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TeaM Meeting  /  July 3, 2002
TR: Nina

I am here. I am Abraham. Greetings. I am in understanding that to many this
process of communication seems strange and not aligning with your text book
(UB). I would reiterate that this time in the history of your world you are
at a crucial crossroads of change.

Lo these many years we have been making efforts toward swaying the
mass-mind-set, toward practical spirituality. Concepts are born every day,
and without education and putting these concepts into practical use, they
will die. That is certainly acceptable, but there is a danger in losing
those practical realities that either drives a world's people toward
animalistic tendencies or mystical non-reality. It is our hope in this
Correcting Time to bring a balance of logical spiritual action.

The Teaching Mission brings your text book to life. You can study all you
want, but putting these concepts into practical living takes a great deal of
effort. We are here to help move you forward to the actual living of the
principles of the Urantia Book. The book can seem a bit technical or
mechanistic. We are hoping to bring a balance to this book of truth by
adding love, and making God, the Father, more reachable or perhaps useable.

As you have seen in religious history, there is imbalance where there seems
to be a need for an individual to stand above the rest, a need for certain
individuals to appear to be more righteous or holy. The Correcting Time
Teaching Mission brings a blended balance of Christ-like humility and a
secure consciousness of universal well-being.

The Master did all that was divinely and humanly possible to defer any
self-glory. His mission was straight forward, looking toward the Father and
His will. How did Jesus, of Nazareth, maintain a wonderfully balanced
ministry where His eye was single to the glory of God? How was the Master so
perfected in self-forgetfulness? Why was any self-elevation so distasteful
to Him? Our Master simply knew the Father's love. He had all He needed, in
this there was no desire to call attention to Himself to gain the love and
respect of His fellows. There was no joy for Him in self-glory. His complete
joy was found solely in the Father's love. He was very secure, which
unfortunately, many in the mortal experience are lacking. Of course, Jesus
realized His divinity early on and certainly this was a great asset.

It is understood that you, on a strife-torn world, would experience a
personal and collective insecurity. It is our goal in this Correcting Time
to bring back what has been lost, to correct what has been wrong, to bring
light where there has been darkness. Citizens on worlds settled in Light and
Life have not the knowledge of this insecurity, for they have been educated
from the day they were brought into existence that they are valued and
loved, no matter what. They seek not to step upon their fellows backs to
rise above and be seen as superior all for the gratification of the ego.
They work not against each other. The concepts of the various social classes
means nothing to them. The citizens are all indeed parts working for the
good of the whole. What is good for one is good for all. What affects one,
affects all. Indeed these Light and Life residents are wholly secure in
their citizenship, in their faith as a son or daughter of God.

In the Teaching Mission we strive to bring back that lost security to make
every individual feel valued and loved and a part of the universe. Not one
is closer to God than another. In God's eyes, He loves each child as if it
were His only child. Our Mission is to unify, to equal the imbalances that
tend to come with the mortal ego. I am saying we are here to assist, not to
shame nor guilt you into spiritual submission. Our goal is to bring personal
spiritual security. Not one stands above any one of you.

Spiritual knowledge does not make one individual any more valued than
another. To have that spiritual security brings new confidence to be in the
world with an eye single to the glory of God. There is not any spiritual
practice really that can make you have more faith. There are many rituals
mortals perform hoping to invoke Gods presence. I am saying God's presence
is there already--no matter what--no more, no less. It matters not the time
or mind-set. He is always there. It is your willingness to allow what you
think you want and need to dissolve that will bring you more spiritual
security, more cosmic connection.

For the remainder of the Conference ponder your spiritual security, your
personal mortal security also. Contemplate your status in the Kingdom.
Measure your faith/trust factor with what your eyes tells you is reality.
Know that you are each safely secured within the love of the Father and His
Kingdom. Are there questions?

Q: Thank you Abraham. I was hoping you would ask that. For the last several
months in the Teaching Mission certainly Daniel and Minearsa, our group
teachers, and many of the transcripts have dealt with living the morontia
life now, also our role as cosmic citizens, and obviously those are some of
the emphasis that are on at the Conference this week. It seems to me that
the celestials are not just busy with Teaching Mission folks, but maybe with
also other leadership in spiritual realms. I was just wondering if you could
talk about that?

