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Sun Jan 27 15:09:00 PST 2002

S.E. Idaho TeaM
TR: Bill Kelly(Isaac)

Christ Michael:   From the perspective of the Universe, you are all
beautiful souls.  You are united together and your flame of love glows as a
great torch to all that surround you.  You are the light of the world.  You
are my children and I am your Brother/Father.  Be near me this evening,
even as I am near you.  Let us commence.  Amen.

Group: Amen.

Abraham: Greetings.  I am Abraham, your friend and brother.  I have
requested some time on this docket to speak with you, my good friends.  I
appreciate your efforts to complete the assignment I made in regard to your
prioritizing of time and attention so that you could evaluate anew where
you are placing your feet on the pathway to Paradise.  Tonight I wish to
talk about mindfulness, for that is the outcome which was wished for as a
consequence of my assignment.

To be mindful is to live in the present moment.  To be mindful is to give
up the wearing habit of worry.  To be mindful is to be conscious of the
presence of God within and to welcome his Bestowal Son as your intimate
companion.  To be mindful is to let all stress drain from your mind and
body, to relax in the certain, loving presence of all the spiritual
agencies of Love which literally flood the Universe of universes.  To be
mindful is to listen with the ears of love to the words of your brothers
and sisters.  To be mindful is to be fully awake, not semi-conscious. To be
mindful is to love yourself as a son or daughter of God.  To be mindful is
to obey the impulses of co-creatorship which come to you from the
emanations of the great Supreme.  To be mindful is to let go of the
clambering of the ego, the need to control, and let God take charge.

My dear friends, mindfulness is a process, a long journey which will
eventually result in perfected status.  I have not attained it.  It is yet
far off in the habiliments of pure Spirit existence.  But I have made great
progress since my days in the mortal career; so you, too, are on the same
road, the road to perfection.  The world that you live in, despite its
handicaps and flaws, is incomparably beautiful!  Your native beginnings are
a joy which you will cherish forever. Your culture dwells on the negative a
good share of the time which makes you all think that goodness is slow to
conquer slothful evil; but it is not so, my friends.  Goodness, beauty, and
truth are gaining the ascendency.  

"How does one become more mindful?", you are asking.  The answer is
surprising simple. It is a matter of choice.  This business of God
consciousness, this business of mindfulness (for the two are very closely
interrelated) is under your control.  This choice consists of countless
choices so that when you look at it closely we are talking about virtually
minute by minute awareness.  

But it is not a struggle.  It is not exhausting introversion and
introspection that I advocate.  It is the application of the fundamental
choice which you have all made to do the will of God.  It is to place your
burden at your feet rather than carry it on your back, and walk away from
it as our Mother admonished us.  Spread your wings like the eagles and
catch the currents of love that waft through the universe, ever lifting you
higher and closer to your destination.  Thank you for kind attention.  I
will visit with you again.  Shalom.

Daniel: Hello my dear friends.  This is Daniel, your teacher, your friend,
your companion and your staunch admirer.  Once again, it is a joy to have
father Abraham with us as he has a way of saying things which not only
commands attention, but remains fixed in one's mind over time.  

So begins our trek on this, our eleventh year.  We have begun and the
secret to progress is always the same.  We take it a day at a time in this
mortal career and even in the morontia walk do we break up our periods of
work with rest, worship and recreation.  You have discussed sleep patterns
this evening.  While you were talking of this we were conferring  about the
fact that we, also, require rest and recharging.  If your candles come on
at three o'clock in the morning and it disturbs your sleep, we are
sympathetic to those protests and urge you to return to slumber; unless you
are  in a wakeful condition.

We have been resting on the accomplishments of the past now for several
weeks as a group, although  I realize that individually you have all been
carrying on your lives as usual.  So, having caught our breath, eaten our
lunch and refilled our canteens with fresh water, it is now time to resume
our journey.  I have an assignment for you this evening.

I request that each of you in the next time period between our meetings
bring to the group your choice of a topic for our discussion.  Some
favorite concern, perhaps, that has not been addressed to your satisfaction
may be given to  our combined celestial and mortal gathering.  I would like
you to have it written down and read it, not merely  present it off the top
of your head.  Make this a topic of concern to you without negotiation with
the rest of the group.  This year we desire more of your input, therefor do
I make this assignment.  I will stop now to see if my request is fully
understood.  Do you have any questions about this assignment?  (Pause).
Hearing none I assume that you all are in understanding.  Abraham tells me
I should add this comment.  If you have no burning concerns that's okay.
However, he requests that you make an effort to search your mind and soul
before you acquiesce to that sort of decision. 

