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Part 11

S.E. Idaho TeaM 
Tenth Anniversary Meeting 
Opening Prayer by Virginia:   We thank You, Father, that we are
commissioned for good.  We thank You that we are not what we once were.  We
pray that You would help us to think those things that will make us, our
families and friends and Your world a better place.  Make us open for
whatever the teachers have for us tonight.  Amen.

Daniel(Bill K.): Greetings my dear friends.  I am Daniel, your teacher,
your guide, your friend and your companion.  Indeed, I have missed our
intimate interactions while others have benefitted from your generosity.
Of course I don't regret or feel sorry that I have not had the opportunity
to be with you, for each one has their special gifts to offer in the family
of God.  Always remember that you are a student and a teacher, even as we
are.  Each of you has something to give each other, and each of you has
something to learn from each other, as well as from us.  We, also, in
addition to what we desire to teach you, benefit greatly by your
communication with us.

Well, my friends, we have reached the decade!  I look back on our time
together with great joy, with a real sense of accomplishment for what we
have all created together in this Melchizedek classroom.  Yes, you are not
the same people that you were ten years ago, and you will not be the same
people you are today ten years hence.  You are all infected with the virus
of love, with a desire to expand, grow, and co-create yourselves as part of
the great expansion of the Supreme.  I have said this before, but I will
repeat it.  I have never spent a more profitable, enjoyable, stimulating,
and spiritually expansive time in my previous career then this ten years
with you.  

We have reached a plateau on our ascension and we are entitled to gaze
around at the landscape that we see.  Especially, look back down the
mountain  from where we have come.   Observe the successive growth that you
have accomplished in this arduous task of living.  As is true for the
mountain climber, and for us, as well, the higher we climb, the larger the
panorama of our view; the more we can we see and understand how everything
is fitting together.  In a little while we will resume our climb, for the
summit is still far off, eons distant.  But we have not moved merely a few
steps up the slope; we have climbed miles and the view is truly exhilarating! 

One of the realities of climbing a mountain is teamwork.  Mountain climbing
is not for the one who would go off by himself/herself in order to beat the
rest to the goal.   In order to be successful, we have to assist each
other.  So, you see how your relying on each other has moved back and forth
from one person to another, coupling here, coupling there, trios here,
quartets there, quintets here; the group is alive and constantly in
interaction, changing and developing.

You might want to know what is in store for this year, and, my friends,
this time the answer is...we shall see!! (Laughter) I say that, not because
we have given no thought to this question, but because the need to want to
know what is coming is a masquerade for the need to control..  We desire
that you free yourself from this need to know and control.  We hope that
you will all make progress in your trust levels of that faithful Pilot
within; that you will more and more turn the wheel of your ship in the
direction that He indicates; that you will sail your ship on the seas of
life with greater comfort, less worry, more happiness and deeper joy than
you have heretofore. 

I wish for you that in your goal setting you do not lose sight of the
journey.  I wish that you live more completely in the moment in full
awareness of all that is of value.  In addition to being more comfortable
as a result of greater trust in your Pilot and less need to know the
future, and because your ship is worthy and can master the seas of life, in
addition to these things I endorse the idea that you be in the moment when
you listen to others. Put aside all egoistic needs to "fix" the other
person, to change their minds to a better idea, to tell them how it really
is, and let them share their dignity status with you, which you honor by
your undivided attention to them.   One of the things that we have noticed
about all of you is that you listen pretty carefully when we are speaking
with you. You give us more attention than you often give each other!  We
are appreciative of this attention, but we ask you to honor each other as
much as you honor us.  

My final thought is a reflection of our Master's teaching.   "To a God
knowing Kingdom believer, what does it matter if all things earthly crash?"
 Your security and your destiny is established.  You are Paradise bound.
You know where you are going!  Therefor, whatever else happens to you in
this unknown future does not ultimately matter.  What matters is how you
react to what happens to you..  As you were discussing earlier, your
reaction is your choice, thoroughly under your control, fully under your
control.  This is the area where you need to have a concern for control,
for this is the area where you actually have control.  All that is outside
is beyond your control.  But God is in charge, and your Pilot knows the
path.  He knows the chart of the seas and He knows how to get you to your
destination.  So, my friends, let's have another good year as we sail our
ships to Paradise.  Thank you.