Abraham: Absolutely. This would apply to all who would listen. As we move
toward Light and Life there has to be a great deal of healing and
correction, just as it would happen on the Mansion worlds. The Morontia
lessons are occurring now. Where many are lacking there will be instructions
for overcoming and taking on a new and better way of living. The upheaval in
the world today, a lot of it, is due to having this morontial information
but struggling with the ego and the desire for power and superiority. Yes,
we are reaching whoever will listen, yes. Thank you.

Question: Abraham, what is the new role of men in this Correcting Time?

Abraham: I would be careful in my answer. There are many things that men
must overcome and a great deal of the difficulties stem from ego
involvement. Fortunately however, the willingness on the part of men to stop
enforcing their beliefs, and be more in a state of receiving and listening,
will be a giant leap forward. I personally have witnessed that steel
exterior of many men break down through the realization of the changing
times. Man will be left alone if he would continue to carry on in a fashion
where he believes he is superior to women, to children, yes. The evolution
of the world has been a informative map to guide men toward a new way of
thinking. History has been your best teacher. The breakdown of the family,
although truly sad, has been very educational. You can see the damage
children have suffered for having no fatherly experience, or negative
experience with male figures. I perceive men's future roles as one who would
grasp self-mastery for themselves, to portray a beautiful example for
others. While man is wholly free to do as he wishes. He finds some joy in
that. Many men are missing out on the valuable experience of family. With
this there is a damaged self-esteem that drives men toward further
self-destructive behavior. A family is a builder of security, a reflection
of your life's work, an introduction into the eternal career. We are with
great faith that men have heard our message and are positively responding.
We foresee wonderful changes ahead, yes. Good question. Thank you.

Q: We know that the Midwayers, of course, were the initial partners in
bringing us Part IV of the Urantia Book. We know that the sleeping subject
is mentioned in the other parts of the Book, and it is curious to me that
some people are saying that celestial contact was broken when the book was
compiled, and then published in 1955. I am wondering if you could give us
any insight to show us that indeed celestial contact was NOT broken, but has
continued--not just renewed at this time in the Correcting Time?

Abraham: The contact was not broken, no, but there is always a pause in
bestowing spiritual information. There needs to occur a number of
evolutionary things that bring the minds of mortals up to date. To bring too
much information is asking for man to become fanatical and off balance. The
Midwayer's involvement is monitored and guided to go with a flow of natural
evolution. Am I answering? (Yes and no. When you said that a certain amount
of time had to occur and that the mortal mind had to be ready for it, my
mind immediately thought of - from the time that the Book was completed and
the time that it was published - we had World War, the Korean War and
certainly the Viet Nam War followed that. Maybe the mortal minds were not
ready to receive. I don't know if I'm putting words into your mouth. I just
thought of that as you were talking.)

Abraham: Understood. There are regulated spiritual concepts bestowed, but
never are the spiritual forces to pull away or leave and not help continue
to guide. Wars will still continue. Man will still fight for sovereignty,
power and money, and much of his fighting will be done in the name of God.
There is always divine assistance, but the delivery of new concepts are
based on the readiness of individuals. Is this helping? (Yes, and thank
you.) One more question.

Q: Abraham, one question. There's a mind-set, maybe, that says there should
be a 'Urantia church' establishment--an organized church-setting. This is
probably something you'd like to stay out of, but if you would have a
comment on that? It is a concept that is generating even here at this

Abraham: Indeed, this is controversial. You can see for yourselves that
still the mind of man fights to push his own agenda. This is difficult. A
spiritual worship community would be productive if based on the teachings of
the Urantia Book, and perhaps other things that leads towards a practical
practice of spirituality, not toward mystical, but toward putting practical
spirituality into everyday living. An organized church would be helpful if
it brought man closer to God. If an organized church excludes certain
individuals, does that bring man closer to God? If a church brings further
insecurity to individuals, is that true work for the Father? No. A church
that would be successful gives full sovereignty to Father. The church allows
Father to organize, to bring healing, to bring balance to His children
lives, to make His child feel loved, welcomed and an important part of the
whole. I can say no more. (Thank you, Abraham.)

I am slipping. I would take my leave. I would also express to you my deep
and abiding love for you each. I am truly touched by the faith and
dedication you have for embracing our beloved Sovereign's Mission. My love
goes with you. Until next time, shalom.

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