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North Idaho Teaching Mission Group
Topics: Worship, Benefits of Teaching Mission, Most Highs in the Kingdoms of Men
Teachers: Malvantra, Daniel, Elyon, Michael

July 14, 2002

*	Malvantra (Jonathan TR):  I acknowledge you through this contact. 
Greetings.  This is Malvantra.  My purpose in addressing you today is to further
your experience of worship.
	It has been made known to you that the entities of wisdom and worship
distinguish human kind for, while you are incircuited along with all animal
creatures with the other five adjutants, you also possess worship and wisdom
which are a possession of your midway creatures.  Here is your common
ground; the
experience of worship and the accumulation of wisdom make you more midwayer-like
than animal-like.
	Wisdom is readily regarded as something possess-able.  You accumulate
wisdom through experience, through the coordination of knowledge, through
processing of information, through evaluation of meaningful experience, through
hardship and successes.  These are involvements, something you are directly
engaged in and is your possession in the end.
	Worship, however, tends to create the sensitivity of otherness, of an
unattainable, lofty, admirable state of being; whether it is through the worldly
expression of idols, of stars, celebrities, or whether it is through the
reverential avenue of a creator.  What is it that distinguishes the one
worshipped from the one who worships?  Typically it is qualities of character
that the worshipper longs to possess.  It is well and good to acknowledge the
clear and marked difference between creator and creature, for the Almighty is
beyond the ability of a single creature to emulate exactly.  Worship, while
acknowledging this distinction, is better advanced if you reach to the adored
with faith and trust that those qualities of the Creator to whom you are drawn
can become a possession of your own self.  Just as wisdom is transferred to you
through experience, so does worship become an experience of merging with the
divine, absorption of selfhood into the personality of God.  This
illumination of
the distinction builds the foundation that carries you through adversity,
eliminates the sense of creature isolation, fosters the feeling of creator
presence, care, and support.
	As you are drawn into the joy of worship, you are drawn by the magnificence
of a divine being, but you are also rewarded by the experience of love that is
unconditional, a love that says, "My child, I take you in my arms because we are
one; we are Father and child.  We share origin and being with the First Source
and Center of all things."  Worship is the acceptance of your birthright as much
as it is acceptance of the greatness of God.  It is the avenue through which you
most intensely recognize the divine connection.
	Wisdom will guide you through your ascension.  Worship fuels your
ascension; it is the driving force, and through your course wisdom accumulates. 
So it is that the adjutants of mind circuitry are listed such that you incircuit
with worship prior to the attainment of wisdom.
	I share these words with you today in hope that you will become enriched
further as you undertake your discipline of stillness and experience the embrace
of the divine Creator who dwells within you.

	Daniel:  This is Daniel.  I greet you.  I am happy to make this contact and
to once again offer to you my support and love in your engagement with this
Teaching Mission Correcting Time.  Though I often monitor your progress as an
associate of Elyon, I do not often make my contact with you, for I do have my
group that I am keenly focused upon sharing with and uplifting.
	 I do wish to take this opportunity to salute you for ten years of effort
of faith and trust working with our team under the melchizedeks.  You have been
courageous; you have traversed your doubts and are emerging strengthened with a
spiritual sensitivity that will not simply be helpful to this planet as we move
forward in the normalization program, but you will, as you ascend, discover over
and over again how much this training experience has given you in preparedness
for the adventures of the higher realms.
	Because of the breadth of your spiritual vision now, you are incapable of
discerning the significance, but I assure you from my vantage point that I am
aware of many treasures hidden within your souls that you will discover as
applicable tools, as wonderful gifts, bestowed upon you perhaps even centuries
before they come due in importance and need.  It is hard for the human mind to
invest with such a long interval before harvesting, reaping those benefits.  But
you have gone through a decade in this Correcting Time mission, and in this
interval you have seen the paybacks.  I know your dedication to Michael's
isn't profit oriented.  You seek to serve because you love and because you
this planet to advance and to become that light-filled orb that you conceive it
can be.
	I will step back.  I give you my love again.

	Ginny:  These ten years of TRing, are they beneficial to us now or is it
more of a preparation for the morontia level?  I'd like to be around to see how
it all turns out.  I know it may not happen that fast.

*	Elyon:  This is Elyon, I will address your question.
	Permission given by Michael for us teachers to come to this world and
undergo the Correcting Time foresaw two purposes which you have indicated in
question.  Michael does wish to see his bestowal planet fixed, uplifted, after
the rebellion and the quarantine.  He personally loves this planet.  Any
individual, as yourselves, who is willing in any small way to contribute to the
reshaping of culture, he is standing ready to assist and has sent many of us to
be assistants.  But Michael's prime purpose is giving the creatures under his
jurisdiction over to his Father as you ascend beyond the local universe.  So,
while he desires to settle all worlds in this universe in Light and Life, he
and primarily is directed toward taking the Father's children from his nursery
and handing them over to Father.  Therefore, coupled with the benefits that this
mission through this method of transmission receiving, is for the world, it is
allowed because you do gain morontia equivalents, patterns that lay upon your
mind, that form your thinking and your creative insights and visions, which
is to
the benefit of the Father's indwelling presence.
	The melchizedeks will see through the entire program, while many human
beings will graduate to the higher spheres and continue their ascension to
Paradise.  The plans are in effect where it would be allowed for some to remain,
as your noted Amadon had at one time to complete or to contribute for greater
periods of time than the human lifespan would allow.  You can volunteer;
it is up to the melchizedeks to choose who and when if that program becomes
necessary to enact.
	One thing I will remind you of is that when you resurrect on the mansion
worlds you will not be cut off from Urantia, and you will be able to witness the
progress.  Fortunately the rest of the universe is in constant contact with one
	Today you have personally advanced much in these past years and are doing
quite well in your own abilities to receive the contact of a supernal and to
restate these infusions of understanding and meaning to others.  I cherish your
volunteering to do so, and I also express to you the gratitude of many
beings who
rely on your services.
	I hope this has been helpful.

