[tmtranscripts] N. Idaho Teacher Group 9/16/01

Rick P. Giles RickGiles at prodigy.net
Sun Sep 23 09:24:50 PDT 2001

North Idaho Teaching Mission Group
Topics: Reinstate Your Spiritual Connection, Implement Spiritual Education,
An Expansion of Awareness,
Keep a Light Heart,  The Loving Reinstatement of Our World.
Teachers: Tomas, Machiventa, Elyon, Lester, Michael

September 16, 2001

Presented at the Unity Church service in Sandpoint, ID

*	Tomas (Gerdean TR):  I am Tomas, a teacher.  I have been referred to on
occasion as Tomas the opportunist, as I am inclined to take advantage of every
opportunity to, how would you say? bring the good news, the glad tidings,
introduce spirituality, encourage forthrightness, integrity, and envelop anyone
in perception distance within the embrace of truth, beauty, and goodness as
it is
communally appreciated; the idea being that in the course of time and
through the
development of spiritual character individuals such as you and such as those of
us who are in the same ascension plan toward ultimate perfection will embrace
that God-knowingness which renders us useful and harmless and joy-filled.  How
might I serve you in this capacity today?  How can I presume to introduce myself
and the fact of my status as a teacher?  This I do by right of passage, if you
will.  As I am experienced in the ways of mortal life, having been a mortal in a
previous incarnation, I am entitled and authorized to bring my experience into
your realm as you allow me, as you are willing to learn from your elder brothers
and sisters in the celestial realms who uphold the universe, the values and
standards of divinity.
	The planet, your earth, is a beloved orb in our universe, and we seek to
reinstate your spiritual connections such that you see reflected wherever you
turn an aspect of the divine.
	There are many legions here in our area as we speak, as you join together
in holy family of association to embrace spirit and to seek answers to your
mortal questions about life and its many phases, about justice in your many
perceptions, and about our most precious eternal reality.  But I will not dwell
on these many things.  I come to greet you, to introduce myself to you that you
may fear not, for I am in league with only that which will serve those on high
who seek to bring you love and better understanding.
	Thank you.

*	Machiventa (Mark):  I would extend my greetings at this time; I am
Machiventa Melchizedek.
	Many of you are unaware of my standing in your history.  I was privileged
enough to walk the very world which you now inhabit, and I am one of an order of
beings whose mandate it is to implement spiritual education in many diverse
classroom scenarios, as we are experiencing at this very moment.  My order of
beings is resident with you on this world.  We care very deeply for the actions
occurring on your planet because it is also our planet.  We receive our mandate
for educational processes from your creator.  We seek to implement this process
in every possible, conceivable fashion.  We work with individuals.  We work with
groups.  In fact, we will work with any who will open themselves to work
with us. 
There is a great and glorious plan for the reinstatement of your world into the
good graces and spiritual confidence of the universe.  We are about making this
plan a reality.  It is through any means that we will seek to get your attention
to bring to the front matters of spiritual import.  We are concerned with the
spiritual elevation of your world.
	This is a highly unusual scenario for these transmitter/receivers.  This is
entirely outside the zone of comfort that they are used to functioning in.
So, I
present to you these individuals who in fact this day, this very hour, implement
their faith and would step off the edge of the abyss into the unknown for your
sake in service.  We do this together, hand in hand.
	This process reaches and touches many lives, not only the ones sitting here
today but the ramifications spread throughout the universe.  We accept
from any individual with a sincere heart who desires to work with spiritual
companions on the other side who will provide you with the framework from which
you may implement great spiritual changes on your world.
	That is enough from me for now, as time is short and the issues are great. 
Thank you.

*	Elyon (Jonathan):  I step forward and greet you, my friends.  I express
love through this medium of audio transfer.  I am Elyon, a teacher in the
of planetary upliftment.
	As I survey the souls of this congregation it becomes apparent that you
each function with an awareness that extends beyond the boundaries of this
This planet is experiencing an expansion of awareness.  To many who have not put
in the time, who have not spent that valuable moment in deep stillness, the
expansion of awareness can be shocking.  You have witnessed many people who have
been quickly elevated from awareness of the needs and deeds of self and have
expanded into a perspective of all resident on this world.  Each is seeking to
cope, to comprehend the significance.
	You, my friends, are called this day to help.  Your cosmic neighborhood
feels for you and stands ever ready to be a hand of guidance, a supporting
shoulder.  Those like yourselves who are housed in flesh and blood are the ones
who touch the lives of the hungry, the hurting, and the seeking.  Never doubt
your ability to be of assistance.  Never question the source of your love. 
Within you is an infinitesimal spot of the Great Infinity.  In all that you do
hold fast in faith to this ever-present reality.  It belongs to you.  Trust
deeply.  Express yourselves genuinely and honestly and lovingly.  There is a
of assistants always at your side.
	Thank you for hearing my words.  I step back.

*	Lester (Ginny):  Good day.  This TR is resisting me because she thinks that
there should be someone more profound.  This is Lester, well known to this group
as the jester.
	In the world that I am in now, however, it is called reversion, and I am
here to remind all of you that it is important to keep a light heart and to keep
yourselves focused on your eternal destiny, for you are called to be of service
in this universe, and that includes joy and happiness in the real sense, in the
sense that you believe and you are sure and you are confident of the source of
your happiness.  You indeed have a great and serious event to deal with, but we
encourage you to keep focused on the light and life of our Father and to allow
your expressions to be of love and joy as well as deep contemplation.
	I have lived a life of merriment and I know whereof I speak, but here I
understand how valuable it is to pay attention to that part of yourself which
enjoys play and laughter and good spirits.
	I will leave you now, and I too am a part of this commission to help this
planet to return to light and life.  I bid you all good day.

*	Michael (Mark):  I would, at this time access this channel of
communication.  I am your creator, I am your brother, I am your father.  As your
father, you are my children.  You recognized the tones of the parent's voice. 
You who have ears to hear let them hear these tones, let them feel my presence. 
I use this channel at this time to ask for your assistance to come to you, my
children, to seek you that you may find me that we together may find the Father.
	I ask you to come with me, to follow me, to help me in my mission to bring
your world, to bring my world, back into the good graces of spirit.  There has
been much misfortune surrounding the evolution of your world, our world.  But
this provides us with much opportunity to be of great service.  It is fully my
intention to see to the loving reinstatement of our world.  I come to you.  You
who have ears to hear I ask that you place your footsteps in motion and that you
follow me.  I promise you that I will lead you.  In times of uncertainty, in
times of doubt, in times of sorrow, and in times of joy I am there with you.
	I seek greater communion with you daily.  I seek a closer relationship with
each one of you.  You are my children in whom I am well pleased.  I seek
that you
join me in awareness and in knowledge so that we may be about this business of
continuing our journey to the Father.  I give you my promise that I will be
reaching for you, indeed, that I have already found each one of you.  It is
simply for you to recognize that we are working together, that I and you do hold
hands, and that I do in fact give you my spiritual embrace.  You will all know
the certainty of this in times to come, but for now I ask each of you to dig
into your wellspring of faith and to draw up that faith, to cleanse yourself
it, to nourish yourself with it, to exercise your faith muscles that we may be
more than material, that you may enter the spirit realm with me, and there
we may
be great together.
	I give you my peace.  I seek you to give you my comfort.  I leave you with
my joy, and I seek your approach to me with open arms.  I am there awaiting your
arrival.  I leave you with my peace at this time.

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