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Date: November 17, 2002
Location: Rio Rancho, NM USA
Teachers: Tomas, Anatolia and Bob
Topics: Here I am, Lord: Presenting yourself to the Divine Wish
Knowledge: The 4th Adjutant Mind Spirit - The Knowing
The Heart: The 4th Chakra & the Seat of Knowledge
The Spirit of Counsel: 5th Adjutant Mind Spirit - Expression
The Throat: 5th Chakra - where Expression Lives
Q & A: Should we trust our Heart? The Heart of God Within
T/R's: Gerdean (Tomas and Bob) Matthew (Anatolia)
Music: "Here I Am, Lord," pianist - Dorenda

Opening Prayer: (Matthew) Let us place ourselves in the presence of Jesus,
the Christ.

Master Teacher,

We bring ourselves toYour presence as grateful and wide-eyed children, ready
to receive and ready to give that whichYou are and that which You promised
and that which we take to heart, as that which is everlasting and eternal in
You and with You, and that You are not just the carrot before the horse but
that You are the power of the horse, and that we have the opportunity to
share that light of the horse with You, and that all that is in unity and in
one purpose with our Father's will, we encourage and ask for, now and always.

For the intentions in our hearts and our minds as only You know them to be,
we place them before You now. And ask for the teachers that You choose that
we receive the message as directed by You and in all appreciation, we are
forever Yours. Amen.

TOMAS: Forever yours, I am Tomas. I will hold my students in my hand.

How charmed I am to be in your midst, you lovely children of God. In your
council of communion, harmony is had when the many chords of the stringed
instruments all manifest their own individual vibration and tonal quality at
the same time, in accord. Thus you become a song. Your society is
orchestration of divinity. Seeing, however, that in the field and
occasionally in ourselves there is a discordant note, we are reminded of the
work at hand.
The will of God in our lives must make the selection for the day, "Here I am
Lord." Exercising discernment as to what a mind might be up to in the
conveyance of the Father's will, one might profess,

"Here I am, Lord. I am where You have placed me. In Your hands I am given a
university of learning, for in the learning of the lessons of today, I am
preparing myself to be a teacher tomorrow. As I absorb my destiny, by
experiencing the truth of Your being, I am given wisdom, and this enables me
to better serve, to more conscientiously apply myself to the gifts that I
received as a result of having known You, having been Your child, having
given You permission to rear me in Your own image, fashioning me as the
sculptor fashions his clay, molding my character to what You would have me
represent. Here I am in a growing condition, imperfect still, and yet
reflecting the perfection of Paradise in my yielding. In my yielding I am
given power and strength from On High. And that augmentation of energy
enables me to defend my faith even in the midst of mine enemies, those who
would detract me from Your good grace."

Here am I being strong now. Here am I holding up myself as a dignified
being, not one of the sheep, one of the followers of lesser ways, having
traversed those Universities in my youth. Having traversed those universities
myself, I have the compassion, then, to perceive the immaturity of my less
ennobled fellows and, assuming the rightful place of server rather than
ruler, I allow life to take its course in His hands, in His time, in His way.
Allowing God to run the universe I am also a beholder, a witness to His
wonders, His words that speak through life itself, sometimes through the
mouths of men, but more often through the mystery itself, echoing His perfect
nature through His realm whereupon I become a praiser of His nature, His
goodness, His justice. I can admire this God I worship for He is the answer
to all my questions, the comfort in all my discomfort, and the strength in
all my shortcomings. Having had this being reflected in myself I am not
alone. I am not afraid, when I say

"Here I am Lord, do with me what you will, send me on a mission of your
choosing, send me on the mission I am most qualified to perform, where it
pleases You and Your way. Whether I find my own signature worth serving or
not, is not for me to judge. What You have taught me, I have come to regard
as sacred inasmuch as it is a part of You, and nothing I do in the sacredness
of Your work is shameful or lesser. All wise, all knowing, all wonderful
almighty Creator, I am Yours. I am fashioned after You. I am molded by the
anvil of the experience You provide me. How a rich a life it is, I enjoy! How
comforted I am by my association with those others who have also been molded
by You, and who continue, like myself and my associates, to pursue You, even
as we find You, to search unceasingly for the infinite unfolding of Your

What a marvel it is for me to know these safe havens of the family of God,
the security which Spirit provides, far transcending the fickle and fragile
securities of the illusion that precedes the recognition of the perfection of
Divine Reality.

