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North Idaho Teaching Mission Group
Topics:In the Father's House are Many
Teachers: Malvantra

October 13, 2002

* Malvantra (Jonathan TR): This is
Malvantra; I am in your company today.
It was said by our Creator Son at one
time on your world that in the Father’s
house there are many mansions. This line
creates a perspective that at first appears
reversed or inverted. To many of you a
mansion is quite large while a house is
considerably smaller. Most of you function
quite comfortably with a few rooms. Your
house is equipped with basic needs and
functions, and you dwell therein quite well.
Is it not the view that a mansion exceeds
what is provided by a house? At what point,
if you were to add rooms, facilities, and
increase the functions of your house does it
warrant being called a mansion? Is it the
entryway? Is it the banisters and
balconies? Leaded windows? View towers?
Resplendent grounds? To some ten quarters
within a house is a mansion. To others it
is not a mansion until it sprawls over
acres. I bring this up to illustrate that
these mansions are places of the realization
of fulfillment.
Each of you strives to attain higher
levels of spirit being. Each of you is
making progress at your own pace, adopting
character traits, living habits, that you
consider contributory to your spiritual
well-being. And you are all making good
effort at deepening your contact with the
divine through prayer, through energy
incircuitment, through service, and through
response to what life and the Father’s
Indwelling Presence steers your way. Are
these not the balconies, the leaded windows,
grand entryway, or marble pillars of a
When Michael spoke of these mansions,
these locations of fulfillment, he also said
he goes to prepare a place for you. What is
it that he prepares that you may realize
fulfillment? And this fulfillment is not
simply your satisfaction but a resplendence
of satisfaction, for, as I have stated, a
house can be much less in stature than a
mansion. Your fulfillment as you seek the
ideals of spiritual reality will likewise be
more than your ability to conceive it to be.
For now you are adding rooms to your
house of spirit living, and as you do so you
occupy only the room that you are working
on. Yet the mansion emerges. While engaged
you are unable to step back and view the
entire structure. Likewise your morontia
soul is expanding as you build your mansion.
While you take delight in a perceived
attainment in your spiritual work, while you
rejoice over effectively acting according to
your ideals, you are only perceiving the
work of one room: your freshly laid carpet,
the new chandelier. This does give you an
inkling of the mansion that is emerging.
This preparation that Michael spoke of is
his engagement of his administrators in
orchestrating potentials throughout Nebadon
that foster your growth.
While it is often thought that Jesus
prepares a mansion wherein you may dwell as
you pass from this life into “heaven”, I
emphasize today that you are building this
mansion, and that the place he prepares is
the real estate upon which you build your
mansion, and this place is the morontia
realm of Nebadon, so that you have a
location whereon your mansion may stand.
You have a body of divinely connected souls
who together are emerging as a city of
mansions. Michael provides the real estate.
Each one of his children is building the
mansions; they are your souls.
But let us return to the question of the
mansions within the house. What is the
Father’s house that holds these mansions
which are upon the place, the real estate,
that Michael has prepared? I present to you
the notion that the Father’s house is the
vast realm of potential experience, that
reservoir wherein you draw your materials,
the hardware store in the sky, the lumber
yard. Where it does appear odd to speak of
a house containing mansions, it is not
perplexing to view the transformation of a
house into a mansion. All houses are
potential mansions. The Father’s house is
the realm of potential wherein each of you
builds that mansion. Your Creator Son seeks
to accommodate your emergence as a soul.
Out of the house of potential of the Father
you spiritualize your mansion/soul. And
Michael has provided an actual location for
this soul that has come from the Father’s
I spoke earlier of at what point does a
house become a mansion. What significant
item is added to redefine it from house to
mansion? You might consider that the change
in status depends on the occupant. To one
who has been reared in a single room
dwelling, two rooms are mansion-like. So,
while this quote of the master speaks of the
life beyond this world, I attempt today to
bring it home to your daily experience that
this day in the Father’s house there are
many mansions. Michael does prepare a place
for you. When you rise and begin your day
an array of potentials lie in wait to be
experienced. Michael goes with you
preparing the place wherein, when you
experience a new truth, it may root. You
are not alone in your mansion building.
While you go over to your storehouse of
potentials, if we continue in this metaphor
of dwellings, pick up your lumber pile to
begin or to continue your construction.
Michael is clearing the grounds, removing
the debris, making it ready for your
assembly. That is the “preparing” he spoke
It is true that all that blesses your
life is a bestowal of the Father, a gift
from the Son. But these mansions are also a
part of your doing. The Father expresses
His acceptance of your work, for it is in
His house that your mansion resides. Jesus
is also supportive and approving of your
work, for he goes ahead of you and prepares
the place, the location.
Today you will finish your activities
and go to your rest. A little more of your
mansion will have emerged. You will awake
to another day, and your ideals will draw
you toward more mansion building. One time
you will awaken in the morontia realm and
your mansion will be far more visible than
it is today, but today you can sit back and
enjoy the completion relatively speaking, of
your construction project.
I wind up my discourse with one more
thought, and that is regarding struggle.
Struggling encases the sense that other
things are working against you, things which
you must confront to put aside, to overcome
to accomplish your desire. While no one,
myself included, could ever alleviate the
obstacles, you can relieve the sense of
struggle if you remind yourself that it is
in the Father’s house that you are working,
and that Michael goes before you to prepare
the place. Building requires work. It
entails exhaustion but yields the mansion.
Dwelling upon this mechanism can remove the
uncomfortable emotional element involved in
I am willing to engage with you in
dialogue at this time.

Evelyn: We were talking earlier about
what constitutes a “salvable” population.
What ingredients make up a salvable person
in the instance of a planet being no longer
fit for habitation? As a melchizedek you
would be involved in moving a population to
a different place. I was starting to think
it might be a stage of soul growth that
would constitute a salvable person, someone
who had already made the decision that might
otherwise be offered to them after
resurrecting, of whether to continue
ascending or not. Can you add to what we
read on that?

