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DECEMBER 10, 2001

I am ABRAHAM. Sorry for the delay. I cannot be heard until I am really
listened for. There needs to be an allowance, so to speak, a decline in
personal will, a type of indifference, if you will. The busier the mind, the
more difficult it is to make contact.

For the next few lessons I would like us to focus on the reality of being
human. I would us like to find the true spirit of being mortal. Not only are
we always in a state of experiencing, we are also always in a state of
constant striving. I would ask you for what are you striving?

So many individuals when they are very young constantly strive to become
older and more mature because that seems to come with certain benefits.
There is a time however in childhood that the child delights in just being a
child, in just being shown. For the child it is not about the struggle of
striving, but about adventure and the wonder of everyday living.

As mortals mature they sometimes make effort towards pushing back time,
dreading the inevitability's that are to come with time--with that
thought--follows that energy. The sense of adventure and desire to only be
shown the wonders in everyday living is practically lost.

On worlds settled in Light and Life each stage of mortal life is a
celebration, yes, a right to passage. Each stage is filled with gratitude
for the experience already gained and the experience to come. There is not
labels attached with maturity. You are not growing older and becoming feeble
and without ability to be shown, no. Being more mature on these settled
worlds is not a higher seat in the Kingdom, as if one has earned seniority,

There are not limits as you move towards the spirit world. The lines of age
are blurred and insignificant. These individuals are in somewhat of a state
of continual striving, but that striving is in an attitude of wanting to be
shown, enjoying that anticipation and discovery that the next stage of life
will bring.

How precious it is to watch these older individuals minister to the younger
individuals in an attitude of excitement and inspiration, not an attitude of
superiority or seniority that says, "I have been there, done that." There is
always one hand reaching forward to be helped up, while the other hand is
back pulling up their fellows.

This society is so accustomed to moving into new life stages with
foreboding, as if their best days are behind them and that is exactly what
they get. Their spirit is stifled and in a fearful state. Mortals become
used to being on guard all times so that nothing surprises them, nothing
hurts them, but also practically nothing makes them happy.

How easy it is to move from an unpleasant, although educational, ordeal with
an attitude of "I survived that. What is next?" There is no internal
celebration and joy for the new found learning. There seems to be only dread
for its reoccurrence. There is not gratitude for the new tools gained, but
more insulation as protection. While the insulation may guard you against
pain, it also keeps you from that awesome state of wonder and anticipation
of adventure.

As I think back to my life in the flesh, I wish I had more courageously
faced those mortal inevitability's. I wish I would have felt every aspect of
emotion, instead of protecting myself. To know the fulfillment of a quenched
thirst, you must travel through the desert. To have real spiritual joy, you
must define your mortal experiences through a spiritual perspective.

Just as we had difficulty in beginning our lesson this evening, it is all
the more difficult to be in touch with that Father-fragment when you are in
a state of self-guarding or preoccupied with trivial things. Stillness
practice is keeping those lines of communication open. Without this practice
it becomes somewhat difficult to be spirit led. A few moments of silence
every day increases trust in Father and you feel protected; you feel watched
over and cared for. You need not build your own wall of protection that
keeps away pain, as well as happiness.
This week journal what you hope to accomplish in this mortal life. What are
you striving for? What is consuming your energy? Find a few minutes every
day to be quiet, to allow, to rebuild trust and faith. What stage of this
mortal life are you at now? What have you learned? What is there to feel
that anticipation of adventure for the next stage? Can you be that child who
puts not so much effort into the striving, but just open to being shown? I
am going to take a few questions.

CALVIN: Miriam has a question about her health. Nina understands the

ABRAHAM: Talk about striving. Daughter, you know full well that you commit
to doing too much, and I perceive along with your regular health issues, you
have a minor virus. The overdoing has weakened your immune system and you
are susceptible to common viruses. You know what you need to do. If this
problem persists seek medical attention. Next question.

SIMON: Yes Abraham, thank you so much for the lesson. Again, I am very
excited about the learning that will be going on because of it. Iyana has
been on my mind and I wonder what message you might have for me or from her.

ABRAHAM: The message is of a personal nature. Would you want to save that
for another time? Your choice. (That is okay. Go ahead.) I am perceiving you
to have some unsolved issues that have brought you disappointment, which has
created some anger and resentment. It would do you well to journal these
thoughts. Be honest with yourself and take appropriate steps towards
bringing them out into the open. I perceive you to feel some
self-disappointment that has been difficult for you to bear and has weakened
your confidence. This however is truly good in a way that humility is
becoming your teacher. Iyana is fully aware of this and will continue to
work with you in solving these issues so you can move forward in a more pure
mind and intention. That is all. Another question?

ROINDA: As of late I have been struggling with both mental and physical
health. I would just like some guidance as to how I can get reconnected so
that I can start to get back on a path to improve both.

ABRAHAM: Understood. I perceive one condition is causing the other. Roinda,
my daughter, it is understood that you have always been a woman of great
faith. I understand that somewhere along the line that the logical part of
you pushed forward and demanded to fit your faith within a logical frame,
and this took away a great deal of possibilities. Your experience however
has been just as it should have been. I perceive that you are somewhat lost
in identity. You give a great deal of yourself and that is beautiful but
difficult to nurture that growing spirit within. You have done well, believe
me, and the time has come for you to be free from that confining frame of
total logic and that safety-net of always being within the knowingness. Do
not lose sight of that child of God, who also needs to feel that comfort of
a Father's love. While logic and practicality are important in this mortal
life, it is dead without faith and trust in a being that loves you more than
you can comprehend. To become uplifted in spirit will aid you in your
depression and those mental instabilities, which should also aid in your
physical healing. You are on a correct path in seeking fellowship with
like-minds. Is this helping? (Yes. It helps a lot. Thanks.) You're welcome?
One more question.

TECTRA: Abraham, you talked earlier in the lesson about the more busy the
mind is the more difficult it is to make contact. As you know I meditate
twice a day. I get pretty still and I don't really hear anything, but I feel
contact from the Father, a loving energy. I guess I would like to hear
something--some type of words, to hear a teacher or something like that. Is
there something, some words you can give me of what I can do that would
facilitate that?

ABRAHAM: My son, everyone will receive spirit guidance in the way that is
most comfortable for them. At this time to hear anything would be somewhat
disturbing. (Laughter and Tectra agrees.) You are a visual person. You have
excellent communion and for the most part have a constant walk with Father.
You easily minister to your fellows if need be. You are listening, yes, but
to inner feelings more than sounds, which is wonderful. You do well. You
have a great deal you can teach others about the silencing of the mind. Yes.
Well done.

With that I will bid you farewell. I give you each my ever growing love and
would have you know anytime you should need me I would be available. Peace
be with you. Until next week, shalom.

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