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MAY 5, 2002

I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. I do detect a wonderfully energetic spirit here
this evening. It has been such an honor for me to have been your friend,
teacher and coworker. I sincerely believe I have learned more than I have
taught. Although we have many new faces here this evening, I can assure all
that they have had equal opportunities for growth and service in the
Kingdom. You should know that our divine Caretakers trust each and every one
of you to follow your own inner leadings in taking an active role in finding
your way on the spiritual path, yes.

With this Correcting Time there are a great many individuals feeling a
positive shift in the mind-set of the planet. Of course those bound by
tradition await the ending of the old world and the coming of the new. This
of course is already happening on a mindal/spiritual level, not so on a
Revelations 'last days' level. Our focus of the Correcting Time has been to
assist the worlds inhabitants individually so that it may be done
collectively--leading the planet into an era of Light and Life. With the
awakening the world has experienced there are more meanings and values to be
understood. People are finding that in even the worst of times there is
tremendous growth to be had. Individuals are feeling a desire to do good, to
expose dishonesty and go forth with their highest light.

Worlds that are settled in Light and Life have very little need for
correction, for their communion with Father is practically a direct line.
Their knowledge of right and wrong is literally felt on the physical level.
They have indeed learned from evolution, from world history and personal
past experiences. Children there are from the very beginning loved
unconditionally and are raised in an environment where all are valued
equally. When these Light and Life sojourners pass from their world they
continue where they left off. For them there is not the need for ego/animal
correction. They simply continue their spiritual journey from the spirit
level they are at the present time.

I bring you this lesson because, as we are heading towards an era of Light
and Life, many of the morontia lessons will be learned right here while
living in the flesh. You each by now have a fairly secure spiritual
foundation on which to build, spiritual mark to start from, so to speak. You
can also practically most of the time literally feel right and wrong. Of
course, you strive for perfection. Of course, you will make mistakes, but
the point to everything is that you reap the meanings and values therefrom.

A true believer knows that in the face of adversity there is God, there is
lessons to be gained. Personal correction at this time has a new definition
that says, +ACI-God is with me. He is my Wayshower, ever lovingly guiding me
toward Him.+ACI- What has made you the person you are today? Experience, of
course, decisions you have made, yes, meanings and values you have learned
along the way. Those that can find satisfaction and joy from that reap the
highest meanings and values, therefore attaining understanding that leads to
spiritual advancement.

We stand at the beginning of a wonderfully adventurous novel. We each have a
page or two to add to it. There will be tragedy, but also triumph. There
will be villains, but also heroes, and always will there be a moral to the
story--something to add to the whole, something to offer to the world's
evolution, something to give to the Supreme Being. You each have gifts that
add to the world's correction. Where someone maybe lacking, there is another
to bring that person comfort. Where one has not the experience of
parenthood, there is somewhere a child who will come into their life. Where
a person has not had a parent or even an adequate parent, there will be
someone there to fulfill that lack. This is the correction experience you
would normally learn arriving upon the Mansion worlds, but from the status
that the world is now you have the opportunity to attain this in your life
in the flesh, yes.

Last week we spoke about ministry tasks, and in combination with these
Mansion worlds lessons, you each will fulfill a far more challenging role
than you thought. Also you will receive comforting fulfillment where you
felt emptiness or lack. If one has not had the experience of the family
life, you can gain a great deal of comfort and frustration here in this
group. You will find a very real family life here if you should so choose.
The sharing of your own personal experience helps those who are lacking in
that area to become aware and attain useful tools in aiding them when they
do have that experience. You can certainly gain personal correction working
with others, but also can you be made to feel like an important member of a
family, needed and loved as you are.

The morontia corrections are here to bring fulfillment, comfort and
spiritual growth. Where one may feel a deep longing within for acceptance
will be fulfilled according to the morontia lessons. I realize this may be
difficult for some, but my main message this evening is that you need not
spend a lifetime of pain or emptiness because you are lacking in some way.
The morontia lessons are helping to bring correction and the fulfillment
that makes you feel like a cherished child of God. You are one anothers
ministry tasks. You are one anothers ministers. The fulfillment found here
will certainly be felt by all those you know.

This week contemplate what morontia lessons you may require to correct or
fulfill some life pain or lack you may have. Ponder your ability to freely
share to possibly help others to find comfort and fulfillment. Be aware of
assistance coming your way to aid you in finding fulfillment and
understanding those morontia corrections. Also this week read about life on
the mansion worlds, yes.

No questions this evening. I leave you to each other. Know that always my
love goes with you. Forget not we have our ministry tasks before us. Until
next week, shalom.

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