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North Idaho Teaching Mission Group
Topics: The Great Adventure, Attitude Shift, Minute by Minute Ministries
Teachers: Evanson, Elyon, Malvantra

December 30, 2001

*	Evanson (Jonathan TR):  Hello from Evanson.  I would ask you how you are
doing, but I can discern the light, I can perceive the joy and the happiness you
express.  Your levity is a delight, one that is missing in many struggling
It is good to have friends like you who are actively seeking to bring good
	This life, as you know, is the beginning of a great adventure, and it is
rewarding to all teachers to have associates like yourselves who are aware of
this adventure and who are actively engaged in deriving a new insight by
developing a new reaction pattern to life based on your own experiences.  Your
'tweaks of the week' are one example and one good and important exercise in
discovering deeper meanings and higher values from your recent experiences.
is what makes life an adventure.  It is not what you do, it is how you do your
living that is most important.  Of course how you go about your activities does
define what you will choose to do, for the two are intertwined.  But anyone can
perform any physical task and have the same result as another.  In the outer
environment the result is indistinguishable from the one who does the action. 
But what about the soul who is engaged in that action?  What is not seen in the
result is the awareness and the emotional state of the one engaged.  This is the
dynamic realm of soul growth.  Here is where you find those nuggets which
you, which draw you closer to the divine.  The adventure is not crossing one
continent or ocean to see another, for that you could do anywhere on any world. 
The adventure is your reaction to and your impact upon your environment, your
locality, in spite of the world or the continent or the city.
	I will let your other fine teachers address you.

*	Elyon (Mark):  I greet you, this is Elyon.  I am pleased to access this
communication with you as a demonstration to each of you and to this TR in
particular who harbors thoughts of inadequacy towards this process and has
developed a sense of guilt of not being involved and attached.  Nevertheless, I
choose to demonstrate in fact and in deed that it is the desire of the hour, the
attitude of the individual and the soul, which are the determining factors to
this process and to perhaps illustrate to all that the potential obstacles one
places before themselves are in most cases entirely unrealistic.  I hope that
through the application of faith in these principles we have and in
yourselves as
individuals we may rise above any feelings of inadequacy for the task, as this
process is far more than any single individual and yet also relies on single
individuals for their cooperation and participation.  So, while inappropriate
obstacles may be dredged up, they are only as significant as our inability to
rise above them.
	Each one of us here has found sources of inner strength far exceeding that
of the individual, and it is these sources of strength we must tap in times when
we individually may feel drained or incapable, as this wellspring of spirit
energy is available to all who seek this.  It remains true, nevertheless, that
practice makes perfect and that continued discipline with the stillness and with
spirit contact makes the process easier, but we should always remember that no
matter how detached we feel we may become at times, we are but an attitude shift
away from full-on connection with spirit.  I hope I am demonstrating this to
TR at this time as an exercise and that the message may come across to all those
who at times feel distanced either in physical proximity or in fellowship of
others.  Spirit is ever accessible and ever waiting in the wings for the proper
attitude of the soul that the two may once again be engaged.
	Spiritual growth never becomes diminished, though time may pass between
steps that are taken in this forward momentum.  No steps are ever retraced or
lost.  Any spiritual progress made can be counted on to be there as a foundation
to be added to at any future time.  One does not lose what one has gained
one's efforts, only it is like deciding not to play that game or pick up that
ball at this time.  The next time you decide to play it all comes back to you;
how to play, where to be, and what to do are quickly regained as you engage once
again in the game.  This is what I have to offer today.  Thank you.

*	Malvantra (Jonathan):  I am Malvantra, your melchizedek friend.  We engage
in our contacts with you, as you have been told numerous times, because you are
our true effecters of upliftment on this world.  It is a long task, much labor,
and I know that though the work is great it is not burdensome.  This I
discern in
many in this mission who take delight in the many little steps that you must
in order to bring any sort of improvement upon this world.  It is a delicate
balance to develop, the understanding of the perspective of the overall plan and
goal, which is immense, which incorporates and entails all structures of human
society, and the transformation of the approach to the enactment of many
mechanisms within those structures.  This is balanced with your knowledge and
your practicality that the simple touch of a friend who cares, your revealing of
compassion, your simple suggestion of a solution to a complexity; those minor,
seemingly incidental actions are moving this world forward.
	This mission is an upstep.  It is an infusion.  It is an encouragement more
than it is a revelation.  We are fostering action.  Two thousand years have
transpired since Michael's life as Jesus, and this world has responded well in
spite of the many handicaps it has acquired.
	Turnover is rapid on a nativity world such as Urantia.  You are encouraged
to ever be expressive, to risk being perceived as an idealist, risk being
seen as
a fanatic, as you may be called though you are not, for the wholehearted
dedication to the doing of the Father's will is not fanatical.  Fanaticism would
be an obsessive dedication to the Father's will.  Wholehearted dedication
health and sanity and balance.  This world is full of religious groups who are
overly enthused who do not strike that balance and create suspicion,
wariness, by
those who observe from outside.  It is time for a demonstration of a wholesome
dedication to high spiritual values.  Many around this world do so.  More
recognition must be made by those hungry souls who have not yet tasted the
delight of fellowship.  Leave the grand scheme to the administrators of this
world and to the system sovereign who governs all these worlds who have been
touched by this rebellion.  Fret not over those grand plans.  Undertake those
minute by minute ministries; they are the building blocks.  The tallest
your deepest seas, your largest continents, not one of these is mono-formed. 
Each of these immense objects, if they could be called such, is a composite. 
Such is the brotherhood of man and the Fatherhood of God, grand in universe
but composed of single individuals; personalities, minds, and souls.  It
does not
matter if you are at the base of the hill or at the top, for you belong to the
mountain.  Whether you are on the shore or in the depths of the sea, you belong
to that ocean.
	We have over these many years encouraged your small steps, and I do so
again today, for the small steps appear insignificant, to have little effect, to
have small ripples, but I assure you these are vital events of the order of
"passing by".  As you manage your schedules you can transform another unknown to
you.  This gladdens the heart of God.  We have always been inclined to
you, for it is important that you receive the feedback that the Father is
pleased.  I note that even Michael while here on earth received this message.
	I am among many who would be willing to address you if you have a question.
	Mary:  I thought I would compliment you on the term "minute by minute
ministries".  That's good!
*	Malvantra:  Thank you.  Let's incorporate.
	Mark:  Thank you for bearing the news that the Father's pleased, which we
all need to hear.
*	Malvantra:  You are passing through a holiday season, and many around your
globe look to the divine source at this time.  Many reflect upon significant
locations on this planet that are historic landmarks of great events of years
gone by.  All of us are dedicated to returning Urantia to its former glory, not
in the retrospective sense of going back to times that had failed and
brought the
world to its conditions today, but rather to return it to the glorified destiny
that was in store for it and is only slowly emerging.
	There are worlds where global holidays are celebrated where you do receive
this feedback that I give you today from great high beings as your planetary
and Eve, as the Prince's staff.  These beings would be your confirmation.  But
you who have experienced life here have a faith connection, and this line to the
Father, faint to the human ear, is the main artery of nourishment to your soul. 
Rely on it always, for the mission as a whole has many activities, and all that
is peripheral to this connection within you to the God of all.
	Mark:  Thank you for your efforts on our behalf and our world's.
*	Malvantra:  I receive your gratitude.
	I would take my leave with a small attempt at Urantia humor.
	The master sent his disciples out two by two.  You are coming up on 2002. 
Let us hope for many, many souls to be engaged in the work of bringing this
planet to Light and Life.  Farewell.

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