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Wed Oct 10 20:32:00 PDT 2001

OCTOBER 8, 2001

I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. I am always uplifted each week to return to this
branch of my family tree. I feel particularly energized this evening by all
the current happenings in our universe. As this small planet makes changes,
the universe has its own changes, of course on a much larger scale.

Urantia has played quite a role in these universe changes and has added to
the growth of the Supreme Being. As the Supreme Being takes in this
universal experience we see the benefits therefrom and it is quite a cause
to rejoice. We find that with the Supreme's growth there are new circuit
connections made, and the struggle for universe solidarity is not so
difficult. It is as if our eyes are opened wider; we can see more,
understand more and make better correction. The scales of faith are very
much tipped in our favor. This brings forth numerous celebrations throughout
Nebadon. Celebration always includes worship and exhibits our deepest
gratitude for those that make our joy possible.

With all our work, our struggles, our efforts, we become very business-like
in mind. It is easy to overlook those small things that bring us rest for
the mind and comfort to the soul. We find this time to drink deeply from the
well of spiritual serenity. We find this time to breathe in deeply the
satisfaction of our spiritual status as a child of God, and for a few
moments think of nothing and just be, just rest and feel not that anxiety to
produce, to fulfill promises, to be insulted by time.

The mortal life is difficult, yes no doubt, but it is also a source of joy,
a sense of accomplishment, a producer of spiritual values and a unifier
between time, eternity and the living God. To celebrate your mortal sojourn
you respect all the five senses. You make it a point to be fully aware in
each moment--be it bad or good. You face the difficult trials and you take
comfort in knowing that you do not ever give up.

My friends, find time to be in celebration of all of life. Do not awaken
dreading the duties of the day, but awaken your inner-selves to the
possibilities of the day. Where will Father have me go today? What will He
be trying to show me? How can I be a cog that turns the universal wheel of
life? Being mindful of celebrating life you are in an attitude of creating
joy, not just your own, but for all. You become a part of the whole and join
in the healing, not just another mortal struggling up the spiritual ladder.

To find time for a few moments of celebration everyday re-focuses your mind
from handling matters in a business-like fashion to handling matters by
joining a forward moving circuit that travels far beyond your knowledge. You
are not so exhausted then, you are not so drained. Your countenance is
lightened and quite an attraction to others. Find time to celebrate and show
your gratitude; speak with one another; laugh and feel Father moving among

In being in a state of celebration keeps the low times from becoming too
low, too spiritually crushing. You take not yourselves so seriously and you
are finding direct spiritual contact. In acknowledging this, life is not
just about running the race of time, but about having those moments when you
feel the hand of God upon your shoulder, leading you to new and better ways.
Joy is a source of power. You can do a great many wonderful things by
spreading it.

This week utilize your power to change dark situations. Lighten your own
burdens by finding time to really notice the wonderful things of this mortal
life. Feel how there is not room for fear when there is hope and joy. Feel
that spiritual contentment as you move among your fellows with an attitude
of self-forgetfulness, with a gratitude for having the honor of fully living
the mortal life. Journal how this affects your personal ministry to others.

Sorry, no questions this evening, perhaps next week. Know that as
celebrations take place in Nebadon, many of us will be thinking of you and
your contribution to our reason to celebrate. As always my love grows more
for you each every time me meet. Until next week, shalom.

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