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North Idaho Teaching Mission Group
Topics: Encouragement, Transition, Question to the group
Teachers Malvantra, Elyon:

March 3, 2002

*	Malvantra (Jonathan TR):  Greetings, this is Malvantra.  I have a few words
of encouragement.
	I have discerned that you are aware of and you have witnessed in your lives
direction that is fostered by the divine.  Enough experiences have
transpired for
each of you that it has become noticeable.  You have recognized  when the divine
hand has been at work in your lives, and you are exhibiting increasingly the
desire and the actions toward following the guidance of spirit presence.  It is
becoming a natural reflex on your parts, less of a sought after goal or ideal. 
What was once hoped for is now commonplace.  This ordinariness in your
orientation, your alignment with the Father, is itself an indication of your
progress.  Where you have developed your sensitivity to divine leading,
where you
have developed the spiritual eye that can detect the guidance, where you have
trained your ear to hear, you are likewise performing a role that is not simply
following the draw of God.  You are undertaking a function that is God's
will and
His prime purpose for the level of creaturehood that you are at this time
enrolled in.  You are inventing reality simultaneously with your discovery
of the
realities revealed by God.
	It is a mystery how any one of us -- be it one like myself, a Melchizedek,
or one like yourselves, children of faith -- that we could provide to an
omniscient, omnipotent being as the First Great Source is  anything of an
additional supplement to His completeness.  However, our very existence
to His will that you and I are placed in our current manifestations in order to
extract from the potentials projected by God experience, insight, that cannot be
realized in Absoluteness.  Our distinctiveness, separateness, each one of us
occupying many levels and many coordinates throughout space is focalizing divine
consciousness at that location; your location, mine, or any one of your
The Father of all encompasses all.  But the Father of all refocalizes in each,
and that location, yours or another's, provides the divine with a new vantage
point from which to experience the revealed creation of our great First Source
and Center.
	Every soul who longs for divine contact naturally develops a response to
divine guidance and seeks to comprehend methods and techniques, be it prayer, be
it worship, be it service, wherein you may be better able to contact spirit
presence for your own enhancement as well as to reflect this association of
creator and creature to others for their relief of any doubt of isolation from
God.  While undertaking this endeavor retain in your mind that you are also the
discoverer, the scouting party for God, at the edges of the realization of
	At one time the Father chose to create, and universes sprang into
existence.  Now focalized in each of you with your sovereign will and His divine
presence is a new entity point of creation, indeed smaller, less expansive than
all of creation.  Everyone of us is projecting a new reality from a vantage
that is the Father's will, from your vantage point, from my vantage point, from
another's.  This is the beauty of God abroad in the universe, for He can reside
in His central dwelling place and be aware of all things everywhere, and that
would be quite comprehensive all by itself.  But the Father has done an even
amazing act, and that is to reside all places and be comprehending all things
from every direction at every location, and He does so through you.  Your
indwelling Mystery Monitor proves that the human order of being is included in
this experience of God abroad in the universe.  Your understanding of the
plan of
for ascending evolutionary beings to the Isle of Paradise and your understanding
of the subsequent assignment of finaliters to realms yet to be created
a twofold motion that is likewise active even at this hour.  While you seek to
attain Paradise and the Father's presence thereupon and become qualified for
universe assignment, each day you seek the divine presence through
stillness, and
each day you are assigned to the ministry and the demonstration of
Each day you are creating the heretofore non-existent.  Every decision you make
begins a new expression through which the Father realizes a greater
comprehensibility of His great reality revelation.  Where the Father looks upon
all through you, He looks at everything from every direction and not just simply
as Father; he does it as son and daughter, for He has granted you that autonomy
of experience and choice and has come to be with you and as you.
	I encourage you to always pursue deeper connection to God, and I encourage
you to be adventurous, to explore, to give to the Father the realizations that
only a creature can have.  Just as He has given you the gift of life and a
universe, you are giving the Father the gift of creaturehood.
	I promised few words so I will cease my monologue.  Elyon is here and will

