[tmtranscripts] N. Idaho Team 5/5/02

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Tue May 7 18:02:05 PDT 2002

North Idaho Teaching Mission Group
Topics: Divine Contact, Personal and Devine Spontaneity, Centralized
Training Center?
Teachers: Elyon, Machiventa, Sharmon

May 5, 2002

*	Elyon (Jonathan TR):  I am Elyon here with you again today.  It has been
insightful observing your discussion.  It reveals to me your perspective;
however, more importantly it reveals to me your direction, not only what you see
but how you plan on applying your view of truth in the form of service.
	Today I am going to speak some about divine contact, for that is the prime,
most important action you could ever make.  It is one that greatly impacts all
other actions you could make.  Short of reminding you again of stillness, I will
stress the importance of service as a means for increasing your sensitivity of
the presence of the divine.
	You have spoken today about prayer and healing as you have reflected upon
the teachings given by Jessona and Rayson on healing.  Your desire to be
in the energies, your willingness to be a channel for these energies, is
Healing is service.
	Contact with the divine appears to be elusive to creatures housed in
physical forms as yourselves.  There is so much about your makeup that seems to
impede or impair your effort to make contact or to perceive contact.   You do
know, however, that you are indwelt by the God of All.  You know that this
Fragment is the core of your being.  It is the electrode resident within that
connects to the divine powerhouse that is God, and this electrode that resides
within you is not a diminished form of the power of God; it is an extension of
that power.  You know that the First Source and Center is personality, for there
could be no personality if it were not present in the Creator.  But you also
from your text that the Divine Fragment within you does not contain
The divine has made contact with you already.  This contact is impersonal, and
therein lies the difficulty of personality detection of the divine presence. 
Herein is the reason while Michael presents his Spirit of Truth to all on this
world, for his personal presence greatly aids in bridging the gap between that
pure Fragment of God and your emerging personal reality.  What did Michael do
when here on earth aside from spending much time with the Father?  He sought to
serve and to minister to his fellows.  This outreaching nature of Michael is
a reflection -- though not lessened thereby by being a reflection -- of the
Father's inherent nature to reach out.  It is the very impulse of deity that has
given rise to all of creation and all creatures.  Because the Father seeks a
and complete embrace of you in oneness He has bestowed this non-personal
of Himself devoid of personality, thereby creating the differential whereby your
personality may adhere to the divine presence and become one.
	Personality is always distinct.  The closer you draw to the God of all, the
more you will become like this divine being, the more you will experience unity,
but you will remain you, and God will remain God though much, very much will be
shared in common.  The oneness is in the fusion with your Divine Fragment.  If
you were to only seek stillness and reside within experiencing the presence of
God, you would be engaged in only one pole of the battery of divine energy.  It
would be more or less static just as, if you were to hold one end of a wire
insulated from contact with the other end, the energy would not flow.  Yes, you
would be in touch; you would have contact, but the moment you reach out to the
other end that lacks, that is in need, that moment the energy flows,
current.  So
it is with service.  By engaging in prayer, by seeking to minister to others
physically, psychologically, and spiritually you short the power from the divine
to the ground.  The ground is the arena of need that any creature has.
	As the Father has removed His personality before giving of His fragment to
dwell within you; you, by leaving yourself out of the process, by setting aside
self importance, personality recognition, you are acting in the same pattern as
the Father had in His bestowal of His fragment to you.  Instead you are allowing
the bestowal of the divine energy to reach the personality of another. 
Personalities are attractive.  For the Father to draw you to Himself, He has
bridged the gulf with His indwelling spirit.  For you to reach another
personality you bridge that gulf through unselfish service.  Contact with the
divine is sensed best through the flow of divine energy.
	Be not concerned that you do not have visions of God standing before you or
audible words of God speaking in your ear.  That contact you will have on
Paradise, for you will be capable of the recognition of His personality when you
attain that level of development.  Today your contact is that transferring
of His
energy bestowed on you, resident within you, toward others.  Your
understanding of
electricity, that voltage is potential, presents a good example of the
effects of
stillness.  By seeking that contemplative moment with the divine, your voltage
increases, the power and potential become stronger.  It is when you flip the
switch, when you become service-minded, current becomes real, and the energy
flows, and work is done.  
        Prayer is a way, like stillness, of jacking-up the voltage.
Healing,  your role
to play in healing, is the unleashing of this voltage through current.  No work
is done until the energy flows.  This is why you are being told how valuable it
is that you be a participant in the flow of this energy, not merely one who
requests that it flow, but that you join in as a conduit.
	When energy in the form of current goes through a wire with intensity, it
gets warm; you can feel it.  That is how you experience divine contact through
service.  You will recognize the divine glow, that warmth of love as it pushes
through you.  These subtle, undetectable forms of divine outpouring are noticed
even in creatures of a gross, dense form as you are in your animal structures,
because you will warm up.  The Father is omnipresent and is quite
undetectable in
His purist form.  Your presence constructed as you are creates a form of
resistance that causes that flow of energy to slow down and become detectable in
	Do not berate yourself ever for feeling that you fall short of the divine
presence, for your very makeup today is the will of God.  You create a means
whereby this pure form of divine energy becomes recognizable.  Divine contact
requires your presence.
	May I take your comments at this time?

