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S.E. Idaho TeaM


Machiventa(Bill): Trust the protective mantle that the Father lays upon
you, that the Son delivers to you, and the Spirit enlivens.  Trust that its
buffer of protection keeps away anxiety and cares of life from the
sensitive contact with your personality mechanism.  Receive and accept this
mantle of trust that you may ward off all the arrows of anxiety, of fear,
of guilt, of mistakes, and therefor grow in approximation to Christ
Michael's superlative and completed faith in God, His Father.   I am
Machiventa, present with you this evening.  These words of admonition I
offer as a prayer for your upliftment and your continued struggle for
perfection attainment.

Michael, my Father, I petition You to make effective Your comradeship with
these, Your children, who are spiritually my brothers and sisters.  I know
it is Your will to display mercy and love toward them.  Help them to
believe in the promises that we give them and to know that having started
out on the way everlasting with determination and intention, they will
succeed, they will prosper, they will some day administer wondrous
creations beyond our understanding.  Today, however, they plod in the mud
and soil of Urantia worrying about the dirt on their boots and the sweat on
their brows. May peace be their measure and purpose.  Amen.

Daniel(Bob S.)  This is Daniel.  Greetings, my friends, my students, my
colleagues, my comrades, my equal seekers of the truth.  How glad we are
that Machiventa is able to be with us this evening for this brief period of
time.  He represents that which we all seek...living faith.  As you know,
he has been tested as a mortal, tested as Vicegerent of this planet, and in
other ways.  Always he has been found worthy of the trust given him.  It is
this style of leadership which gives us additional strength and

I personally wish to commend all of you present for your sincere and
insightful conversations held earlier this evening.  We deem it a
characteristic mark of your maturity that you are willing to expose your
weaknesses publicly and work at improving the quality of their evolutionary
status.  I will not be providing the lesson this evening.  For that we have
a guest presenter, who will now come to the microphone.  One moment please.
(Long silence)
Midwayer technician(Bill K.):   Technical difficulties abound.  Patience is
requested.  (Pause)

Machiventa Melchizedek(Bill K.): Greetings!  I am Machiventa, once again.
Our microphone was shorted and therefor we needed a Midwayer technical
adjuster to bypass the short circuiting of fear, ego confusion and natural
animal anxiety. [Ed. Note: I think he is saying that the TRs were hung up!
If so, he got it right!]  

I come tonight to bring a planetary perspective before you.  As in all
things, the Father's rule is final.  His purposes for the Universe of
Universes will prevail despite the time delays due to error and sloth.
This planet, where Christ Michael made His glorious bestowal, has long been
a sentimental shrine to me as well as to Michael's universe at large.  As
acting Planetary Prince I act with the complete approval and oversight of
Michael, Himself. The appearance, then, due to my involvement with Urantia
on a voluntary emergency mission, is that this experience has been deemed
satisfactory training for the role of Acting Planetary Prince.  Since
appearances can be misleading do not be surprised when I tell you that
living among Semitic nomads more than three thousand years ago was not
sufficient experience for me to anticipate the state of affairs in 1992 and
henceforth!  However,  while I have not the comfort of past experience to
rely on in terms of particulars which have evolved since it has come to my
responsibility to oversee this planet, nevertheless my heart and mind both
tell me that even as Christ Michael, incarnate as a human being, was able
to do the Father's will in perfection, so I will, also, by displaying the
same trust, fulfill the role that I have been given as Planetary Prince.  

Once again, we are talking about living faith; for faith is not limited to
the mortals of the realms. .  Faith is not something that you will
relinquish upon transit to the morontia worlds.  Faith is something that
all subabsolute reality requires for its functioning.   Living faith is the
essence of our relationship with the First Source and Center, the Universal
Father.  It embraces cognitive belief systems and intellectual
understandings, yes.  But it is more fundamental and emotional.  Actually,
at its root it is the result of decision making

You and I can be faced with the temptation to trust our own thinking and
our own wisdom when it seems to conflict with the wisdom of the Trinity or
when it conflicts with the wisdom of others whom we esteem to be competent
in their judgments and their understanding.  At this juncture of divergent
pathways, the Father's way, and the way our minds say is better, is the
choice to take the left road or the right road.  We stand at this juncture
many times in our life, whether that life be mortal, morontial, and even
occasionally as spirit.  The juncture is because we do not have unlimited
intellectual understanding and unlimited power of omnipresence and
omniscience.  We come at those moment to confront our condition of
finitude, of limited reality.  To accept and understand our finiteness and
limited nature is, in fact, true humility.  