Ken: Thank you, Daniel.

Minearisa(Bob S.): This is Minearisa, your Instructor in Residence.
Greetings to all my friends at this teacher base.  While I have been in and
out of my area of responsibility I have kept close records with those who
have been filling in for me in my absence.  So I feel I am well appraised
of the individual status of each of the members of this group.  

May I say you have all been excellent students and for the most part have
taken our direction seriously and responsibly.  As we begin the eleventh
year of this teacher base it is appropriate to look back to where we have
come as individuals and as a group.  To help us reflect in these areas we
have gathered a group of teachers to assist us in this endeavor.  One
moment please.

Ham(Bill K.): My children, I am Ham, your mentor and teacher.  I am pleased
to be here on your anniversary, as I have been in the past, to once again
touch bases with you and assist in the process that Minearisa has indicated.

I would give you an "A" in the area of perseverance.  You have persevered
in your classroom experience.  Yes, membership in this group has varied
over the years.  At times it has increased, and at other times it has
decreased, but still the group has persisted.  You have had some difficult
times where you nearly disintegrated upon the loss of your beloved Deborah,
your first and greatly trusted TR, and during some intense conflict with
egoistic challenges.  But, you have still kept your bonds of love intact.
You have attended class on a regular basis and you have done your homework
and therefor my estimation is that you deserve an "A".  

Some people thought when this Teaching Mission began that it was a" fly by
night" fluke.  Some thought that it was merely the product of overactive
imagination and human grandiosity.  However, it isn't either of these so
that through great faith struggles your persistence has paid off in
spiritual growth.   

I expect that you will continue, that your persistence will carry through
to fruition and you will stand one day before our Father and hear His
words, "Well done, good and faithful servant.  Enter now into my joy.  You
have been faithful in small things.  Now you will be given universes to
administer". We shall be perfect in our own realm, as God is perfect in
His.  Carry on.

Ken: Thank you, Ham.

Abraham(Bob S.): I am Abraham, your sometime teacher and always good
friend.  Since I have walked where you walk I share much in common with
you, my students.  Although the world has changed much since I was a
mortal, in many ways it is just the same as it was when I was where you are
now.  What I have thoroughly enjoyed is being able to share each of your
lives with you.  This has been an experience for which I shall be eternally
grateful, for even though I walked where you walk, the walk today is much
different.  Allowing me to share the path with you has been truly an

I remember well the days early in this teacher base when
transmitting/receiving was so new that one felt the need to practice it and
I was allowed the opportunity to practice with many of you during those
times.  We grew together learning this new technique.  Now there are
transmitter/receivers everywhere and the growth that has been demonstrated
by those who have sought out this technique has been, shall I say,
stupendous.  Give yourselves an "A".  

The skill is always available for developing in every individual.   So, I
will again offer my services to those who have not yet mastered this truly
wonderful skill, to any of you who feel moved to seek to develop your
capabilities in this area.  Let me conclude my moments with you tonight by
saying this.  I hope each of you will one day have the opportunity to be
where I am, helping those who sit where you sit, for you will find this
experience truly gratifying.  Now, my friends, as we gather our thoughts
and imaginations toward year number eleven, I continue to look forward with
feelings which defy description.  Suffice it to say, I am confident that we
have another banner year ahead of us!  Shalom.

Group: Shalom.

Michael(Bill K.): I am Michael of Nebadon, known to you as Jesus of
Nazareth.  I am your Father.  I am your brother.  I am your friend.  My
dear children, my oh so serious apostles, lighten your hearts and let us
have some fellowship. You know who I am because it has been revealed to you
by my Father.  You know who my Father is because He is your Father and I
have revealed Him to you, as well.  

