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I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. I am quite uplifted by the energy in the room this
evening. I feel particularly grateful tonight for having you each in my
life. I feel loved. I feel heard and I feel accepted in being my complete
self. Thank you.

I always enjoy studying self-mastery because there is always something new
to incorporate into our eternal career. From where I am now, for me to learn
some new techniques on self-mastery makes me feel grateful and empowered to
move forward. Your discoveries concerning self-mastery are not to make you
be discouraged at your seemingly slow growth, no. They are to equip you with
the tools that are ever leading toward our Paradise Father.

I realize that for mortals to trust that Father knows them and their desires
is somewhat difficult. As mortals we all yearn for one thing or another.
Certainly, everyone needs the basic things in life to survive. To have one
of those basic things removed does indeed produce fear and anxiety. To act
from a mind-set of fear is to choose to act from those basic animal

Much of the lack of self-mastery is due to fear of loss or emptiness,
loneliness and pain. It is for the most part that all mortals strive for
happiness. That is the common thread in weaving the fabric of mortal life.
It would seem that when life's upsets would occur that it would somehow
distort the common thread you are attempting to weave. Many times instead of
taking a moment to be quiet and wait for Father's instructions, there is the
urge to cover over or ignore those snags in your life's tapestry.

In the overall pattern there is not the beauty one would have hoped to have
created. There are more mistakes to correct. There is more anxiety from the
feeling of failure or being behind. There is the further assault from time,
which seems to be so valued here on this world. To fully devote yourselves
to a life in the spirit is to fully trust that Father knows every detail of
your life's pattern and can empower you to become more than you ever thought

To be patient in awaiting instruction is to free yourself up from the
repetitive process of correction. Instead of having to keep correcting,
there is the contentment of encountering something new, something that you
have been prepared to complete. There is that confidence that whatever you
may encounter Father will assist you in weaving a most beautiful and
intricately detailed pattern.

In understanding self-mastery it is important to feed the spirit, to really
trust that Father knows your desires and aids you in fulfilling them. In
this trust there is a decrease in anxiety, which would promote patience and
waiting upon the word of God. This is a benefit of delayed gratification.
This is diffusing the assault of time to create that beauty that was meant
to be.

This week think about how many occasions you have rushed into without Father
guided assistance and had to correct over and over again. Reflect upon your
trust levels concerning Father and how He is not a stumbling block, but
rather a building block. What is the overall meaning to the parable of Job?
What was his stumbling block and what was necessary for him to do to get
back on a right course? This evenings lesson is kept short for questions.
Have you questions?

HARRISON: Abraham, I would like to thank you. I am very grateful for the
assistance that I get each week from you, Rayson, Father, Mother and
Michael. My question is have you comments or suggestions regarding the
fellowship of the boys group?

ABRAHAM: I thank you for your kind words, Harrison, and also express my
appreciation for you. I see the men's ministry as a branch off the Teaching
Mission. I find it to promote fellowship and comfort for men to reach their
true feelings, which has been difficult in the past, especially when men
gather together. I can see a great many benefits stemming from this group,
however as always, the choice is in the hands of mortals. This group does
well to focus on not only service, but empowering their brothers to become
more Christ-like, more comfortable in their spiritual and worldly
responsibilities. I say carry on.

WARREN: Abraham, I would like to run something by you concerning your life
here about four thousand years ago. Relating it to what I interpret as far
as this self-mastery. The little I know that is revealed in the UB, was when
you were here, of course you went to the Melchizedek School three times I
understand, and you had pretty much been converted about giving up your
numerous gods, chosen to relay the torch of the truth of the one God, all
the while preparing to be the bestowal planet of Michael, our Creator Son.
You came back from Egypt after two military victories there you split the
spoils. Declining Egypt, which I guess was a great temptation. Coming back
and having kingly ambitions, getting with the four tribes and getting out
there conquering where you had eleven tribes under. Then at that point,
Melchizedek having basically refused to sanction your scheme or vision of
conquering Canaan, that you realizing you had a son, that this covenant was
sealed, and that was when I guess you were told by Melchizedek that by the
offspring and the future occupation of Canaan was up to the Heavens and the
number of the stars and in due time you would seek (?) At that time even
though the covenant wasn't signed at that point, you were promised Isaac.
Isaac came. It seems to me after that, by faith you became more dedicated to
doing the will of our Father as you learned through Melchizedek. In seeking
the knowledge of the will of this one Father, this Father within us, the
Spirit within us, this constant renewing level that via the resulted
revelation, the personal revelation that you were able to recognize more and
see in this act and as an result clarification of vision, a enhanced cosmic
insight. In that you were more able to master yourself, not just with the
human effort, but with the effort that came about as your spiritual vision
was clarified and your cosmic insight enhanced.