	Ginny:  We forget that we can still have an attachment to our native planet
even after resurrection.  I'm dying to see how it all comes out!

	Elyon:  Michael is not alone in having a world that he is deeply attached
to and desires for good to result after all the turmoil.
	Do you or others have more questions that I may address?

	Jada:  We have been talking about how the Most Highs rule in the kingdoms
of men.  Could you give us your views on that?

*	Elyon:  The Most Highs are the ones who are given the authority by Michael
to project what are the future needs and the desired ends of all the planets
within the systems of the constellations.  They have proven capable of
deeply enough what the future of Supreme unfoldment will be in their
jurisdiction.  Michael has sent them forth, placed them in seats of governance,
and they are remarkably capable of ruling their realms.  You will benefit
in the lives ahead as you witness their abilities, their talents, and the scope
of their awareness.  As Malvantra spoke this morning, you may even be tempted to
worship them.  However, they would caution you not.
	These high beings are master delegators, and that is why the system rulers
actually carry out the projections of the Most Highs.  Who inhabit these lower
realms but beings like yourselves, the midwayers, and other angels of planetary
and system status.  Therefore there is a chain of command that might perhaps be
better illustrated as a braided rope.  It is not a command as a drill
sergeant to
privates, but one of an interconnecting network of communication with
personalities, each personality dedicated to the promotion of truth, beauty, and
	If I may stretch some, I will use an analogy.  Picture your hands.  Take
note of the bones in your hands.  That structure of the skeleton gives your
shape.  We may liken that to the mandates of Michael that shape all of Nebadon. 
Picture upon this bony hand structure the network of muscles.  This is where the
Most Highs work; they use the structure of Michael to accomplish tasks in the
constellations.  But life in an evolutionary realm has its dangers, and what
protects a hand but that layer of skin and fingernails and hair and calluses. 
This is where the system within a constellation does its work.  It interfaces
directly at the edge of Supreme unfoldment.  It is in the system level that
get dirty and hands are clean.  You are the gloves that fit over this hand.  At
first you are inexperienced, stiff as a new glove, uncreased.  You appear to be
fumbly, unsure, unable to feel the contact of Michael reaching through into the
world.  But as the Most Highs work the muscles, you become pliable; you mold to
the pattern and become one with the hand.  Some jobs are difficult without a
glove upon that hand.  Here is how the Most Highs rule.  It is through
contact by
way of any being in any local system that the work is accomplished.
	I must point out that this hand works because it is unified.  The local
universe in reality is one body.  The subdivisions of constellation and system
help you to clearly see the harmony of the workings of a local universe.  They
are not so  much subsets as aspects of this local universe just as skin,
and bones make up a hand.  Michael projects; the Most Highs enact, and you are
among the many throughout the constellation that do the work.
	I personally have ascended into the constellation schools and am finding it
to be the most rewarding experience of my long life.  The coordination, the
cooperation, of creatures at the constellation of spiritual unfoldment is
remarkable and frankly quite hard to consider leaving behind.  It is here that
all the ideals and goals that our Salvington master and mother have
broadcast are
actually taking place.  But do not misunderstand me.  It is not on the
architectural world of the constellation that these actions are unfolding; it is
on worlds like yours.  Here is where the constellations are doing the work of
Michael.  You will enjoy the refreshment and the education of the architectural
worlds, but like myself, in order to advance the cause of Michael in the
constellation of Norlatiadek, we must be busy on the planets.  And that is why I
am here with you, for I too am helping the Most Highs rule in the kingdoms of
	Perhaps this will provide you with much to consider.

	Jada:  Much, thank you.

*	Michael:  I, Michael, am here with you.  Once again I place my arm upon
your shoulder.  I give you my support.  I engage in our exchange of love.  You
are my fellows, and, while you recognize me as your Creator Son and view
yourselves as my children, I also see you as my associates in a mission of
lifting the many troubled souls out of darkness by presenting the light of the
Father and that magnificent love that we each know to the hungry souls on this
world.  Take your countenance of light with you this day.  Let your joy be
not as a signpost of your own accomplishment, but as a signpost by which another
may feel and experience the fulfillment of communion with God and fellowship
family.  I know you know my love, and though I express it in words and in this
means, I know you know my love.  I love you.

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