Very well, let us have an open question and comment time.  This can embrace
Abraham's commentary or the bit of sharing I did regarding the breaking up
of life into periods, or anything else which is on your mind.  The floor is

LaReen: Daniel, at the beginning after the prayer from Michael, Bill saw an
energy field standing behind us and our angels.  Could you elaborate on
that for us?

Daniel: What is it you would like to know further about?  

LaReen: What is the energy?   Was it ....?

Daniel: Isaac was given a visualization of the soul energy combined with
the physical energy of your living bodies.  He saw, therefore, both
physical and morontial realities blending into one bright flame.  You could
characterize it as morontial love energy.  The lesson to learn from this
visualization is that your community as a group, including your angels
standing behind you, amplifies your effectiveness as Michael's bestowal
partners.  This means that together you can do what you cannot do by
yourselves.  Your soul energy, as I have termed it, has been described by
other teachers as the heart line.  You are morontia beings, you know,
housed in physical bodies.  Your soul is morontia.  Does this clarify for
you, my dear?

LaReen: It does.  So when we hold hands at the beginning of class and do
stillness, does that sort of kick start it?  Do you see much of a
difference if we do hold hands, or if we don't hold hands?

Daniel: At the risk of sounding mechanical in my reply, I would advise you
to make physical contact with each other.  You can hold hands; you can put
your arms around each other, but don't get on a piggyback acrobatic type of

LaReen: Okay, I promise. (Group laughter)

Daniel: It is equally or more important that there be no barriers between
you when you are in a group.  I know at times this happens.  When it does,
there is a break in the lines of energy.  You can actually feel those
things and you refer to them in your language.  I endorse the idea of
stillness before prayer, whether you be seated or standing doesn't matter
except for the comfort level of the group as a whole.  Your getting
together once a week is very important to your spiritual sustenance.  It
should not be regarded as semi-optional and something to do when there is
nothing more pressing.  I don't say this because I or my colleagues are
offended that you do not come in droves to hear our wisdom.  I say this
mostly because you truly do need each other.  Your encouragement to each
other is terribly important, and I commend you on your devotion in this
regard. Other comments or questions?

Ken: Thank you for that, Daniel.  We definitely get our batteries recharged
when we meet.  You commented on this energy field as being our life energy
and our soul energy going upward to Michael.  Would that be part worship?
May I call that a worship wave going to the Father?

Daniel: Yes, you may call it that.

Ken: Would that be accurate?

Daniel: It is twofold.  It is worship and it is service in potential, for
worship and service are inseparable.  They are two sides of the same coin
as we have discussed before.  Very good and thank you for those comments.

Ken: Thank you, Daniel.

Daniel: Yes.  My friends, there are times when I wish that we could somehow
give you the gifts of mortals who are in advanced stages of Light and Life,
for they can see us.  They can see morontial realities in their mortal
state.  They have extended vision.  They have extended sensory input.  We
wish we could manifest ourselves to you at times.  But then we are reminded
of Michael's talks with us, when he admonishes us not to interfere with the
Agondonter status, that it is very important for you all to do as his
apostles had to do, to struggle with your doubts and have your faith
conquer them, to believe without seeing and to hope without guarantee of
actual knowledge, so that one day you can do universe service due to the
skills you have mastered as a result of this process.   Are there other

Virginia: Daniel, I have a question that I have tried to find the answer
for in the Urantia Book, but I have been unsuccessful.  I know that our
personality is a gift from God and it does state that our personality is
eternal.  My question is: just as the Father Fragment is prepersonal and
existent and chooses to be with us, is the personality also something like
the Father Fragment, existent before us and is the gift that we are to

Daniel: The personality is potentially eternal and not existentially
eternal as is the Father Fragment.  It is possible to abdicate personal
existence by choosing annihilation.  In that case, personality ceases.  On
the other hand, if the personality chooses to cooperate with the Father
Fragment, then in the fusion experience the Father Fragment gains
personality status and the mortal gains immortality.  Individual
personality is not pre-existent to the mortal career.

Ken: Could you say the personality was created at the same time the Thought
Adjuster is, upon conception?