Well done, my friends, are your efforts to share my bestowal ministry.
Yes, you are, even as I am, the light of the world.  Since I am not here,
present in bodily form, you are the Christ to those who meet you.  You
represent me and I represent our Father.   

Some of the most enjoyable moments that I spent in my mortal career with my
apostles were those social times around the fire when we ate and talked of
our "war stories", when we talked about the interactions that we had
enjoyed with other people, when we told stories of thrilling faith and
hilarity, at times.  We spoke of the time when the bed was lowered at my
feet through the roof in the middle of this speech that I was making.  This
man with the audacious faith pled with me with his eyes.  Now, even though
I am a Creator Son, that was quite an event!  I was delighted to forgive
his sin, and to do so with impunity, to confound the critics that were
present who said I had no right to do that, that only God could forgive
sin.  Which is easier to say, "Your sins are forgiven, or take up you bed
and walk?", said I, and the forgiven one marched out of the room with tears
of gratitude.    Yes, that was quite a story and we mused on that.  So
tonight I remind you of my first encounter with you.  Not all of you were
present that night, that night when the TR almost levitated with the energy
of my presence, that night when Gabriel of Salvington introduced me.  That
was a thrill for you, yes, but it was a wonderful moment for me as well.  

This is my request of you this year.  Remember that I am with you, always,
at all times.  I dwell within you as well as the Spirit of our Father.  You
can talk to me and walk with me every living moment if you choose.  You
don't have to wait for some TR to speak my words to you.  I said I would
never leave you, that I was with you always and this is true.  Some day we
shall meet in morontia grandeur and you shall see me face to face.  You are
my children.  You are of me and your mother!  We love you dearly!  So,
let's do some more talking, okay?

Ten years you have listened to the teachers.  Ten years you have been good
students.  You will still attend the classroom.  But I ask you that this
year you take on additional help, my help.  We can actually talk to each
other, dear ones, and you can hear my words in your minds.  Now, here is
what I suggest you do.  Use your imagination.  Pretend you are a child,
that you have this companion walking by your side.  Strike up conversation.
 Now the companion is me, of course.  I will reply.  When I said, "Follow
me", I meant it.  It still is true.  But you can follow me at my side.  You
don't have to be looking at my back.  We will turn our heads and look at
each other.  We will converse.  (Pause)   Now, I give you your mother. 

[At this point two male Trs began to speak at the same time, the same two
words, "My children", then stopped.  After some time Daniel came on and

Daniel(Bill K.): This is Daniel.  Mother Spirit has requested a daughter to
transmit.  If this is not possible, She will use one of the two men.

Mother Spirit(Virginia K.): This is your Mother.  I bow before each one of
you in respect because you believe the Father's love and you believe that
this love is directed to you.  God's love, His overcare, is the umbrella
that protects from all harm.  This is not to say that pain is not your
experience.  That is part of what has made you what you are.  

God's love is the umbrella that filters out the evils, the dark, and as you
look through the umbrella you see the eternal brilliance of His Presence.
God's love is the umbrella that covers every one you hold dear.  The
umbrella reaches to all the areas that you pray for.   As it were, that
umbrella reflects your prayers and returns them to the very souls that your
love wants to reach.  You know not what prayers have been said for you.
You know not the effect of your prayers for others.  The hope you have is
that the Eternal God, your Father, loves each creature on each planet in
all the universes of the Universe.  

Now, in the presence of your Mother, your Father, your Creator/Brother, in
your heart experience God's love this very moment.  Just as the light from
the sun warms your body, feel God's love warm your heart: a Mother's
embrace, a Father's caress, a Brother's care.  I hold you in my arms as I
would if you were a babe, and I would tenderly protect you and assure you
of the eternal love of the Universe.  Leave your bundle, pick up your feet
and move on up the mountain to the summit.  God is with you.  

Virginia: That is all.

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