Even as little children in their younger years cannot understand much of
what their parents tell them, still, if the relationship between the parent
and the child is fundamentally sound the child will acquiesce and accept
the parent's direction.  In like manner if our relationship with the First
Source and Center is fundamentally sound, if we trust and believe in our
great Parent's wisdom and understanding, then we, too, when faced with
these crossroads, these divisions in the path, will defer, like a trusting
child, to that Parental wisdom.  

The beauty and grace of God is such that should we choose the wrong path
and refuse to take our Parent's hand,  we are not left to die of starvation
in the wilderness but are sent messengers of love who tell us, "This is the
way back to the path you were on.  Come with me."   Always does our
Heavenly Parent, through the means at His disposal, the Thought Adjusters
that indwell you, offer once again choices that lead toward His destination
in Paradise.

So, what does this have to do with the state of affairs on this planet?  It
has everything to do with this planet, for this is, after all, a sphere of
evolving mortals, each of whom with normal minds has that same light of God
within them, that same Monitor Who is striving to do exactly what I have
just described, providing ever and again new paths back to the purpose of
each person's life....to become more like God and to desire to do His
bidding.  The mistake that is made, and has been made for thousands of
years, is to not know of this divine overcare; or having heard of it, to
not trust it and to take into one's own hands one's destiny, disregarding
the divine overcare.  It is to say, "In armies and arms we shall trust for
our security".  Or to say, "The God of Battles will work against our
enemies and we shall prevail".  

The fundamental deficiency at this time on this planet is that it does not
know that you are all really brothers and sisters, not just ideally so.
The fundamental lack of understanding is that you are all children of God,
and therefor all related to each other.  When this brotherhood under the
Fatherhood of God concept is finally realized, then will be the beginning
of Light and Life.  Wars, rumors of wars, and provocations of wars will
arise so long as people are divided from each other by national boundaries,
racial boundaries, ethnic boundaries, and religions boundaries, by the
pride and prejudice of histories.  

So, my friends, that is why our task is to alter the perspective of the
whole world!  But it starts with each person and then spreads one by one to
others.  I realize I am saying the same thing that has been said from the
beginning.  But some are under the misunderstanding that there might be
some means to transcend this individual, one on one, process in some
dramatic intervention.  Short of evacuation of the planet, any dramatic
intervention of this sort would be a violation of free will and cannot happen.

Don't become discouraged because there is no miraculous cure for the ills
of the world.  Rather, understand that free will is God's great gift to the
evolution of the Almighty Supreme and His great gift to each of you!  For
you, by your free will exercise, are indeed co-creating the Supreme and
yourselves as power-personality synthesis, just as is the whole evolving
Grand Universe.  

It is one thing to be involved with error, because error can be corrected.
It is another thing to be involved with sloth, for sloth, laziness, the "I
give up" attitude, is much harder to curtail.  None of you are slothful and
your error is diminishing. (Laughter) You are correctable by your own
choice and your humility is becoming more accurate.  I commend you.

Understand that you are the hands, the feet, the mouths, the eyes of the
Spirit of Truth.  You are each incarnations of Christ Michael in a certain
sense.  He lives anew in each of your lives.  His influence is greatly
magnified through His Spirit of Truth to all Urantia.  You will not live to
see the era of Light and Life through the eyes of your mortal tabernacle.
You will live to see it; and perhaps you will even be involved, as is
Abraham, in its further evolution preceding the first stages of Light and
Life.  But even that possibility is not as great as this reality: now you
are involved!  Whatever you are doing, do it to the best extent that you

Finally, relax your critical self appraisal.  Let it go!  It is not
accurate.  It isn't even your business!  Your job is to follow in the faith
path that Michael, Jesus of Nazareth, has exemplified.  His "way, truth,
and life" statement refers to his living faith and the revelation of
trusting humanity that He made for all the world to see, for all his
Universe to emulate. 

There will be no questions this evening.  I have delivered an extensive
exhortation.  Thank you for your rapt attention.  My love, and the love of
the whole universe be with you.  Good evening.

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