[tmtranscripts] Garden Session #32

Daniel cwithin at churchwithin.org
Sun Sep 15 15:40:00 PDT 2002

Post Falls, Idaho Teaching Mission
Garden Session #032 
Saturday, July 13, 2002

	NEBADONIA (Mother Spirit) (T/R-Sheila):  My children, I welcome you to 
this circle that is of greater love than you know.  There are those of us 
who sit with you this evening with great excitement.  Do you understand 
that you have one foot through this veil?  Please do not be discouraged 
with the trials and tribulations of your daily doings.  Do not think for 
a moment that you have taken a step backwards because you have not.  
Please be patient with yourselves.  You have so much to learn and new 
ways of knowing.  Keep looking for just one more way to love.  Look for 
another reason to love.  Search for something else or someone else to put 
in your pocket of love.  Spend more time loving everything that you don't 
already love, just for the sake of being love.  It is essential for you 
to achieve even a greater level, a deeper essence of love.  Find new ways 
to love, to experience the calmness, the peace of feeling love.  Every 
outside thing you love brings even a greater degree of essence within 
you.  Love the ones who are feared by others.  Love the ones whom others 
are angered by.  Discover what you dislike the most and find something to 
love about it.  This is not a request that is unnatural for you.  It is 
and will be your most cherished aspect of yourself, that you are capable 
of so much love.  We sit amongst you tonight with our arms around you and 
it is our choosing, it is our honor, to share this most loving evening 
with those who are reaching so faithfully.  

	MALVANTRA (T/R-Daniel):  In the Morontia and Spiritual realms as well as 
on the more spiritually developed mortal worlds, we all know that we are 
loved.  It is a most natural part of life.  There is no guesswork about 
it, at all.  Not so on this mortal world and so one of your greatest 
handicaps is that you have great difficulty at times discovering what is 
lovable about yourselves, and one must learn to love themselves as God 
loves them.  It is a part of the human condition at this point in your 
world's development that you must learn through experience to love 
yourself for the child of God that you are.  This does not mean that you 
must per chance love everything about yourselves for none on your world 
has attained perfection yet, but it is of Supreme importance that you 
learn to love yourself as the little child that you are-falling down, 
skinning your knees, getting back up, going forward; at the threshold of 
learning, always; making mistakes, indeed, and learning and growing from 
them, as is the way of all little ones.  Beyond this world we have no 
issue with self love because it is wholly natural.  It is not a prideful 
thing, although it can be taken to extremes and become so.  It must be 
embraced with humility and love.  When you are able to love and accept 
yourself for who you are and who you are becoming and who you can become, 
then are you better prepared and better able to let your love and love of 
God flow outward from you to others.  The Father loves you each 
infinitely.  We all love you each individually.  Do not make the mistake 
of thinking that we are all wrong about you for I assure you, we are not. 
 You are beautiful children.  You have much within your souls that is 
reflective of divine beauty.  Do the best for yourselves that you can in 
love and it will radiate out from you.  This is Malvantra and I know 
whereof I speak.

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