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MARCH 24, 2002

I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. I am grateful to you each for your welcoming spirit
here week after week, year after year. Your courage to walk with faith
brings me here with a new lesson every week. You have seen me not with the
eye of the flesh, but with the eyes of the spirit. I am thankful that you
trust in this process of learning and growth.

I am--you are, and therefore, we have experience. Being the varying
personalities that we are, our experience will vary. In my position now I
can allow you your experience, your outlook on the meaning of it without
judgment. There was a time however that I was unable to envision others
individualized experience, making them into who they were really supposed to

There was a time when my image meant everything to me. I craved respect and
power, so therefore, I use fearful tactics to get what I desired. I measured
my success through the eyes of others. If people revered me as a powerful
warrior, then that meant I was successful. Most of my energy went into
maintaining my image, my persona. Truthfully, this was personally quite
fearful for me that I would be discovered for who I really was. Honestly, I
was a fear-ridden individual who cared deeply about the opinions of others
concerning myself.

My experience with Machiventa brought about slow and subtle changes within
my thinking. I learned that I was quite bound by the shallow material life.
I was bound by my own feelings of unworth. I was bound by exhausting all my
energy toward projecting an image to others that made me feel I was a
superior being. Slowly I had learned to allow Father into my life without
the worry that He would take away the desires of my heart. At first in this
state, I felt somewhat appearing to be weak and submissive. In all my years
as Abraham, the respected and feared warrior, never did I want to be looked
upon as weak.

Machiventa's lessons were particularly helpful in this area, because he had
shown me that true weakness is one who is submissive to ego--not God. True
weakness is one who is ruled by the desires of the flesh--not striving for
self-mastery. True weakness was one who normally hides from God, but calls
for Him when in peril.

Machiventa taught me that real strength laid in releasing all that you think
you want and need. Real strength comes from freedom, the freedom to
experience and grow as you will, the freedom to make mistakes without worry
of the penalty you will pay or others personal opinions of you. True freedom
resides in trusting that spiritual Overseer who can and will do all things.

Do mortals allow one another to grow and experience as they will without
placing judgment? Can you come to a place where you are free from living
your life according to others opinions of you, or can your energy be more
productive rather than living up to somebody else's ideals of how life
should be lived?

At this time of purification personal unpleasantries may appear, and yes,
you probably will be judged by your peers. Do you become burdened by
feelings of unworth and live your life according to your fellows standards?
In whom are you indebted to? Who do you serve? Who holds the key to your

Human beings cannot truly grow in the shadows of their fellows judgment. In
the mortal life you will seldom escape this judgment from your peers. During
this time of self-purification I am asking you to free yourself from others
reflections of you to find your real selves. Allow Father to reflect to you
who you are and are becoming--this is freedom, this is self-mastery.

I mean not to say take liberty without accountability. Be a responsible
cosmic citizen, of course, but remember in whom you serve. Is there freedom
in who you are serving? Yes. The time is drawing near, children, for this
spiritual upstep. We are asking for your participation, for it is crucial in
advancing toward Light and Life.

No questions this evening. There is a great deal of work for all of us.
Please know that I do truly love each one of you. That is all. Until next
week, shalom.

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