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FEBRUARY 23, 2003


I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. I look forward to each week to meet with you, my brothers and sisters. I feel an unbreakable family communion with you. You bring me here each week with your faith and desire to become good citizens of our universe.

As I have watched you grow, I perceive you each to be practically a totally different person. Your minds have expanded form the concepts of today and tomorrow to eternity. In others words, you not only perceive your actions of today as one who believes in eternal life, you see your fellows as not mere associations, but as family, as eternal siblings. You have for the most part incorporated the concept of the well-being of the whole, instead of individual self. I truly believe you have taken some of the Master's personality aspects for your own and this is good.

Every day you are becoming new creatures. With every trial, mistake, habit or weakness, you are learning to draw the meanings and values out for yourselves. One who would be committed to a life subject to the will of Father would certainly easier see that every day a new creature resides within the mortal flesh.

To you time does seem to stand still, and yet many times you are wondering where time has gone. The child with their mind stayed on their Parent has a smoother time of transitioning from one life stage to the next. Life is not always unbearable or miserable, but an adventure and rich with new opportunities.

Over these many years of lessons and discussions we have helped to shape one another into who we are now and who we are becoming. How much easier it is to bare life's realities when a good friend is at hand. Just as biological families experience disagreements or personality conflicts, you as a group will also, but always will the desire to do good overcome any negativity. This world as busy as it is, there are many who suffer from loneliness, or the impression that they are not acceptable. There are many who hide their true nature, for it may meet with disapproval from others.

Our mission members are a diverse group and have for the most part been capable of making all feel welcome. You, my friends, have a personal ministry, a ministry that you have committed yourselves to. You have taken on the responsibility to expand our family. Many of you are gifted at conversation and make others feel welcome and acceptable as they are. Many of you are very open to Spirit and can give sound, direct spiritual advice. Many of you are simply good listeners and make people feel worthy of being listened to.

You have your Mission ministries and not anyone of you are incapable of performing your duties. These duties are completely natural and joyful--not at all uncomfortable or feeling as though you are being put upon. Father can reach those who listen to Him, those who have faith in Him, but there are many who have experienced enough hopelessness that they are not reachable. Herein lies your ministry. You are examples of faith and can face to face with individuals spread the good news.

You are indeed a visible ship of faith upon the ocean of hopelessness. Your light countenance, your show of faith, your ability to be caring is a saving grace for those in whom you touch. The world seems to be with great chaos, and yet from my point of view, it is moving as it should with divine watch-care and guidance.

This week ponder your personal ministries and what that may entail. Find time to see the joy in life and let that show upon your face. Reach out to those you chance to meet and give some words of encouragement or perhaps just listen. Life is not merely happening to you, but you are making life happen. A few questions

CALVIN: Abraham, we have some new guests, hopefully new family members, Jim and George. (Greetings. Any questions?) I'll start out with one. I felt a huge cramp and I don't know what that was, but I am going to start eating different foods. I wonder if that was what it was or is it deeper than that? You know what I am talking about. (SIMON: Can I mention something too. I heard something about digestive enzymes. Inaudible.)

ABRAHAM: Calvin, my son, I believe that your physical feelings are stress induced. Your mind would appear to be stronger than the spirit at times and your perception or imagination can become imbalanced. You are one who does take on too much at a time and while you are gifted in this area, it can simply be overwhelming. Take life in small bites and find enjoyment in all the various flavors. Have not fear for your physical well-being, yes. Is this helping? (Yes, very much, the stress part especially.) Simon, I am not in understanding of digestive enzymes. I am sorry. Can you expand? (I understand that most Americans have problems digesting foods because over the years our digestive enzymes decrease, so a supplement of enzymes could help.) You would know more about this than I would. You certainly make sense. There are many factors to the world's ailments today. Anxiety, stress would certainly affect the bodily systems. There are numerous products on the market that claim to be of assistance to good health. I can say that a relationship with the Father, the company of good friends and the everyday striving to live better, is about as effective as medical remedies. By all means if you find something that works however--use it, material or spiritual, yes. Is this at all helping? (Yes. I thank you.) You're welcome.

MIRIAM: Abraham, I just want to thank you so much for your lesson last week. I felt a dry sponge in that area. Your words were like water to a dry sponge. I felt at ease this week. It is just a good example of how Father sends us what we need. I love you to pieces and I thank you for the service that you do for us. That ego piece that you were talking about, I was thinking that could apply to leaders, but I starting thinking about how in my situation, looking at that in an agitated way, I was coming from the ego-it feels like it ought to be this way, why can't it be this way. My agitation was coming from that kind of thinking. That was really good advice.

ABRAHAM: I am not so certain that your feelings were solely stemming from ego as it was feelings of powerlessness. There have, is now and always will be, injustices in the world, and it would appear that the voice of the individual is lost. Your feelings are shared by many mortals and there is great concern where egos are involved with worldly affairs. You have indeed done well coming to terms with your new understanding, and your individual effort to make a difference how you can is indeed healing. You, my daughter, do touch many lives every day. Absolutely you are true to your ministry. Well done. Another question?

DAVE: Abraham, I am going to be going on vacation. I was wondering if you have any comments for me as to my personal ministry on my travel plans?

ABRAHAM: I do see you, my son, as a man of reason and always promoting peace. You always do well to express yourself where you think it will serve. I have no specific guidance, but I have no doubt that you will fully take opportunity to spread the good news. Your living example is touching to many and you know not the impact you have. Believe me, great things are being born. Is this helping? (Yes. Thank you.)

GEORGE: My question is on this plane I have the name George, but I have a spiritual name that I am not certain. My second question is how can I better council those who come to me seeking assistance?

ABRAHAM: One moment. As close as I can give you your spiritual name using the English language it sounds like Jedadiah. I am happy to speak with you finally. You do appear to be very sincere in your efforts to help in anyway you can, especially the spiritual aspects of life. I can simply recommend a few guidelines, but of course your internal Father is always the best teacher. The world in which you each live is a world that relies much on what the eyes can see. Today's seeking individual benefits greatly on practical spiritual practices. The more you can keep spiritual guidance real, the more benefit it will have to those seekers. Spiritual advice or any advice should be something that is usable, not an unreachable ideal, but something that assists in everyday living such as improving family life, work life, citizenship, overcoming personal habits. The goal of our Teaching Mission is to make real the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. Is this helping? (Very much so Abraham. Thank you.) One more question.

DIANNA: Abraham, I just wondered if I can receive some other encouragement or correction from you in this time of very large lessons I am learning for me?

ABRAHAM: My daughter Dianna, my heart is full in hearing your voice and seeing your face. I always love speaking with you. I do understand you have experienced some turmoil and find it difficult to reap the meanings and values there from. You have always been a kind-hearted, well-intentioned individual, and I do see that as you have experienced life, that many things have disappointed you. Let not these disappointments harden your heart, but make you evermore determined to find those meanings and values which will bring you some resolution. You are certainly with intelligence, love and good intention. I have faith in you to be open to receiving Spirit guidance and the solutions that come. Be not disappointed with yourself, for you are not lacking in any way. Have not worry. Know that you have all of the heavens looking out for your well-being and best interests. Is there something more? (No, not at this time.)

With that I will take my leave. Know that with each passing week I am ever grateful to Father for bringing me to you. Until next week, shalom.

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