Perhaps an understanding of the origins of your codependence on that which is
a more essential aspect of your former nature, your animal heritage, is a key
to perceiving God in all things - even in the illusion. In this expectation
then, let us call in our visiting Teacher, Bob, and see if he has anything to
add to his dissertation on the Adjutant Mind Spirits.

WHAT ABOUT BOB: What About Bob? Don't get up! (Group giggle) Continue to
remain comfortably enveloped in your chairs, secure in your persons, and open
to counsel.

In inventing these lessons about the Adjutant Mind Spirits, I am not
intending to reverse your progress, no. I am encouraging you to understand
the animal nature so that you may better understand yourselves and
subsequently, your fellows, for as Tomas pointed out, it is a part of the
scaffolding of the evolving sons of time and space that the animal nature be
a part of the developmental process.

We've discussed the Spirit of Intuition, the Spirit of Understanding, and to
some extent the Spirit of Courage. And we touched lightly, last time, on the
Spirit of Knowledge, which we have placed in the position of the Heart Chakra
-- the "knowing" -- as is evidenced not from the intellect, but from the

Now, there are those who are embittered about love and who have become jaded
about romance and, therefor, they have a heart hardened to romance, to the
concept of love. There are those, too, who are eager to fall in love with
love and, therefor, they have become -- shall we say - "stuck in the fourth
Chakra". They cannot go above their human capacity to discern love as an
emotion, as a sentiment, or even as stimuli to passion. In the Chakra system,
the Heart Chakra is a level above the Stomach Chakra -- the material I Am --
and for that reason many refuse to rise above the Stomach Chakra, where they
remain supreme.

In dealing with the Heart Chakra, one must deal with a sense of helplessness,
for love is intoxicating. It can make you do things you wouldn't choose to
do. This is true for emotional love, for sexual love, for parental love,
even for spiritual love. But the wizened one will understand that the Heart,
as the Seat of Knowledge, is a liar, a deceiver -- and that is part of
Knowledge! Many truths are not felt, except in adversity. Animals live and
die in the sense of loss that comes at losing a loved one. Whether through
romance of a child growing up and leaving home, divorce, or death, the Heart

It is also the Font of Healing. And so to be vulnerable enough to accept the
Heart as a part of your existence, is to accept the Spirit of Knowledge - the
understanding and the knowledge that disappointments will occur, that in
spite of set-backs, the Spirit of Courage is free to operate. Instinct can
enter in and Intuition can realign you, so hope springs eternal, and love
blooms again.

The Heart is also preliminary to Will. Will comes from the recognition of all
these Adjutant Mind Spirits combined. All of the Adjutant Mind Spirits impact
your Will. And whether you are right or wrong in your Will choice, you will
reflect your Will choice when you engage in the Spirit of Counsel, which is
your Expression resident in the Throat Chakra, the 5th Chakra, even that
which all animals share -- and so you hear bullfrogs in the swamp, you hear
crickets, you hear birds singing, you hear lions roaring , you hear people
talking, you hear crying, you hear babbling, you hear sorrow.

You Express, also, through the 5th Adjutant Mind Spirit, the Spirit of
Counsel - "Hear Me! Hear What I Have to Say! Hear My Announcement. Hear Me!
This Is What I Think. This Is What I Have to Say About That."
In the Spirit of Counsel is where you will find those who reflect back your
own voice. And so, when you hear someone with whom you agree, that does not
necessarily make them right. That means they agree with you. The 5th Chakra
in Ancient Meditation is considered to Blue.

The first 5 Adjutant Mind Spirits are Shared with the Animal Kingdom. They,
too, counsel. They gather in herds and flocks and communicate among
themselves, as do humans, in terms of tribes, families, even cultures. They
have yet to see humanity as a race of people, but we are working toward that

This is all I have to say this afternoon. I assure you: when you are able to
review our comprehension of the Animal Nature, in retrospect you will
recognize when you hear my words re-echo in your mind at times when you
perceive the animal nature in operation, and perhaps, like Tomas, you will be
able to be glad for the opportunity to manifest compassion to those who have
not yet risen to the level of utilizing their Adjutant Mind Spirit of
Worship, which we will aspect next.

