the animal nature; He simply allowed the divine spirit to shape Him into who He was to become, as a mortal who experienced a common life made perfect.

As events occur on your world, you each are almost seeing it all with different eyes. The birth of the Correcting Time has indeed expanded your vision. You may feel happenings with greater intensity. You may have need to exhaust excess energy. It would seem that the world is so diverse, and yet you are more unified than you know. Deep down in the hearts of mortals, they all crave the same basic things. I can say without a doubt, you are all viewed by Father and His caretakers as their beloved children. I give you MICHAEL.

My children, I long for the day when we can look deeply into one another's eyes and allow all the doubt and fear to fade away. I realize the spirit is willing and the flesh is weak. For you to believe without seeing deserves to be commended, for it is indeed a difficult task, especially when the world appears to be in chaos.

I know many of my children believe I am at times absent from the world because negative occurrences are allowed to happen. This is definitely not the truth. There is not one occurrence that I don't know about. There is not one tear shed that has not been accounted for. I am completely in understanding of all that has occurred and indeed I have been, am now, and will ever be present. Natural evolution of your world is permitted because that is your best teacher. You learn by doing, not by simple instruction, but by complex experience.

We watch in anticipation the every move of this small planet. We each look forward to the day when a new understanding arises and sets Light and Life in motion. It is your choice, my children. The destiny of the world is in the hands of its inhabitants. We can see every day truth, beauty and goodness sprouting. A successful harvest takes great effort of all Father's children. I am with joy to see the Mission evolve as it has. The sprouts are beginning to bloom and the weeds are falling away.

You have heeded our call and while the task is not simple, you have endured and continued to fight the good fight of faith. Lose not hope in times of despair, but know that with every shadow there is light forthcoming. The clouds of experience may bring the rain of adversity, but this is required for the new growth. Rejoice in the growth. See the growth as a light upon your path to our Father.

While I feel some despair for my children who hurt, I am with the comfort that everything moves toward an ultimate good. Everything is perfectly safe. Everything is watched over. All is known. Have not fear for these times because you are each well trained and equipped to be of service. John baptized with water; allow me to baptize you with the Spirit. I know you. I love you. I am with you. Carry on.

I am ABRAHAM. Gratitude to our Brother/Father Michael, who reminds us each day that we are beloved children and well taken care of. My love goes with you. Shalom.

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