* Malvantra: Human beings who have
initiated soul growth and human beings who
are well under way in the growth of soul are
of great consideration when a melchizedek
corps engages with the Life Carriers in such
a transfer of population from a world no
longer inhabitable to another, for while it
is desirable -- and many beings work for the
goal of Light and Life -- of greater value
is the birth of any soul and its growth and
its reaching to the attainment of Paradise.
Therefore what falls short of soul
contribution may be struck from the entry
list for transfer. But regarding the
intricacies of an evolutionary world such as
yours there is a delicate balance that must
be maintained in order to foster the growth
of souls and the attainment of a planet in
Light and Life, for as we are speaking now,
the attainment of a civilized population of
beings no matter what planet in Light in
Life, we must include many elements which
are interconnected to bring growth and to
bring Light and Life. As example, there are
factions on your world who would consider
the salvageable population to be strictly
their skin color, the rest being disposable.
The Father has created many races because
the conflict between your races brings
greater spiritual realization, heightens
your sensitivity of brotherhood and the
truth of the Father’s love for all. Without
the contrast and the comparison it would
take not so much more time to realize
brotherly love but to realize a brotherly
love where you thought it not existed. So a
salvageable population may entail some
genetic disorders, a cross-section of racial
types and personality types such that the
ecology of peoples is maintained. It is not
the selection of an elect group; it is a
balanced assembly of a broad range of
contributing factors through many peoples
that is salvageable. But this reference you
speak of is in the context of a world that
must be emptied. So, more simply stated,
the canvas of those to go to the new world
is done over those still on the world, the
rest having been, through one form or
another in the disaster, already transferred
to the survivor chambers of the mansion
worlds. What is left must be assembled in
balance and transferred.
Never would we reject the volunteering
of any individual in a circumstance like
that who would desire to go, but we would
provide counsel that perhaps rather than
being transferred to another physical world
like Urantia to continue the evolution
towards Light and Life that this individual
has an alternate route of beginning the
ascent of the mansion worlds. In that
counsel that individual can make an
enlightened decision as to whether their
contribution to the further growth of a
civilization would be worth the undertaking.
Every soul is worthy of being salvaged
when on the brink of destruction. It is
illustrated in Michael’s parable of leaving
the ninety nine sheep for the one lost.
When it comes to projects such as Urantia
wherein life is begun on a sphere and Light
and Life is a hoped-for outcome, selectivity
is important, and parameters define what is
contributing and what is disrupting the
progress. A disaster of the magnitude you
speak of wherein a world must be evacuated
illustrates that even if the orb itself
distracts from the attainment of Light and
Life, celestial administration is prepared
to remove the distraction, to transfer the
population, and continue the project. All
the while every soul is sought after by the
Father, is cared for and loved.
I hope this has contributed to your
considerations of this potential event.

Kirk: You cleared up a lot for me,
thank you.
* Malvantra: You are welcome.

Evelyn: Today many of us see a massive
war being a likely cause of unleashing some
agent that perhaps could cause the world to
be uninhabitable. Poison gas or some
biological agent. I’m hearing you say that
a lot of people would die first and then the
remaining would be shuffled off to another
world. It wouldn’t be like seeing the cloud
coming and quick whisk us out from under it.

* Malvantra: No, because of the supremacy
of free will we would be unable to
intervene. That is why that term
“salvageable” sticks out so boldly as you
consider this quotation from the Urantia
text. It isn’t said “preservable” which
would imply combing through the population
and grabbing the valuable elements first.
Salvageable implies going through afterwards
in order to make the best of what remains.
However, I must also state that we
melchizedeks are given the authority to
intervene in planetary affairs, and we can
seize control of the world. However our
controlling factors even then are unable to
interfere with your free will. Since
humankind is far more greatly uneducated
than your midway cousins and the angelic
hosts also upon this world, we are less
capable of providing the information you
would need to not make those disastrous
freewill decisions. We can seize a world,
portray to the celestial beings here the
potential implications, and they in their
fortuitous situation would make adjustments
of their own free will and contribute to
bringing the world back to balance.
One day the veil will be drawn back
between the celestial and the terrestrial,
and you human beings will have better access
to such counsel as us melchizedeks. While
you may wish that that could happen today,
it is not the Father’s plan, for in the
divine wisdom it is known that your
grappling with such weighty issues as the
ability of the human race to destroy the
world will instill values deeper than if you
had a celestial overlord prevent you from
that possibility.
Another factor for consideration
regarding your question of the selection of
the salvageable for transfer to another
world would be, as you discussed, what if
your sun was to become depleted of its solar
energies and was no longer useful as a
source of life energy to this civilization
on this planet. Then the salvageable is a
far greater population base from which we
would draw, and far more individuals would
go. Since free will is supreme, we do not
take everyone; we take those willing to go.
Through education every individual would
have the opportunity to either transfer
worlds, remain with this world and
experience its fate, or undergo a special
early departure for the mansion worlds not
unlike the departure of Adam and Eve’s
children as they left the first garden and
were on their way to the second.
I hope this helps.
I would draw a close to our meeting
today and finish by pointing out that it was
not a mistake of The Urantia Book revelators
to speak of the first seven worlds that you
visit after your death here as mansion
worlds, for these seven worlds are the
spheres upon which you finish the soul
building you have begun here. These are the
construction platforms better suited for you
to level, plumb, and square your soul, for
you know that sometimes on a world like
Urantia it is very difficult to find level
ground on which to build a solid foundation.
These mansion worlds are suited for you to
complete your project and be ready for the
journey across the rest of Nebadon.
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