ABRAHAM: Well said. I have to admit this was the struggle of my entire
universe career so far. I was with that desire for power and superiority. I
was indeed willing to do any and all things to attain it. I first came to
the Father because I thought I could convince Him to allow me my way.
Through the mentoring of my brother/friend Melchizedek did I learn that what
I thought I most desired had changed with each day of experience and
education. As I subjected myself more to the Father's will my desires
changed from worldly to the divine. It was definitely with great struggle
that these changes were made, but as I made effort Father stepped forward to
assist. Each time I allowed some spirit poison to be released Father
replaced it with spiritual fruit. Many, many years of practicing to
surrender enabled me to naturally want to embrace Father and His ideals.
Like the story of Job, when he had experienced enough to know he could not
fully trust in his own thinking, he released it and his desires to invoke
something higher, thereby receiving what the story refers to as a vision of
God. Yes, you are correct that with your efforts made toward living a life
in the spirit it does become more natural to receive direct Father guidance.
This is not attained without struggle of course, but it is surely an open
window that receives light. Good question.

ELESHA: Abraham, could you clarify for me what my name means?

ABRAHAM: I am also without much more information because the name originates
from another constellation in which I am not familiar with. Ask again in a
few week. I should have more information. (Thanks.) You're welcome. Another

WARREN: Yes Abraham, have you fused with your Thought Adjuster?

ABRAHAM: No. (Thank you.) You're welcome. I do feel that tremendous
closeness with my Indwelling Father Fragment, and yet I know my efforts made
here and now are all leading up to that beautiful day when we become one.
Another question?

WILLEENA: Abraham, can I ask you a question about my process where I am
getting closer to Father, trusting Father? It has happened twice before that
was starting to be closer and then I had experiences that I don't know how
to describe, except to say they were multidimensional experiences that
frightened me and I shut down and went away. I am just reconnecting again
now. It has been about a six month period of time. I wonder if you can
suggest something as I get closer I can do to help me get through instead of
going away?

ABRAHAM: This is somehow related to your past experience as a child, yes.
This has been a stumbling block, but in the long run it will be to your
great benefit. I suggest revisiting that era in which you were made to feel
a tremendous burden. Yes, there was some disappointment in seemingly every
time you would reach out. You were either took advantage of or disappointed
by too much responsibility. You are in some way fearing that Father may do
this to you. This is simple. Do not complicate this. You are standing at the
door--just open it. Have not worry, my daughter. You are indeed moving
forward. Another question?

WARREN: It has been nearly seventy years since the Urantia Papers have come
down from whatever source. From what I understand Satan was interned shortly
around the time these Papers were laid out--34/35. Is Caligastia and
Daligastia--either/or--free to roam, are they still upon this earth here?

ABRAHAM: No. They were also charged and found guilty of conspiracy against
the Universe System. There are still details that are not quite understood
by myself, but from all I understand it is the rebels are no longer, but
some of their influence lives on in the minds of man. Is this helping?

ANTHONY: Abraham, I brought with me that lesson from Ham from last year. It
was very comforting about the 9/11 tragedy. I wonder, not to detract from
the impact of your lesson, would it be good for one of us to read that
tonight, or would you prefer to share your thoughts you have or both?

ABRAHAM: I find Ham's lesson to be very helpful. Of course, feel free to
share. I still view this worldly event as tragic, and yet the unifying
benefits are astounding. When time permits, please share. Another question?

SARAUNA: Abraham, this is not a question, but a friends of mine wanted to
say hello to you. She feels like she knows you---inaudible.

ABRAHAM: Greetings to you, my daughter. Yes, I also know you and appreciate
your willingness to be open to the spiritual realm. Yes.

ANICIA: Abraham, a part of me is kinda hesitant to speak to you because I
don't know how to word my question. I feel like this is a good opportunity
for me to become more aware of my experience. I am sure you realize where I
am at right and how it has been really hard for me to come back to my home
town with all the experiences that I have had being away and traveling. I
just really have felt lower than I ever have. I don't want to lose what I
have gained on my travels. I wonder if you have some advise for me?

ABRAHAM: Like you said yourself, the story is to be continued. Even having
some negative experiences there are wonderful lesson to come forth. As you
mature you are finding a more real side of life. Living the spiritual life
is also a great deal of taking on those mortal responsibility that Father
wants us all to experience. Have not worry. Only allow time. You do well.
That is all. (Thank you, Abraham.) You are welcome.

I give you each my gratitude for your faith/trust in these lessons. You
indeed make them happen. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your
lives. My love goes with you. Until next week, shalom.

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