	Harold:  I'm becoming aware of being more spontaneous in our ability to
react to situations, allowing that flow to become more pure.  How do we keep
spontaneity from being personal rather than divine connection?
*	Elyon:  I understand that you are seeking a sensitivity to the spontaneous
flow of the divine in your life, and becoming more keenly aware of when you may
seek a spontaneity that is perhaps distracting or disruptive of the divine
	Harold:  That's correct.
*	Elyon:  This will remain a challenge for all creatures for all time, for it
is the very mechanism put in place by God that stimulates growth, that
discernment.  It creates the initial prayer, "Not my will but Your will be
And it will result eventually in the final exclamation, "It is my will that Your
will be done."  Until fusion this will be a greater extreme, the direction and
impulse of self and the guidance and flow of spirit.  To make some attempt
to aid
you in this process I would point out that you will continue to have spontaneous
occurrences that are initiated by self, some of which will not be counter to the
will of God.  Some may be resisting or thwarting, but the Father resides with
you, and, when you develop the ability to allow that spontaneous directing
of the
Father to occur concurrently with your own spontaneous actions, the two will
into harmony, and you will increase your ability to discern the value or
worthiness of those spontaneous acts that are self-generated.  I must, however,
insert that the spontaneity of the divine action only appears spontaneous to the
creature but is well regulated and divinely directed.
	The human personality, when wrestling with the constraints and parameters
of life, is able to, to some extent, gain freedom from those contingencies that
force action.  You can ignore all pressures and choose any action.  The divine
has one intention for you, and that is your ascension to the Father.  This
which is the will of God will seek all avenues to make this approach to you and
lead you homeward.
	Let us attempt an example.  You are walking down the street; your intention
is to go to the grocery store.  You spontaneously choose to enter the hardware
store.  There in the hardware store you meet an individual who appears
In engaging in conversation you bring light and upliftment, and you leave the
store leaving that individual with a smile on their face and a glow in their
heart.  The divine appears to have led you to this meeting.  Had you not turned
there this event would not have occurred.  Now you arrive at the grocery store,
and again you are uplifting to an individual.  Then you go home and consider,
"Today two events where I was helpful to my fellows".  If you had not turned
the hardware store you would have still ministered to the one in the grocery
store.  The Father through you is intent upon ministering to His creatures.  If
you had not continued your journey to the grocery store and were content with
what you experienced in the hardware store, His ministry would have occurred. 
The Father will reach in every way.  The child is free to choose what to do and
where to go.  The Father will continue to reach His goals of contact with His
	My intention here is to show that you have some latitude in your choosing
what you do, and the Father within you will adjust in order to effect the ends
that He seeks.