Blessed be art thou.

I return you to Tomas.

TOMAS: And Tomas here, only as an emcee, as I am acquiescing the floor to my

ANATOLIA: This is a fine day to be meeting with you again, as Sunday is our
day to 'meet and greet,' if you will. It's a fine day for all of the
aforementioned reasons, that you well know.

But I'd like to bring a new, or renewed, perspective to you, in terms of why
you chose this day to meet as a group for the purpose of spiritual
faith-building and reassurance to yourselves and to one another, that, in
fact, God lives. And in fact, as evidence of God's Life, you know yourselves
to be true and living representatives of that Light which otherwise, has no
reason, nor explanation.

What else, for example, could you explain as the reason for Life if there was
not Life in the Larger Sense? What could this experience be if it were not
for Life Supreme which exists in the Fullness of the experience that you
would call, or expect to call "God" ? or "Creator"? There is, in reality,
only one Source of Being and each of us shares that Source as a particular
ray of Light, or a particular dimension of a Gem.

One could say -- and this example limps in description; however -- one could
say that God is the Original Gem, the unpolished, raw presence of the
constituents of a gemstone. Choose whichever gemstone you prefer, whether it
be Emerald, Ruby , Sapphire, Diamond, whatever it may be, and picture that in
the form that you would imagine a gemstone to be before it is finely polished
and finely cut into the many facets that it is represented in.

In this polished representative form you will find yourselves, each a point
along a facet, each a sparkle as that Gem is turned and directed toward the
Light. There you find your Expression and your Being. The two are
inseparable. You would not know that you exist within that Gem, were it not
for the Light that adds a potential for you to shine, for your ray to burst
forth. For your alignment on that facet is your evidence that you are, in
fact, present within the body that you know to be the existence of Life
Itself, from the Source in which you experience that Expression.

Is just one way that I can help to explain, or express, that which you know
to be the truth of who and what you are.

The other dimension, or description of why meeting on Sunday is of importance
is: not only is that the only day that all of you would be available to avail
yourselves of this process, but that, too, being people of faith, as you are,
it is the day that you are most in tune with the Spirit natures we are
presenting in our lessons week after week. It is in this sense that you are
most finely attuned and it is this point of mutual and shared worship, that I
encourage you to appreciate your individual and mutual roles in that which
you participate in, week after week. There are many, many devotees of our
Lord and Savior, Jesus, the Christ. There are many that profess to know and
to love and that are willing servants of that which is presented from mouth
to mouth, from heart to heart, who understand and appreciate and are truly
devoted to the Master and His teachings. But not all are willing to commit
time and space, energy and presence of mind to a time dedicated to, in fact,
mutually share and appreciate one another, let alone the teachings of our
Heavenly Father through our brother and teacher, Jesus, the Christ.

For it is through our Master's efforts that you have the presence of mind,
and consequently the Faith of your Being, to be His modern day presence made
known to one another and to the rest of humankind. For while it is not meant
to place the weight of the world on your shoulders, know that, surely, as
those who were considered Disciples at the time of our Master's presence in
the flesh, you, too, are disciples, no less than those who shared His
presence, His mind, His will, His divine and unquestioned and unceasing Love
that he had for those who he taught.

For he was not a preacher, he was a presenter of truth and goodness. He did
not convince. He was what he said. As he would speak, or give parables, or
teachings of truth and love and obedience and service, he, at the same time,
WAS those things. This, too, is what you are called upon to be and to do and
to feel and to incorporate in your hearts and your minds, that which you are
being taught on a weekly basis.

I encourage each of you to know and appreciate the hearts that you have, the
minds that you are given, and the presence of being that you illustrate, week
after week. For in my efforts to convey to you the teachings that we share
with you, it is always my particular focus to reinforce with you, that Divine
part of yourselves that you most often deny, or depart from your conscious
minds. For your daily activity of survival and growth and certainly the
effort you put forth towards spiritual development are noteworthy,
praiseworthy, and worth accomplishing.

I stress in all of my lessons to reinforce within you your knowledge of who
you are as a Divine presence made known to one another.