*	Elyon:  Hello, my friends, this is Elyon.  I am glad to be with you again. 
I am going to address a mechanism of growth, and that can be summarized in the
word, "transition".
	 I will draw upon Malvantra's presentation to help develop my thought, for
you are learning every day more effectively how to discover the potentials that
lie before you that can become a part of your personality makeup, and you are,
through your steadfastness, your good habits, providing in your wake a permanent
track, a record of your development that is recognizable by others who are
following you in their spiritual unfoldment.  What makes this beforehand
discovery and afterward demonstration meaningful is that you are continually in
transition, changing and developing, unfolding.  I witness in each of you the
delight that comes from perceiving your own movement.  Your sharing in this
of your tweaks of the week illustrates your sensitivity to transiting: to come
across an event, an episode, discover insight, witness an act on your own part
that proves your abilities to date, or indicates skills to be attained.
	Beyond the eternal isle of the Father all things move.  Michael said,
"Follow me".  This is movement oriented.  He did not say, "Become like me".  He
said, "Follow me".  If you were to become like him (and I honestly say all of us
sincerely desire such a quality of being) we would be violating the Father's
will, that being that the Father wishes each of us to be in ourselves as Michael
is in himself.  Though our Creator Son with all the powers of a creator could
have been perfectly what he is while he worked and lived on this world, he did
not.  That was not the purpose of his bestowal, rather, it was to make
from birth to God consciousness.  And that is what he asks you to follow, his
demonstration of unceasing growth, willingness to change, willingness to
and adapt.  He did not, however, abandon that which he discovered to be of
eternal value throughout his transition, or might I say for a better word now,
transformation, for that implies carrying along attainments and not necessarily
discarding them as you change.
	From the divine viewpoint the greatest undertaking you can do is your
ascension effort.  From the viewpoint of the celestial administrators of this
world and all other stations of your ascension career, the greatest contribution
you can make is to leave a track record, to leave a trail of your personal
discovery of the Father and universe reality.  In your ideals you hope and long
for a better world.  Few have the privilege and the honor and the responsibility
of being in a position on this planet where you can have global effect.  But
is a terrestrial approach.  Cosmically speaking you each do have an effect.  It
is small in its incremental movement, but en masse, it is recognizable to those
who govern this world.  One person in a position of power has only a few moments
of life to provide change for the better or to reveal that which is good.  But
all people everywhere in a minute sense create a conglomerate of change far more
effective and longer lasting than any one individual in a position of
I hope you remember this at any time you become discouraged with feelings of
ineffectiveness, with feelings of minuteness.  One of the greatest events in all
of Nebadon was Michael's birth as an infant on one world to a mother and a
just as you were, just as seemingly insignificant.  One more mouth to feed. 
Likewise everyone of you is valued by the Father equally as he valued
Michael and
his birth upon this world.
	It is my desire at this time to receive your comments or questions.

	Jael:  Thanks for speaking on transition.  It helps in the perspective of
Jesus coming and transitioning himself.

*	Elyon:  I thank you for your appreciation.
	(long pause)
	Following the methods of Aaron, I will ask you a question.  My intention is
not to test but rather to provide an opportunity or you for you to reflect and
focus for a moment to perhaps clarify priority.  I ask you what you at this
in your development perceive to be your next step?  By next step I mean what
would you like to accomplish soon to help you grow spiritually?

	Kirk:  To be bold enough to express feelings to people who have no idea
what you are talking about, to spread the wonderful light that is beginning for
all of us, to share knowledge and the joy.  I'm not bold in a social sense, but
I'd like to be, and I will get there.

*	Elyon:  And you will for your prayer is hear and support is available and
the opportunities will arrive.

	Jonathan:  I hope I can develop that sense of fellowship and communion with
God so I can get over the go-it-alone, isolated fight the ego self perceives
to be.  To see more clearly from the perspective of the divine presence.  I
suspect stillness will foster that, and discipline to use the stillness
experience while doing my daily tasks.

	Jada:  Mine is similar, attunement to, constant consciousness of, the
presence of my pilot guide.

	Jael:  I'd like to get involved with my personal teacher, open my ears, to
feel all the help that is available.
	This week at work we had our yearly evaluation.  The director asked what
our goals are for next year.  So, here you are asking us what we want to see
ourselves doing next.

	Tom:  I see a time when I can experientially unify these teachings, taking
to the street all these lessons.  Of course, I'm always in need of refining the
practice of the presence.

	Evelyn:  The same.  All of those things, boldness, stillness.  I don't know
what order.  Ego suppression.

*	Elyon:  The beginning of all further development is the expression of will
followed by the awareness of the process for attainment, and of primary
importance and significance in making that transition of growth is the
recognition of your initial step without which no steps follow.  This process is
valid at any step in your growth, for, though some personality development
requires years to attain, much can be accomplished in the moment, beginning anew
in a sense, initializing a step that brings cause and effect and your growth. 
You have each expressed a desire, and this has a commencing effect upon you and
will begin the unfoldment.
	 At any time you feel exhausted, and by that I mean not so much tired as
depleted of possibilities for growth, simply switch your mind from reaching the
end of what you think you can do to that sense of initializing a new episode. 
Consider the past unfoldments completed and start, establish, a new
beginning and
proceed from there.  This can increase enthusiasm for the start of a project,
displacing any fatigue that results from long term endeavors.  At any point in
any day you can begin anew.
	Thank you for participating in my question.  I will release you from our
meeting today.  I love every one of you.  I enjoy your contributions to our
circle.  It delights those who come with me to watch to witness you.  Everyone
here has great affection for you and has high hopes for your further growth.  We
all look forward to one time in our future of being at the same level of
wherein we can quite easily converse, associate, and do so without the
intervening step that we undertake through teacher/student contact as we are
doing now.  Be well always, friends.  Farewell.

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