	Harold:  The impulse to enter the hardware store, is that within the realm
of the angels to put that concept in our minds?  What capabilities do they have
for influencing what we do?
*	Elyon:  The seraphim do have the capability of nudging you in this manner,
but not all impulses to make that turn to enter that hardware store are of
angelic origin, for, as they observe your journey to the grocery store and as
they note that you perceive the hardware store is open and the impulse rises to
check it out, they scan the store for those in need and then will apply the
to open conversation, to make eye contact and smile, some manner as such wherein
the ministry may take place.  So, though one impulse may not have been theirs,
they will provide impulses based upon your own self-generated impulses.  Of
course, we could back this up to the point you even felt like going to the
grocery store, and they lined up the impulse to turn into the hardware store. 
These are conditions difficult to discern, but indeed the angels are always
working, whatever turn is made.

	Evelyn:  Do they ever give us that regret feeling afterward, that "I should
have spoken to that person"?  The impulse didn't occur at the time but
you think maybe you should have done something.  Is that self-generated, or does
an angel lead those thoughts?
*	Elyon:  It is indicative of your conscience, your own sensitivity to the
higher values that you hold regarding ministry and service.  They will not beat
you up by amplifying that sensitivity.  However, you are now more likely in a
subsequent scenario to respond as you wish you had, and they will intensify that
feeling, for they wish to work positively rather than negatively.  As I was
saying how the angelically applied impulse may be hard to discern from your own
personally supplied impulse, regardless of either one, always is the divine
within you seeking contact with every creature.  Whether you proceed in one
direction or another, guided or not, the Father will seek to make contact and
uplift His creatures.  So you have three mechanisms at work, the ever-present
drive of God for contact, the variable steerings of angels, and your own free
will.  You can trust the Father to be steadfast in His intention, and you will
have difficulty discerning the origin of the variables that take place
your day that are of origin in your own choosing or the actions of celestial
ministers bearing upon your life.  We have at times laughed at your attributing
of a spiritually insightful comment to the contact reception of a teacher
when it
was your own well composed utterance.  Yet your very expression that it must
been a teacher through you who spoke signals to us your sensitivity toward
celestial ministry.  It is a way of saying, "I am willing to receive", and
thereby you do receive.  Whether we receive credit that is due or not, or
you do not give yourself credit that is due, in the end is only a passing
curiosity, for the goal is the enlightenment of the truth.  The goal is greater
sensitivity to God; the goal is ministry and service to your fellows.  This is
the essence of Michael's teaching, and it is our guideline as well.

	Harold:  The Urantia movement is very grassroots and study group oriented. 
Are there plans for centralizing a training center for teachers of The Urantia
Book?  Is this advisable?
*	Elyon:  All revelations to this planet of a global context had their
centers, those you have read about in the revelation.  The efforts of Michael as
Jesus, even though there was no formal physical location for his teachings,
likewise was in an abstract sense headquartered in his apostolic corps and
evangelistic group.  It had a centralization effect about his being.
	The current epochal revelation at this time is loose in its organization. 
There will not be a central teaching headquarters in the near future, for that
phase of the fifth epochal revelation is yet a ways down the road.  What
needs to
occur now is the compensatory teachings that were lost by the failures of the
other epochal headquarters.  When that is better established the new centralized
teaching corps will begin.  It will not be so much linked to this epochal event;
it will be the conclusion of the efforts of all the preceding epochal outreaches
to this world.  It will replace what was lost and should have been here all
along.  Our Correcting Time mission of Michael is only an intervening phase, for
we, as you have noted, do not headquarter ourselves through any one of your
groups.  We share ourselves freely among you.  We likewise are taking a
grassroots approach.  It is the upliftment of the consciousness of mankind that
must proceed before overt institutions are put into effect.  This being said
however, I would not dissuade any human beings so inspired to establish
educational centers, spiritual retreats.  As you do this you develop the
structures and the skills at operating such structures which will be of benefit
to the higher administrators at a later date who will walk among you and
reestablish the headquarters the world was intended to have.
	Does this help?
	Harold:  Yes.  I infer that the current churches will someday be unified,
and that is the structure that will be used.  Is that right?
*	Elyon:  To some extent there will be unification.  To another extent there
will be the falling away of the existing structures as the new one presents
itself.  But this new structure will not be acceptable without having these
earlier structures in place that brought the evolution of the understanding of a
divine headquarters on this world.  The Vatican will not become the headquarters
nor will Mecca.  These are the human efforts to do what Caligastia should have
done.  But the world needs a capital if it is to belong in normalcy within the
system operations.  There must be a place wherein the administrators of this
world may conduct business.  Today you do not see it, but in the years to come
the human beings will be included in the program.  Until then we applaud your
efforts to create such structures, such headquarters, be it your churches, your
non-profit organizations.