Be of good cheer and know that you are loved immeasurably by all of us who
serve, but more importantly by He who has sent me, and each of you, to go
forth into the world and be the presence that you are in a world that needs
renewing, and most of all Love.

Be encouraged and know that all is being accomplished in due time, to be the
one truth that Life Is and Always Will Be.

Be good to yourselves and each other as you work toward unity of mind and
purpose as you continue to grow in your Light. Until we speak again, may the
Christ within you, touch, caress and let you know that you are one.

Peace be with you.

Group: Thank you.

TOMAS: Gracious ambassadors, let us commence our session of interaction.
Have you questions this week?

Esmarelda: I don't have a question, necessarily, Tomas, but I certainly like
your 'Here I am Lord,' and Bob was very interesting today and so was
Anatolia. Great lesson.

TOMAS: It is a joy to be assigned to such a student as yourself. You are
yielding, easy to contact, amenable to counsel.

Elena: When you were talking about the Heart Chakra, maybe it was Bob, it
was said that the Heart could lead you in different places. I'm not sure how
this aligns with the chakra, per se, but it seems like the Heart does lead
you toward things that you are interested in. And I have been encouraged to
pursue those areas that I am attracted toward…do those two ideas- following
your heart or following your interests conflict?…are they the same?…or are
they even related?

TOMAS: "The Heart is a Lonely Hunter," they say. The Heart which is
activated will hunt down what it wants as a Lion hunts down prey. And yet
the Heart in the Animal is very self-oriented. It will help itself, even when
it appears to be helping others.

The lesson about the 7 Adjutant Mind Spirits, always must be perceived as a
level of comprehension which is human in nature, rather than Divine. It is
at the top of the totem pole of comprehension, the lotus-blossom of
enlightenment, that you are able to act upon your Spirit of Truth, in company
with Conscious Connection to Divinity. And there are many who never attain
that point. Much of humanity, you see, is content with the first 5 Adjutant
Mind Spirits.

The Spirit of Worship is something that's been around as long as even
primitive man, who worshipped fire, lightening, rocks, and the like. And so
having the Spirit of Worship is not proof of a highly evolved individual; it
is a part of the individual. Just like the Heart is not necessarily edified,
not necessarily God-conscious, not necessarily committed to the Divine will.
God is not always Man's Passion.

It will, however, be necessary for you to have a working knowledge of your
own heart, in order for you to aspire to a Divine Love within you that will
enable you to open yourself to the God Within you, Who's Heart is the Heart
of God, and which will mold your Heart's desires, as a sculptor molds his

However, such a commitment of the Will to do the Divine Will, is a matter of
transcendence over the customary considerations given the Heart.

Have I put clarification on your question?

Elena: I think so, about the Heart part … and the choices. I'm still having
trouble getting how you perform and enact God's will and know that. I guess
it will take an eternity to understand.

TOMAS: It need not take more than a few minutes to understand His will for

Elena: Well, I have a few.

Group: (Laughter)

TOMAS: It will be redefined each time you attend another experiential
classroom. Just look at your history of Love. You know that as a child you
had certain things you loved. You had certain relatives that you rejoiced to
see, certain events that evinced such joy you were sure to burst. This may
have been Christmas morning. This may have been Daddy coming home from work.
But this is a child's perception of Love. It gives you sense of comfort,
security and joy.

The teen consciousness presents a New kind of Love, it is a more gregarious
energy. It involves your society, your fellows, your peers, your ambitions,
your aspirations, your popularity, your associations in terms of your plans,
hopes, and dreams for the future. These fill your Heart. Perhaps arts, or
science, or learning, is a passion with you and your Heart is filled to
discover, or orate, or perform. This is a form of Love.

The pairing of people for the purpose of procreation provides another
complete scenario of what Love is. It provides for romance and intimacy and
a reflection of the loveliness of yourself, or the not-so-lovely, as well.
Although the struggling hunter of the lonely heart seeks and finds
intermediate satisfaction, the Longing will not be quenched until such time
as the Divine Embrace envelopes you and you find the Source of your being in
Spirit, and Truth. And suddenly your entire demeanor is uplifted, your
countenance is raised up, you are no longer a mere animal -- emotional and
time-bound -- but you have soared into the Eternal through the Knowledge of
the Spirit.

