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MARCH 3, 2002

I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. While I am happy to be here with you, I cannot help
feel the sorrow of your burdens of your life's difficulties.

We are making preparations for an incoming spiritual upstep. Many of you
have gone to the Master to request your personal purification in order to
receive that baptism of the Spirit. Purification may entail the cleansing of
the mind, body and spirit. Most of the time this creates inner turmoil, for
the negative must rise to be seen and be purified. This can be difficult and
emotionally draining. Some during this period will definitely see how far
they have yet to travel in spiritual advancement.

A good focus is to not resist what is coming to the forefront of your minds.
Do not allow the ego to hide or push down this seemingly unpleasant personal
purging. It does take courage to see yourself for who you really are, to see
what remains after believing you are so spiritually devoted. Dying to the
old ways does require a clear look at where you have been, the mistakes you
have made, and a commitment to correction.

The rising up of these personality dysfunction's is not to shame you, nor
guilt you into spiritual submission, no, but a Father who would gently show
His child a new and better way. Be not afraid of those behaviors that still
seem to linger after all your effort, but take courage and honestly look at
them with the eyes of a scientist, who is about to make wonderful
discoveries. The Spirit of Truth is preparing those listening children to
receive a baptism of the Spirit, meaning renewed hope, faith and a sense of
well-being in all aspects of life.

With worldly past events the human heart and mind can become used to a
well-worn groove of negativity. To depart from this groove there needs to be
a 'bump' or an upset or a mental shaking, so to speak. To be caught in a
negative cycle of thought is to be a creator of negativity. It is to be
further downtrodden and destructive. The Spirit of Truth is the 'bump,' the
mental shaking, the upliftment that will capture the attention of the world
to prepare for an upliftment in mind, body and spirit.

Allow Michael, the Purifier, to cleanse you of the old, to bring out those
persistent negative behavioral patterns, to prepare you for spiritual
rebirth, rejuvenation, yes. As we make ready for this spiritual rejuvenation
we are looking forward to receiving those new gifts of the Spirit, new
enthusiasm to go forth with hope and determination to challenge life's
difficulties and find real joy, real meaning, real value.

Gifts of the Spirit may vary from person to person. The differing life
experiences train individuals to be more receptive to different gifts. One
who has known illness will become a wonderful inspiration to those that are
ill. One who has known poverty will be a great hope to those they meet that
are poverty stricken. Those that know acute humiliation will be a good
teacher to those who struggle with the ego. The up-stepping of Spirit will
help to bring about a more positive behavior.

Our beloved Master, who experienced the most unbelievable mortal pain as He
was made to hang on the cross, was not forever scarred by it, but perceived
it as He was just normally experiencing mortal life to the very end. He
sought no escape. While the mortal Jesus was in anguish in all aspects, the
divine Spirit was perfectly safe and that is what endures, that is what
carries on.

To the Master the cross was nothing but a lesson in time, and an example to
all creatures who contemplate escaping their required experience. Mortal
life has its cruelties, but love can take the sting out of them and
strengthen the character and be growth promoting, yes. Be open, my children,
for this cleaning of the old and taking up the new.

This week journal your behaviors that show themselves in your daily living.
Ask to be liberated from them, to be open to this coming outpouring of
Spirit. What are your present priorities? After all is said and done, only
love lives on. Can you find your lessons in the crosses that you bear? Can
you be free to move on with greater endurance and strength to meet new
challenges? What is real joy?
A few questions?

SIMON: Abraham, I really appreciate the lesson tonight. Along with the new
Spirit outpouring--I guess I sense a cleansing happening as well. Sometimes
I feel that my capacity to take in new spiritual information is peaking out,
my body becomes physically unable to do anymore. Will that also be an
expansion of the body's ability to take that in as well?
ABRAHAM: Eventually, yes. With time and experience the mind is expanded,
which has new capacity to hold new possibilities of thought, and your
thoughts directly affect the body, yes. Good question, Simon. Anymore

DIANNA: I am wondering how--it seems like everyone is different, differ with
each persons gifts and negativity of how they will experience this new
energy. The process seems to me to be twofold--one is the bump as you said,
the Spirit of Truth propelling us forward into the next process, which is
the experience of this purification. I guess I am searching for a bit more
clarity in my mind.

ABRAHAM: Certainly. It is difficult to receive the new when the old has such
a firm hold on you. As mortals tend to become habitual in their life
patterns they are at times overwhelmed with feelings of hopelessness, which
lead to feelings of inadequacy and unworthiness. The process of disturbing
the old to allow it to rise up to your own consciousness is for you to take
active participation in your renewal. Father cannot step in to make
correction without permission from His children. He will not act without
your involvement, your knowledge of it. If He did there would be no value,
no meanings. This world is at a crucial stage where the masses can either
revert to animalistic tendencies or open up to new divine possibilities, a
new way of life, yes. The Master and His love for you will stop at nothing
to see to your wellness. All He asks in return is your faith, your
willingness to be shown. Is this answering? (Yes. Thank you, ) Certainly.
Anymore questions?

SETH: Abraham, is the strong desire for healing actually an act of personal
will that blocks the gift of one's expression, one's experience that elicits
the need for healing in the first place. Do you understand?

ABRAHAM: Somewhat. I believe that even the Master, upon learning of His
mortal demise, was greatly shaken-up, in mortal emotional anguish, and it
took a great deal of effort to reconcile His Spirit with the Father's.
Father knows your desire for healing and does all He can to promote what is
best for your overall development. Even our Master could not, would not
escape the full mortal experience and He beautifully endured till the end.
It was through reconciling his Spirit with Father's that He found peace in
accepting the divine will. It was His will that His Father's will be done.
No, there is no blocking of healing because of mortal desire, no. All human
resources must be exhausted. Realigning of your will with Father's will lead
you to an easier recovery, more mentally, if not also physically. Do you see
in even physical pain there is peace and spiritual growth? The Master always
said, "your faith makes you whole." That is comfort for the mind even when
the body seems so slow. Is this helping? (Yes, very much. Thank you.) You're
welcome. Have not worry. Your attitude is wonderful to behold and quite an
inspiration to those that know you. Well done. One more question?

LUKE: When we talked this morning--I am still in awe that you are here with
this group and I look forward to meeting you face to face. The love that you
have for us and the love Michael has for us is so hard to comprehend. When I
feel like I look into your eyes or into Michael's eyes it is as if I can't.
I retreat. It is almost like I am afraid of that much love. It is hard to
handle. I find that's in my own thoughts and fears. Moving passed that is a
life process. It kind of goes along with what Simon was saying--how can we
handle that much love?

ABRAHAM: Understood. Well said. Living a mortal life many are not used to an
individual knowing them completely, knowing all they have done and still
loving them unconditionally. We tend to view the Master as if He is so far
above us, and this is one of His goals to work with you side-by-side on the
same level as brothers and friends, knowing that He works for your wellness.
You may have a small glimpse of a love you feel you cannot find capacity
for, but I am saying just wait until you are on the other side of the mortal
veil. It is absolutely wonderful and all-inspiring. Keep working towards a
change in attitude that Michael is not a far off superior being, but your
Brother/Father that works side-by-side with you. Make effort to give those
you know the same unceasing energy of love. Well done Luke.

If that is all I will take my leave. Know that I among many others work for
your good and the good of the whole. Have not fear of these new changes, but
have enthusiastic anticipation, for Urantia is moving towards Light and
Life. My love goes with you. Until next week, shalom.

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