*	Machiventa:    This is Machiventa.
	It is important at this point in time for the grassroots operations of your
Urantia movement, for we need to broadly distribute the teachings of all those
wonderful beings who contributed to the Papers you have.  It is too early
for you
to centralize around a doctrinal presentation, for there isn't enough population
educated in the teachings to provide healthy counterbalance, critical guidance. 
This revelation initially begun with a book will be followed by personal
appearances.  However, to reach the entire world and not merely one sect of
believers, there must be a greater distribution of the teachings.  That is why
you will not have any one of your teachers appear before you, either, for their
mandate, given by me, is for you to take the teachings to your fellows.
	Today the central headquarters of this revelation outreach is intangible. 
I say to you this day, however, you are included in the administrative staff. 
You are ranked among the helpers.  Many beings of stature glorious to you
are not
the ones who are doing the real work.  You are the truly valuable and critically
important servants for the planetary administration.
	I have spent much of my time here on this world acting for Michael in place
of the Planetary Prince, and I can report that I am very pleased with the
progress being made.  Though you may look about your world and see much chaos,
hatred, and disruption, all seemingly bent on furthering narrow causes and not
helping the world as a whole, these are small incidences among the long range
goals of all who serve with me and Michael.  Each one of you who diligently
applies yourself in any small way to the promulgation of light and the promotion
of love is doing service for me and for all assigned to the task of reinstating
Urantia into the normal circuits of the system.

*	Sharmon:  This is Sharmon.  Greetings to you.  I have been given this
opportunity to speak because, being one of your close brethren, cousin midwayer,
I want to emphasize once again that we stand pledged and ready to help you
at all
times to make this world better.  I am happy to see ones like you so aware
of the
larger context of planet and systems of planets on this world.  It is gradually
developing all over this planet.  We can see it, for we can travel it quite
	In my early days it was quite easy to, by percent, have many people
sensitive to a divine overcare in the form of a planetary headquarters.
Adam and
Eve did not have the population that is on this world today to reach out to.
the numbers are great, but it is heartening to note that by percentage many
people are waking up to the greater picture that we have been attempting to give
to you all this time.  Keep it up, brothers and sisters!  We are behind you one
hundred percent.  Where you are uncertain, fret not, for we did make our
and we have recovered, and you will too.  Our captains are experts, and we have
grown to trust their guidance to note our doubts and to utilize them in order
that we may make adjustments.  Do not ignore your doubts; they are adjusting in
quality.  Do not ever squelch your hopes, for they are catapulting in your
accomplishing what we all so greatly long to do, and that is to bring this world
to that settled, pristine, balanced Age of Light and Life.
	I am notified that I may close this meeting if you are content at this
hour.  Otherwise we may continue.
	Harold:  Thank you, it was very edifying.
*	Sharmon:  And thank you for your attention and your dedication.  For all
who have joined Elyon today we say farewell, and may the love of Michael grow
ever stronger in your hearts.  Good bye.

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