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Monday, July 1, 2002


[Note from transcriber: Machiventa's address was not captured on tape, due to a technical error-the pause button was engaged unknowingly. My apologies to Machiventa and to the group.]


(Tape recorder turned on).the evening grows short, our time grows short together. Are there any questions?

Student: I want to ask you a question about Gabriel of Sedona and his channeling of you.

Machiventa: Politics aside, my love goes to Gabriel. I see this individual alone, (long pause).this transmitter fears to insert himself in controversy. I defer my answer. Know that messages make sense only when they have value to you. Test how you "feel" when a message arrives or is received. Take time for Stillness; know the Father. Others wish to speak. Thank you.

Student: I have a question. (Yes?) Is it too late? The Urantia Book came to us through a being who was wholly unconscious of what was happening. It was as if his voice was used, and when he was not in that trance, he couldn't even remember what had come through him. And somehow, from the Urantia Book, I get the impression that nothing in the entire universe is allowed to use our mind. My question is: Why is Machiventa Melchizedek or any of the other beings, who came through tonight, why are they allowed to use your mind?

Mark: I can answer that myself. I have allowed it through a process which has taken me about two years to allow and to work on, from totally being "blown away by," to accepting there's a possibility that I could, maybe, do it for myself, to writing cogent, tangible, maybe short sentences at a time that made sense that I would just treasure, to longer bits, to being thrown into a situation where there are no TR's available for a large group, and I don't fear it any more. And while half-asleep, I kind of work on listening to how that feels. And it's really just like anything, there's this word or that word, oh, it's this word, or it's not that word so I back up, and I start feeling the words form and they kind of use my vocabulary, my imagery process, so I "will" it, I "allow" myself to do that. And Machiventa, something that he was talking about, and that is, this is an emergency situation, that this is a correcting, emergency situation that is not typical on planets that have evolutionary.so.. (Did not finish sentence.)

Student: In reading the Urantia Book, it discusses Celestial Overseers and that these are ascended mortals who are allowed to come back and work even on planets of.(inaudible).growth. Does that have anything to do with the Teaching Mission?

Mark: Yes. Do you have more?

Student: Yes, but that was the main one that I wanted to add.

Mark: I agree. Thank you.

Student: I might comment about our experiences in Cincinnati, and that is that the transmitting for me has, over the years been a process of watching others do it, to.(inaudible-too much noise in the room).but by the time you work through all that, through the worship and the.(inaudible).you get pretty proficient at it. The key for me was not in stillness, but just to write it, and to me, that's easier, much easier than getting a room full of people. So I would advise you to use your keyboard and find your personal teacher, and be assigned your needs. Perhaps you need more self-confidence or want to develop some creative ability and be able to express something. A teacher will be assigned to address your needs, and you just ask God.

Student: It's important to understand that they still don't make any decisions for us, they don't tell us what to do, they don't force us into any direction.

Student: Your "free will" is always in charge. Because I understand the specific energy circuits were extended, expanded after the adjudication of the rebellion, and even now, it looks like to me that if we have enough "faith," we can transmit nice things that are very individual for us, to give us new perspectives.

Moderator: It looks like we are breaking up. We are going to do this again tomorrow night at nine-ish. You are all welcome to come back. We will have a few surprise TR's tomorrow night.

Student: Could we get back to the question?

Student: Your "free will" is in charge, and the conscious debate is about the alpha state. (Rest is unintelligible-many people talking at once between speaker and the microphone.)

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