This Love is The Eternal Love, the Eternal Satisfaction, and the Eternal
Quest. With this Love in your Heart, all other loves are relative, even
scaffolding en route to the Satisfying Love that is God.

This "knowing" is the Pearl of Great Price, the true treasure, the Heart's
Delight. It is THIS Love that is found in the Heart of God, that you carry,
even, within you, that is the Source of good works. It is that which cries
out "Here I am! Lord, send me." And you can go fearlessly into the terrain
because your Heart is at peace in it's Source. This kind of Love enhances
all other loves. Thus Love enhances all of life. And you have it now within
you. And you know it. And therefor, whatever it is that you do is His will,
for He is doing it with you and sometimes for you.

His Will is not afar off. His Will is in your hands. If you take His Life,
given to you, and you begin to mold it, like a sculptor molds his clay, you
can create a Life of pristine beauty, of rugged adventure, of sterling
quality, of gay imagination, for what the Child of God wants and the Father
wills, will be.

Sometimes you will get what you pray for only to discover that it wasn't
really what you wanted but it was necessary to eliminate that from your
ideologies in order to find that which will work. And working with God in
these laboratories, these experiential workshops, will enable you to garner
clearer vision, more acuity in perceiving our Father. And by perceiving Him,
your own soul will reverberate with recognition of the Divine in such a way
as you, too, will seek to say, "Here I am Lord. Send me. Teach me. Show me.
Help me, that I may reveal you, Great One, greatest of all."

Elena: Thank you, Tomas.

TOMAS: Thank you for posing the question about Love and the Heart.

Dear Hearts. What an appropriate term of endearment. While you are, indeed,
Ambassadors of His Heavenly Kingdom, this cherished state of mind and being
which reveals to you the peace, security, happiness and contentment of
knowing God, and being enlivened and invigorated to reveal Him to others, and
to minister as you pass by.

What else?

Carl: I thought it was interesting where Bob was speaking of the chakra of
the Heart and that its color is blue.

In Native American culture, we start our prayers in the East and its color is
red. We proceed counter-clock-wise always finishing in the East, but the next
direction is North and its color is blue. And there resides my Ally- the
Blue Wolf of the North. These things are, as always. And the Black Owl of
the South is the harbinger of Death….. and occasionally he flies out of his
nest and flies toward me. And the Blue Wolf, I can see him catching him in
thin air like he was a frisbee.

TOMAS: And what of the West?

Carl: The West is the color of Black … home of Black Owl, harbinger of Death.

TOMAS: And the South?

Carl: The South is colored White. It's the direction of peace. Every
Warrior is pledged to walk the white path of peace, if they possibly can. And
then returning and finishing in the East.

TOMAS: We have the promise of Onamonalonton ** to visit when Bob has
completed his series. You will enjoy your opportunity to meet with this
great spiritual leader of the Red Men. There is so much to contribute to
humanity by an understanding of the Red Race and its contribution to the
evolution of religion.

Each race has brought its own unique coloration to the upstepping of
humanity. Often they are interwoven. Sometimes even identical. And always a
panorama of the purposive nature of God advancing in His people, leading us
ever toward the lotus-blossom, the untold tomorrows of infinity. Such a
plethora of richness is the fruit of your world.

We encourage you to consider the view of your world as being occasional dark
spots on a white backdrop, as compared to a few illuminations on a dark
background. For truly, your culture, your heritage is rich with the
blessings of the upward struggle. The ascent from darkness into light, from
rebellion into harmony, and from error into Right Order.

Share these riches freely among yourselves and enhance each other's
understanding of how you perceive because in the group there is all
knowledge. Shared knowledge is something you have to offer each other in
such genuine fellowship, as we perceive here in your hallowed circle. Take
this presence of perfection, this configuration of civility, and this
wellspring of Divine affection into your realms this week, and as you
encounter your fellows in the arena of life, be mindful of the efforts of the
Mother, in and through the Adjutant Mind Spirits, to uplift Her children and
bring them into the presence of the Spirit of Truth, which will lead them to
Her bridegroom, the Master-Son.

Peace be upon you. Farewell.

Group: Thank you.

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