Daniel: The Thought Adjuster arrives generally...

Ken: Yes, arrives, is not created. 

Daniel: The Thought Adjuster is not created.  The Father Fragments come
from eternity.  They are existentially eternal.  They choose to indwell
mortals according to their status, whether they be virgin Adjusters or more
experienced one.  All of this is pretty thoroughly discussed in the Urantia
Book, as you know.

Ken: Yes.  I used the wrong word, created. Sorry.

Daniel: I do not mean to hurt your feelings by correcting you, my dear.
But, this is the wonderful thing: each Father Fragment chooses their host.
They choose you and then they offer you the choice to choose Them.  When we
make that choice to choose Them, then we are a true universe personality of
enduring, eternal status.  Letah, have I satisfied your question, or do you
wish to discuss this further?

Virginia: Well, I am not sure I am satisfied, Daniel.  

Daniel: What part is unsatisfactory?

Virginia: Well, if the personality is a gift from God, and I am not trying
to split hairs here, then does the personality  come at the time of birth?
Is it part of the genetics?  If it comes directly from the Father, was it
created before the  creation of the physical body of that human being?

Daniel: Because of the controversy on this planet regarding abortion we
have been instructed to not give any information which would influence one
side or the other in this controversy.  If I were to say that personality
is given at the moment of conception, then would abortion be destruction of
great significance.  If I were to say that personality is given at birth,
then the other side would argue that this strengthens their case.
Therefore, our policy is not to answer this question.

Here is what is important!  There is an enormous difference between the
personal and the non-personal throughout the universe.  If humankind was
non-personal, they would only be smart animals.  They would not be children
of God, for God is personal.  The Father is the source of all personality.
So it doesn't really matter, except concerning abortion, when personality
is bestowed.  Certainly, from birth on, there is personality.  Whether it
was there before, we will not answer.  Many are mistaken about the
existence of the soul, thinking that it is pre-existent, or that it comes
at conception.  These are not correct views.  The soul begins at the moment
of the arrival of the Thought Adjuster in response to free will decision
making.  I am sorry if my answer is unsatisfactory, but that is our policy.

Virginia: Thank you, Daniel.  Believe it or not, my issue is not abortion.
That was farthest from my mind.  I hadn't even thought about that.  I was
thinking in terms of a pre-existent personality.  So, I thank you for your
answer.  I certainly wouldn't want either or any side to use your comments
because I think we have to find our commonality and not our differences.  I
was looking for a commonality with some of my brothers and sisters.  So I
will leave it will at that, and ponder it.

Ken: I, too, was not trying to address the abortion issue here (laughter)
but you summed up that God is personality, and the potential for
personality answered my question.  That's in paper seven, I'm not sure.
(Laughter) Thank you very much, Daniel, for putting up with me.

Daniel: And to both of you I say this: I was aware that those were not your
concerns.  I was telling you why my answer was as it was.  It is a policy
of the Teaching Mission staff that we will not takes sides in this, and
that you don't have to know everything in the mortal life.

Ken: I don't have to be in control, huh?

Daniel: That is correct.  You don't .(Laughter)

Virginia: I don't have to be in control; I just have to be right. (Laughter)

Daniel: A desire for truth is commendable.  (Laughter)   A desire for
knowledge as a means of control, is not.

Virginia: Very good!

Daniel: Well, my friends, the time has gone by.  This TR is weary.  I will
honor his weariness and bring us to a conclusion.  Let us remember our
Creator/Father's request for this year, that we consciously communicate
with him, for He indwells us all.  Let us stand and conclude our meeting.

To You, Father of all universes, we give our allegiance, full and
unrestrained.  To you, Michael, our universe Father, we give you our
deepest desire for communion.  To You, Mother Nebadonia, we give thanks for
your life giving presence and gift of mind.

Bless these, my brothers and sisters, this week.  May they walk sturdily,
without carrying the load of guilt, fear, shame, the need to control, any
of these Spirit poisons.  Instead, may they look upon the world with eyes
that see the beauty that is there from the creation of this universe.  Help
them to allow the feeling of love flow out of their mouths and out of their
hands, so that they can listen and meet the needs of those who request it
of them, either with words or soul gestures.

Help us, teachers of this Teaching Mission, to be able to transform
ourselves, also, so that we can always give appropriate spiritual food that
meets the needs of these, our students.  All of this we pray in great joy.

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