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JUNE 10, 2002

I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. Every day that goes by I am with more and more
gratitude Father has given me the gift of you, my friends, students and
coworkers. I am always amazed at how mortal concepts grow beyond the
individual self to embracing a larger picture. In this time of correction,
and the receiving of morontial lessons as a whole, we are finding a
beautiful mindal connection. As we are finding healing we are receiving
benefits that we should have had before the planetary isolation.

As you grow in spirit you will find this mindal connection miraculous, yet
citizens on enlightened worlds find this an average occurrence. They could
not imagine life without it. As we move in toward Light and Life our
connection improves and with that comes genuine compassion, real
understanding, deepening of love for our fellows and a clearer view of the
will of God. This expansion of mind is dependent upon the willingness to let
go of the self.

As we draw closer to understanding the true nature of God we find ourselves
reborn and with the sense that we are at the beginning of all eternity. We
relax in the knowing that there is time+ADs- there is freedom to learn, grow,
love and serve. We can be released from the anxiety of feeling rushed,
pressured or behind. We can rebuild that confidence that only an aware child
of God knows. We are not lost. We are not unknown.

Up until this point in this worlds evolution you could only receive the gift
of this mind connection on the mansion worlds. However, we are striving to
move towards Light and Life status, and personal and planetary healing is
being received now, and with that comes certain benefits, certain gifts and
a great deal of responsibility. In this mind connection with your brothers
and sisters you can feel what they feel. You can have a deeper understanding
of why they are the way they are. You can have Michael's understanding.

Do you think that with such compassionate understanding you could ever
really be judgmental, indifferent or uninvolved? With Michael's
understanding of one another are we ever really separate? What is our common
ground? Where do we meet? Yes, as cherished children of our First Source and
Center. Does this not put the stages of Light and Life into new perspective,
new possibilities? Yes.

Our last assignment was to study the life of the Master. Personally I was
greatly impressed by His ability to remain calm in most situations. What was
that foundation He possessed, built upon, to remain unshaken in any
situation? Yes, trust, trust in His connection with Father, trust in
Father's ability, trust in Himself to receive from God. In a state of
anxiety how could the Master have remained within the Father's will? Mortal
anxiety had its way with the Master at times, but always was it overpowered
with faith and trust in God, in God's presence, in God's promise, in God's
ever unfolding potentials and possibilities. The Master knew His fellows
very well. Through His state of trusting in Father, ability to remain calm
and open He had an excellent mindal connection with His brethren. He
certainly understood stress. He has as much anxiety as any of us deal with
on a daily bases.

Michael and Mother ask that we let them parent us, in that we can trust
them, can trust in their abilities, can trust in ourselves to receive what
we need from them. In a state of anxiety we will not receive this gift of
mind connection with one another or our divine Caretakers. With a fast paced
life there is not the freedom to receive many spiritual benefits. It all is
dependent upon your will. Realize these benefits, children. They are here.
They really are yours.

This week I give no other assignment than to think about what you really
want. Look deep within and think about what you really want--not what you
think God wants, not what you think you need, but what you really desire
from the core of your soul. We will further discuss this mindal connection
and how it moves the masses. For now a few questions.

CALVIN: Abraham, we welcome Diane for the record.

ABRAHAM: Greetings. (Thank you. Greetings back to you.) You are certainly
welcome here and we look forward to knowing you better. (Thank you.) You're

DIANNA: Abraham, we recently study about faith and trust in the book
meeting. We found out from Bob that faith is a gift. (Inaudible.) The
interaction between faith and trust was always very cloudy to me when you
are in a situation of anxiety and pain. I read recently in a Welmek
transmission that you ask for trust and it activates faith. So the more you
go down your life path and asked for trust the more and more are you able to
access that faith. Is there any clarification on that? I always thought it
was the opposite way.

ABRAHAM: To me the gift of faith is practically like a sword given to a
child. Without life's experience and lessons it can be dangerous. Faith is
exercised through trust, to go hand in hand when experiencing life in the
flesh. Your experience here is to learn to believe without seeing and there
are many roads you can take to come to a true understanding of the
faith/trust system. You can have trust in only what your eyes see and your
faith will be solely in yourself, your abilities, your level of control. You
can have trust in spiritual leaders and your faith will be their faith, it
will be their blueprint of faith, so to speak. Real faith comes from the
experience to dare to step away from the self towards something greater.
Real faith is like a growing energy that is produced by having trust in
something beyond ourselves. Real faith comes from daring to be willing to
not care about your personal image, what you may look like to others and
even appearing foolish from time to time. The gift of faith is that sword
from Father, in whom we must trust to teach us how to use it. Is this
helping? (It is beautiful. Yes. Thank you.)

MIRIAM: Abraham, a word and a concept you used in your lesson has just been
resonating with me--a Promise of Father. I was thinking a promise from
Father pouring down on us and us reaching up with our faith is quite the
contract. You are saying stepping away from the self--even when you don't
know that is what you are stepping away from, and starting to grow toward
that loving entity even before you know it is Father--I don't know--like
when you all talk about co-creation, partnering and that the Father is in us
and we are part of the Father. That promise is just a powerful concept. I
was thinking that the promise can't exist for us unless we choose to receive
it. Just a beautiful lesson. Thank you.

ABRAHAM: Well said Miriam, my daughter. You are correct in that the promise
is there. We have only to receive it. Therein lies our freedom, our
empowerment, our ability to co-create our eternal destiny. Yes, well said.
One more question?

HARRISON: Abraham, this past week or two I have been experiencing a
tremendous amount of peace. I am very grateful for that. I would like you
address the men in the group, the brothers of the group. I think we all have
unique challenges, situations. I think I am just asking you to speak to all
the men and helping perhaps each one of us some way to take another step
forward and grow a little more this next week.

ABRAHAM: That is truly courageous on your part to ask on behalf of yourself
and your brethren, yes. I really have no words of correction. I have no
advice concerning each one's direction. I have only the swelling of my heart
overflowing with love and respect for each one of you, for I view you in
your daily struggles and you do not quit, you do not give up. You each for
the most part are willing to eventually embrace life's humility and be
taught from it. I understand your position and regard each one of you with
great affection. My words for you are simple. My love is with you.

Go in peace, all of you, with excitement knowing that God is our gift and
ever upholds us in all things. Until next week, shalom.

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