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DECEMBER 3, 2001

I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. I am amazed at the loving energy in the room here
this evening. It is as if we are all of one mind.

Energy moves matter and thought leads to action. If I was so permitted, I
would give you a glimpse of what is to come. The Father however in all His
wisdom knows that to have any comprehension of this glimpse you must go
through certain experiences. We are in a state of continual experience. We
are taking steps toward an eternal destination. In the midst of experience
have not fear, for it is only steps in the forward momentum of an eternal

Energy moves matter--where your energy of thought goes--you follow through
with action. In holding onto past wounds your thought-energy travels in that
direction. Deep within there is always this driving force to find relief or
solutions. You act out this driving force in everyday living.

A baby will cry at discomfort because that is his only tool towards finding
the solution. This Correcting Time has endowed you with several tools. We
find the key to actually opening the tool chest itself is honesty, honesty
with Father and yourself. To deny yourself honesty is a cause for static in
the energy of thought, which almost always leads to irrational actions. To
cover over without actual healing is to feel that restlessness of being
driven towards some "thing" that you believe will bring you fulfillment.

There is a driving force within the soul of man that seeks to carry him
through correction towards progression. To appear to have flaws is not
weakness but steps of opportunity for growth. To commit to self-honesty is
an opening for a spiritual driving force to give you a more precise
thought-energy--leading to a more correct action.

You, as the Teaching Mission, have been well trained to teach others about
these spiritual tools. You are counselors. You have learned to direct with
patience, not force. You are learning to serve for the glory of our Father
and upliftment in the Kingdom. This does not mean you are through with your
own correction and learning, no, but you know the basic steps to take
towards a positive path of thought-energy.

This week contemplate where are your thoughts leading you? Is there a
covered wound that leads you to incorrect action? What are the tools you use
on a daily basis to progress in mortal living? Which driving force within is
stronger-spiritual or material? A few questions.

CALVIN: Abraham, we welcome our old friend back with us, Risdan. (Welcome.)
It seems like I am trying to find that spiritual connection, which I have
found a time or two. I know that is the difference over the material pursuit
in daily life versus that constant spiritual connection. It seems like only
when things are in a crisis I can find that strong energy force, that
spiritual connection. How can I take that with me all day?

ABRAHAM: In the life in the flesh you will find it rare when someone has a
continuous connection. In your status as agondonters you are not really
shown any proof that the spirit life is real. An individual makes his own
proof by seeing the fruits in daily living. By faith in an unseen Father are
you made to relax with a knowing confidence that this life is not a game of
dramatics. This life is not a cruel joke to show you how foolish you can be.
It is not an individual battle to be fought and won, no. This life is a
lesson in true humility which leads to listening, trusting and knowing those
unseen forces work for your overall success. My son, it is a matter of
exercising patience in the unknowingness, not being driven by an unknown
force towards creating the reality you desire. It is a matter of perception.
Old wounds can definitely modify how you see reality. This can lead to
distortion of thought and taking rash actions towards relief or fulfillment.
A commitment to remaining calm even in the unknowing is a clearing for
Father to work. The Master knew not from one day to the next where He would
lay His head each night or how He would find His next meal. In a material
world, that is calmness and trust in the midst of mortal unknowing. The
Master with His connection to Father however moved with confidence. Each day
He believed He was well looked after and loved by the Supreme Overseers. Do
you see? He trusted those who could see far beyond what He could and He
fulfilled His mortal destiny. He found comfort in upheaval. He found love in
the midst of hate. He found good where there was evil. Energy controls
matter, yes. Another question?

SIMON: Abraham, so in reacting to events, nothing is then so terrible. You
mentioned to me to find humor in events. Sometimes that is really hard to do
and sometimes it is a lot of fun.

ABRAHAM: Yes, humor is a wonderful equalizer in mortal living. It can bring
balance to chaos. Mortals become paralyzed in fear and to see the lighter
side lessens pressure to bring clarification to the mind. No, you cannot
force humor where you do not feel it, but even putting forth your thoughts
in that direction is leading toward enlightenment. Laughter releases
chemicals in the body to combat depression, fatigue and an overactive ego.
Is this answering Simon? (Yes, thank you.)

LUKE: You said three times tonight energy moves matter. Exactly how does
energy and thought and then outcome and matter, what happens in our lives?

ABRAHAM: Great things have occurred down though the ages because people had
vision. People could foresee a reality to their dreams. So, on one hand, you
can materially make your vision a reality. In the spiritual realm there are
Power Directors, among others, who make effort towards your vision,
especially if the vision serves the whole. There are circuits upon circuits
that carry thoughts and energy that are filtered through these Power
Directors, who deem thoughts worthy of spiritual influence. You can be glad
to know that fearful, negative thoughts are for the most part diffused in
the spiritual realm, but of course with your own fearful or negative
thoughts you can even subconsciously make them happen. Thoughts have energy.
Adam and Eve could communicate telepathically for miles away because they
were quite gifted in this thought sending. You each also have the same
opportunity and you can create good. This is not to say you can escape
required mortal experience, but most definitely you can accelerate your
learning. Is this helping? (Yes.) One more question?

WILLEENA: Regarding the self-honesty, honesty with Father you spoke of, is
it the lies we tell ourselves, is that what blocks us from communicating
telepathically? We are so harsh on ourselves sometimes. Is there a way we
can be gentle. If we are stuck in these negativity's is there a gentle way
we can support ourselves to be in communion with Father?

ABRAHAM: Understood. It really depends on internal motives and a somewhat
tamed ego. The ego wants perfection without effort and not to be shown
anything else. The soul however is a child always discovering, always
learning by experience, bad and good. The ego cares about how it appears to
others. The soul cares about what Father has to teach. Self-honesty is
somewhat of a fine line, for you can be either coddling the self or
punishing the self. That is why the spiritual tools are so important. You
have your indwelling Father Fragment, you have your teachers, you have your
books, you have your prayer and stillness, but one of the greatest tools you
have is one another. If you can be completely honest with a friend and not
fear ridicule but only expect upliftment, then are you in understanding of
how Father is. You have the opportunity to be an expression of Father and an
opportunity to express yourself to Father through one another. You that can
find this love and closeness in the world are truly blessed. When pondering
this self-honesty, ask yourself what are my motives? Where am I hoping to go
with this? How is it serving the soul--if not the ego? Is this helping?
(Yes. Thank you so much.) You're so welcome.

As we draw our meeting to a close, please know that I am always and ever
devoted to you each and always my most highest thoughts are with you. Until
next week, shalom.

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