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I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. I find there is such a welcoming energy here this
evening. I look forward to spending time with you in this co-creation of
ours, yes. I am filled with gratitude this evening because of being able to
view Father's works firsthand. He makes the impossible possible. Even on my
level you can feel sometimes overwhelmed and a bit spiritually lonely. In
these times I am all the more grateful to see the Father's awesome works.

We are in the beginning stages of our spiritual union and with that we are
learning what one another is like. I have seen marriages though that have
lasted a lifetime and usually these couples have become one. Spending a
lifetime together in devotion to one another and the family brings every
lesson you can possibly imagine. The enduring marriage learns how to respect
individuality coupled with teamwork. I dearly love to view these long-time
united couples who have bared one anothers burden and shared every aspect of
the mortal life.

In this Brotherhood/family of God, the spiritual Kingdom, our greatest
lesson would have to be humility. Humility is the stripping down of the ego
to the bare learning status. In humility we find we are not God, but ever
striving to be like Him. We are listening in humility instead of preaching
what we believe to be true. In humility we stand equal, side-by-side with
our fellows. We are not followers or leaders, just brothers and sisters,
children of the Most Highs. I learned humility the hard way, and still I
could not grasp the full meaning until after this mortal life.

Humility within a marriage says that no one has a higher seat than the
other. All respect, love and kindness goes for each member of the family. A
good father consults the family on family issues. He does not mandate nor
threaten to bring about his will. He listens to all sides and attempts to
view issues with spiritual eyes. The good father can admit when he is wrong
or has made a mistake. To be seen as fallible is of no concern to him. This
teaches his children that they have a voice and they matter individually, as
well as part of the unit.

A good mother shows her family that they have choices. They are not being
ordered to do this or that, but they have a right to speak their thoughts.
The good mother seeks to guide, not control. When everyone in the family is
respected and well heard there is no need to create distractions that get
them attention--each one respects the other, each one is heard, not always
agreed with, but heard. This creates family trust. Each member knows that no
member of the family strives for individual self-glory, but strives for the
balance of the family as a whole.

Times are so much changed. Women and children can speak without fear most of
the time. You can see how the hardships of women and children have brought
about change, a good change, a progressive change. The plight of many races
have naturally evolved into progressive change. The difficulties the races
have suffered has given them a voice and a right to a place at the table.

These things that occur within this Correcting Time are quite natural and to
be expected. Do not try to control the momentum of growth, but be as the
good mother. Allow all a voice and show the various choices. Be like the
good father that seeks not a higher seat in the family as an authoritarian,
but hear each member and give due respect without worry of anything being
taken away or lost.

Most of the time the only way things can improve is to allow the natural
outworking of time. Father does not sit on a throne and do nothing. He does
not make it the assignment of one individual to lead all the others, no. He
is a God of action. This particular time in the universe history is
especially important to the growth of the Supreme Being. This is new
experience to be attained by the Supreme Being, yes. It is quite valuable.

I would like to offer personal meetings to each one of you. I find it would
be a great honor to me to relate with you on a one-on-one basis. Please at
your convenience set an appointment. We will begin moving from these lessons
about the spiritual marriage into lessons about personal ministry. There
will be no personal ministry without the understanding of humility.

The Master lived a perfected life of humility. He needed not attention for
His good works, for His reward was found in a close personal relationship
with Father. His humble life attracted His fellows and His words of logic
led them to a new and better way. Of course, this did not deter His fellows
from miracle seeking, but spiritual seeds were planted and that is what made

This week journal on the definition of humility and being humble. Is it to
hide your light under a bushel to the point of self-loathing? Is it to be
focused and aware in the moment on remaining teachable and being spirit led?
Is it your duty to humble your brothers and sisters, or is it Father's?
Remember God is a God of action. Have peace with that. Have patience. Know
that He is fully aware of all there is. He that exalts himself shall be
humbled. Journal your thoughts on that statement. Know that my
ever-increasing love for you goes with you. Until next week, shalom.

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