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OCTOBER 22, 2001

I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. I do so enjoy these smaller intimate groups. The
atmosphere is relaxed and the energies are at balanced levels. It would seem
at times people are so quick to define the world around them that they give
little effort towards being observant. In these fast paced times the
attitude seems to be 'the more--the better.' It is as if everyone operates
at top speed. There seems to be no slowing down to be watchful.

These weekly meetings are a wonderful reminder to be calm and
observant--wait on your definitions; wait before you make judgments. The
rash definition is quite likely to miss details and choose a poor
perspective. I enjoy these weekly gatherings because I too feel it is always
a new beginning, new opportunities, new possibilities for the week ahead. It
is a time to release and be open for receiving the new.

Awareness is perhaps the most notable benefit bestowed upon us by the
Supreme Being. In His growth we receive His reflections of changes. You can
view your surroundings and see that it seems everyone cannot receive enough
information, enough news. It is as if people know there are new things
occurring, and they look towards their material technology to receive any
and all information.

They say knowledge is power and yes, it is, but so many think not to turn
inward towards a spiritual source of information. There is this awareness, a
new awareness that is somewhat unsettling to many, but also comforting to
some. You can feel as though you know more but do not know how or why. Being
so aware you are in a searching mode and with a questioning mind. This
openness leads to receiving revelation, that is information coming from a
divine source.

There are many forms of revelation, many ways to receive. The Supreme
Being's growth has endowed us with awareness and an easier, more
understandable technique to receiving revelation or divine communication.
This past week many of you have been aware of seemingly rapid karma, or what
you have criticized others for, you have been caught doing yourself. This is
a form of revelation, a form of divine communication that aids you in your
own self-correction. Yes, this is on a personal level, but does this not
also add to the wellness of the whole?

The churches in today's world may speak of revelation as if they receive
information because they are looked upon with favor by God. Many of the
so-called prophets were deemed prophets because they seemed to have received
divine revelation. It is as if these seemingly chosen individuals were the
only ones that can receive. This practice is quite outdated and everyone,
even the smallest child, has equal opportunities to receive divine
revelation. Divine revelation is not the thunderous voice of God that tells
great things to come or new commandments to obey, no.

Most revelation is personal and aiding you in your journey Paradiseward.
Many individuals can receive the same revelation simultaneously or varying
bits of information that choreograph spiritual experiences to bring about
certain results. With the Supreme's new reflections we see the circuits
strengthened and growing to incorporate a common universal knowledge. We
have to be observant though, children. We have to refrain from defining. We
have to believe that some circumstances are being woven into a greater
universe fabric.

Back to personal revelation and correction, I would admonish you to not
become discouraged by these seemingly ugly facts about your behavior, for it
is the very whisper of God into your ear. He is your loving, devoted Parent,
not a stern judge who looks for your every mistake so He can chastise you.
This week practice being observant. Note the new levels of awareness in
yourselves as well as your fellows. How can you better deal with the
correction from personal revelation? Journal what this statement of old
means to you: Wait upon the word of the Lord. Yes. A few questions.

SIMON: Abraham, I have a question about choreographing spiritual experiences
that bring about results. Sometimes I feel like we are left on our own to
see what will happen and wonder if that is the case? I know in my heart that
applying faith and then escaping fear or escaping with fear sometimes and
not applying myself to full faith. As Father does the timing of assistance
in our lives, are we at times left alone waiting?

