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SEPTEMBER 24, 2001

I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. What a wonderfully healing atmosphere we have here
this evening. Every day I am amazed at the healing power of our Father. Even
in our darkest hours we are made to see those rays of hope. We are made to
feel that tender ministry that only Father can provide. Even when we appear
to have stumbled we see Father's hand reaching for us, beckoning to us to
keep moving.

This hope and strength in the mortal life is only attained through
experience. Even though savage events may befall us, we are driven to find
the meanings and values to become a better universe citizen. There is no
greater love to behold than that of a man who would lay down his life for
another. We have witnessed the small minority who partakes in acts of evil
brings out the very best in the majority. We are witnessing each other just
as the Father sees us. The pure compassion of Father's little children is
truly beautiful and all-inspiring.

Does a man need to lay down his life to exhibit that compassion, that
brotherly love? Does it take major catastrophe to bring the world's people
together? No. This small planet is well within the fold of Nebadon, and for
the most part benefits from the universe ministry, meaning the
re-incircuitment, the available teaching staff, the power of the Spirit of
Truth and the Correcting Time. You are no longer isolated as a weak planet,
but enabled with spiritual power from On High.

"He who would be greatest in the Kingdom, let him become server of all."
Does one who is server of all need such recognition? A server of all reaps
great joy from viewing Father's works firsthand as he serves. There is no
greater joy than to be with knowingness, not faith or belief, but with a
knowledge of certainty that God exists. God is real and working right before
my eyes. "Anything can befall me, and I know without a shadow of a doubt,
that Father will help me to rise above, to become more than I am, to
maintain my closeness with Him, to walk with confidence in a world of

Such a person who is devoted to becoming server of all is not by any means
freed from life's harsh circumstances, but most definitely is he free from
the mental burden of losing hope, of being in the unknowingness of fear. You
have all around you excellent examples of selfless ministry, examples of
those who can be so overcome with compassion that they lose themselves. They
are beside themselves. Personal ministry is not to gain respect nor credit
in heaven, but about serving to make the whole better. It's about being
unified. Feeling that loneliness is by your choice and not because it is
thrust upon you.

This week I would recommend that you find rest and reversion for your minds.
Partake of the spiritual feast that is going on at this very moment. Refuel,
re-energize, for in your personal ministry there is a great amount of work
to be done. Forget not to allow yourselves to be ministered to. Are there

CALVIN: Abraham, I'd like to introduce a visitor, Scott C. (Greetings. Feel
free to ask questions.) I have one about your lesson last week, "your hour
has come" I wondered all week what that really means. Be prepared to share
what you understand and live the way you have been taught to those around
you? It's almost like nothing else I can do but go to work and keep digging
and do the best there, or are you talking about other than our daily
routine--prepare, for our hour to come--meanings?

ABRAHAM: I suppose I am really saying that no longer can Mission
participants bypass any opportunities to assist their fellows when they have
been fully trained lo these many years. When I say "your hour has come" I am
meaning that you must live what you believe, not engage in unspiritual
practices, because with your every action you are setting examples, setting
a tone, so to speak, on how certain circumstances will play out. This is a
crucial time in the world's history where there could be many more divisions
or more spiritual unification. To live your life on the fence of spiritual
uncertainty is not adding to the forward momentum, but showing your fellows
your mistrust of God. Either you are devoted to Father or you're not. You
will make mistakes, no doubt; this is natural, but to knowingly,
purposefully fall on the side of spiritual ill health is truly steps in
regression, not only for you, but for those who know you, especially
children. "Your hour has come" is a statement which asks you to choose. Are
you just a follower of spiritual intentions or are you a doer of the will of
God and His good works? Are you living what you believe? Does this answer?
(It answers very well.)

WILLEENA: Abraham, given the worldwide implications of this situation and
how much I sense people praying for the circumstance to go well, can you
address how the power of prayer can affect these terrorists heart. It sounds
like there are thousands of these people that are believing that if they
stamp out this evil that they consider us to be that they will go to heaven.
So my question is as we, the world, pray and also pray for them to heal a
little bit of their heart, to open a little bit. Is there a possibility of
that or are they just lost souls?

ABRAHAM: The terrorists believe they are fighting a good fight and the rest
of the world is lost. They know for certain they are outnumbered and they
truly hold little value for their own lives, let alone the lives of others.
They have no real spiritual connection, no real faith, so they see not the
value in living an honorable life. They see their only value or legacy, if
you will, comes from leaving their mark upon the world. The prayers heard
have literally lit the universe with a new energy and spiritual power. The
benefits of those prayers are usually going to those who have prayed them.
Those with closed hearts and minds rarely receive any value therefrom.
Continue praying by all means, because this is the forward momentum of good
sweeping the land, and as we have been shown time and time again, good
always prevails over evil. Is this answering? (Yes. Thank you.) You're
welcome. One more question

MIRIAM: Abraham, could you give us some advise on how to receive?

ABRAHAM: Yes, certainly, Miriam. There are many individuals who feel
imposing upon others is not ministry in anyway. To receive help from others
they feel like a burden. To receive some form of ministry from others gives
them the experience they need to advance in spiritual levels and also a
closeness with Father that you can only find in selflessness. Some who
accept ministry from others feel that they may be perceived as weak or
needy, and will choose to bare their burdens alone. How much more bearable
is this life when you have a friend close by. You each receive strength from
one another, to not only endure the mortal life, but be so inspired as to
treat each day as a new challenge. Also we must remember to take a few
moments everyday to allow Father to minister to us, to impart to us those
words of wisdom, to bestow upon us that unconditional love we can only
receive from him. You can only spend so much of yourself before you become
empty. That is a dangerous place to be for mortals. Emptiness will drive
people to find fulfillment in other perhaps unhealthy ways. Is this helping?

MIRIAM: Oh yes, I was having kind of a rough week till my visit this
morning, so I went to work thinking my day is going to be about being of
service to folks and here comes a lady out of the blue and ministered to me
so beautifully. She was so awesome. She picked up that I had a good week and
she just shared from her heart and it just meant the world to me, even
though I was in a "good place." It was just wonderful. Thank you for the

Abraham: Understood and a wonderful example on how ministry serves two
ways--to the giver and to the receiver. Thank you for sharing.

With that I will take my leave, but first I would express to you each my
deepest love and gratitude for all of you. You mean more to me than you
know. Go in peace. Until next week, shalom.

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