ABRAHAM: Understood. Yes, it would appear sometimes as if you are left alone
to make decisions, and that is true to a point because your free will cannot
be infringed upon. Father can only do so much before it is up to you make a
decision and take action. The problem, as I see it, is time. While Father
sees time as only an eternal forward momentum, you see time as the enemy. It
does create great impatience. During these impatient and frustrating moments
you especially need to be aware and observant, and take action from a calm
state of mind. I understand the world does not agree with this theory, but
you must realize while you are never left alone by our divine overseers,
they are greatly devoted to your progression and too much involvement could
take away from your opportunity to progress Paradiseward. Choreographing,
yes, we each know well that synchronistic circumstances that lead to growth.
These circumstances are not always peace promoting, but rather agitating to
create reactivity. Therein lies the importance of being aware and observant
and not taking rash actions. You can see from past experience that time
really does take care of many matters. Just the waiting is a bit frustrating
to the mind. In this society hard work leads to productivity, but many times
we find that rash actions lead to mistakes. Is this at all explaining,
Simon? (In many dimensions it does. I suppose there is still the inner
desires to really know when actions are rash or if they are finally coming
out from procrastination.) Understood. Yes. There are always many factors to
consider like perhaps from what foundation would you make your decisions? Is
it a worthy place? Is it pure? Is it ego induced? Is it out of fear? What is
the basic mind-set in which you would be acting from is a good question to
ask yourself during these times, yes. Is there another question?

SARAUNA: Abraham, this has to do with the state of mind we pray in--our
society versus the Eastern society. I know there is great power in prayer. I
know that God loves all His children. I have been concerned regarding the
fact that Western civilization are more emergency mode based praying people,
praying willy-nilly any time during the day or night. In watching the news I
have come to think about the Eastern culture and how they have set times
which they devote in mass to prayer. I know that perhaps from my point of
view the direction they are getting is not the best sort, but then God does
love all His children, I am wondering how do the two different types of
prayer--one is going to be more positive than the other. I have just always
felt that when large groups of people are praying, those prayers are heard.
I have a concern that a whole bunch of people in prayer against us worries
me. (Laughter.) Is there something regarding prayer that we should be more
concerned about in this area?

ABRAHAM: There are individuals praying in all religions that are for various
reasons. Many are set prayers which are no different than mindless
chattering. There are prayers which are to save the self. There are prayers
in which to change others. There is praying out of fear. Basically those in
the Middle East, and the others around the world, are almost equal in
numbers. Regarding the varying types of praying, there is power in praying,
but sincere praying changes the individual, not God. Sincere praying is
really about the intent in one's heart. There are so many religions that
drag the past baggage along in their present religious life. In all nations,
Father does not so much hear words as does He see the intent within His
children. Sincere praying is one who prays to be within the will of God.
That is what will tip the scales. That is where change will take place. That
is where good prevails over evil. Good question, Sarauna, my daughter. Is
this answering? (That helps a lot, Abraham.) Is there another question?

MIRIAM: Abraham, I have wanted to ask this question for a long time. I am
into the Trinity thing. I've have got a stronger track record with Father
than I do Michael. I am loving cultivating the relationship with Michael. I
know that I have the Fragment part of Father that helps. I have got Michael
as an example, Michael's Spirit of Truth. Just the fact that I can learn how
to take Him with me. I don't know if I am pursuing the relationship with
Mother. It seems as though She is connected to the circuitry and a while
back you introduced Her to me as a source of loving logic. My question is in
levels of awareness, the way that I approach them with levels of awareness,
is that off base? I am intrigued by circuitry. Do you understand what I am

ABRAHAM: Yes, the book says you worship the Father, pray to the Son and work
the details out with the Spirit, which is Mother. I perceive your outlook on
this to be good and growing. Mother is one who does pay attention to
details. She also activates thoughts and brings them to life. She has the
network of the Adjutant Mind Spirits that use their resources to bring you
up to date revelation in a manner that you will be most understanding of.
The Trinity concept is a worthy goal for all to focus on and incorporate
into our daily living, but the most personal of thoughts and desires, many
feel most comfortable dealing with the inner Fragment, which is the Father.
To have this enlarged concept though does bring comfort and expanding
knowledge. You do become acquainted with the various personalities of
each--Father, Michael and Mother, each personality being quite different and
most intriguing, yes. Good question, Miriam. (Thank you.) You're welcome.

I am slipping. I will take my leave, but not without having you know how
much you each mean to me. I am truly a part of you and I most definitely
rejoice in that. My love goes with you. Until next week, shalom.

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