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Woods Cross Meeting---Living Your Beliefs.
August 27, 2001
TR: Nina

(Previous discussion included the ongoings with Paul Kemp and Rob Crickett's

I am Abraham, Greetings.  I am deeply touched by all your concerns for this
Correcting Time/Teaching Mission. As the Master said, "This mission is a
co-creation, our child." As parents it is instinct to protect the child from
harm and much of the time parents act from an emotional standpoint. It is
especially difficult for parents to stand back and allow the child room to
grow. A good parent relies a great deal upon the Parent of all parents, but
even the most spirit-led individuals find it difficult to watch the child
experience life only to stumble and become injured. 

This mission will experience a certain amount of stumbling, but it is all for
the greater purpose. You find that with your years in this project, that
there is a strong foundation which supports the essential truths of the
Urantia Book, and the Teaching Staff. A child who stumbles and experiences
pain learns to become more graceful in their walk, more cautious of their

We have discussed allowing growth within this marriage of ours. We have
learned that every individual has varying degrees of abilities to learn. Some
have more work than others. Some attain advanced levels only to fall to the
ego. Father knows this. Life on an evolutionary world must learn to attain
self-mastery, but you cannot achieve these goals without the value of
experience. Father is the good Parent and He allows natural evolution to

We find that in this mortal life, so many fail to really live what they truly
believe. Individuals study books and pray and give their time to serve
others, but they do not live up to what they find to be true. Many know the
damage that gossip can cause, but that does not deter them from doing it.
Some believe they can trade a negative energy for repentance and prayer
later, as if to atone for their weakness in the moment. Many parents have
treated their neighbors better than their own children, and yet they can be
found at church service every Sabbath. 

The experiences you have are challenges to encourage you to live what you
really believe. Your beliefs have no power when your actions are supporting
something else. In this marriage of ours, we allow one another to learn and
grow, as we will. We also have the freedom to stumble and fall, knowing that
there are those who will lift us up, not hold us down or back with criticisms
and superior attitudes, no.

To live what you truly believe means that you are the same person outdoors as
you are behind doors. It means you do not go about preaching goodness, but
you actually do it. To live what you truly believe is a glorification to
Father and you worry not about what men might see. You need not others
approval for being who you are, no.

The Master truly lived what He believed and He did it in honor of the Father.
He was indebted to no man. He worried not about impressing others so they
would follow Him. In His self-forgetfulness, He lived a liberated mortal
life. He grew, for the most part, without man's boundaries. The Master was
conscious of the laws of men and was respectful in that way, but even He knew
when to speak up and declare His understanding. Mistake not my words, the
Master loved people with a deep and abiding affection, but He would not sell
out His ideals of truth to gain affection in return, no.

This week, attempt to put into practice living your spiritual ideals. Honor
your child of God status by living to glorify our Father and behold the
natural positive energy that follows. Journal what it means to be true to
yourself and Father. That is all. A few questions:

CALVIN: Abraham a known acquaintance you know about, who asks to remain
anonymous for her own purposes, asks about Paul Kemp and Rob Crickett's
ministries, and their injections into the Teaching Mission. Would you care to
comment on her individual questions or let the lesson address that, itself? I
can read the questions if you want.

ABRAHAM: I have answered her in the lesson. (That's what I thought) My
daughter, this is a challenge for you to become involved. You are like a
guard in the watchtower. You have a great many perspectives -- make those
known. Your logical outlook will bring other supporters to the surface. Your
intention is to bring about good for the whole. Do not be afraid to be
yourself. Let your concerns be known. In my position, I must use caution with
my personal opinion. I do believe that while impatience appears to be
winning, I fully trust you, and those who feel as you do, to tip the scales.
Do as the Master did -- settle not for niceties while the truth is hidden and
others may be in spiritual danger. Use caution with your words, appeal to
other's minds with logic and brotherly love, yes. My daughter you were meant
to be heard. Another question?

DAVE: Abraham, I would appreciate it if you would comment, because this is
something that has been on my mind ... could you please comment on my
interpersonal relationships with others in this group? I would appreciate it.

ABRAHAM: My son, I perceive you to do well for the most part. Your
zealousness is a bit intimidating to some. While your effort to be open is
commendable, your attempts to find the man behind the curtain does cause some
to be defensive. Have not worry though, as you dare to share yourself with
others a new understanding is born, and where there is understanding, there
is love. Overall I believe you to be sincere in your search. Another
CALVIN: I don't know if we have welcomed Bill Terry, formally.  I think we
have you, Dave Purdy... anyone else?

ABRAHAM: Greetings. Feel free to ask questions.

BILL TERRY: Do you have anything for me?

ABRAHAM: My son I find your countenance to be a light to those you know. Your
attitude of sincere seeking has brought you quite close to Father. You may
feel though that you give more than you receive from time to time, but have
not worry, for Father gives you lessons according to those tasks you are
being trained for. Overall you do well. I am available for more personal
questions at another time should you desire. That is all. Another question?

HARRISON: Abraham, even though I am not available to be here every week ... 
I've always felt like I've received the lessons, even when I'm traveling. I
am very grateful for that, and I say thank you. I feel like I just need a
little encouragement -- a little help on some personal matters. I'm not sure
where to go? Perhaps you would have some words that would help me? 

ABRAHAM: Can you be more specific, Harrison? There are many things I can say.
 What is really in your heart?

HARRISON: I seem to have a laundry list. My finances is one area; some of my
personal behavior at times; my communication with my daughter out in North
Carolina. Any one thing that I can work on, Abraham, I will take it and run
with it.

ABRAHAM: Certainly, my son. You are a man quite driven by love and a sense of
doing right. You, most of the time, feel a need to be doing -- taking action,
and some of that is wasted energy, spinning your wheels, so to speak. I
cannot give you specific financial guidelines but perhaps I can say, that
some positions of employment come not with prestige or power from this world,
but most definitely some positions come with spiritual purpose. Management is
another thing I would have you focus on. Your behavior is in a state of
becoming. You will experience a great deal of emotional upheaval because your
daughter's rejection of your spiritual beliefs feels more like personal
rejection as her father. She also loves you and fears for your salvation. She
sincerely believes you to be following a dangerous path, while you see her
path as narrow and binding. Allow her to be with her spiritual beliefs. Only
add small morsels of spiritual food to her plate. Do not stray too far from
her path when you are dispersing those insights from your spiritual account.
Do not be offended by her rejection of your good word. Know that she also
wants to protect you. Harrison I do believe you do carry some past guilt as a
Father towards these girls -- that you need to contemplate and eventually
forgive yourself. Have not worry my son, in the end all that matters is the
love you share, yes. One more question?

SIMON: Yes, Abraham. This week, along with several other people, I've been
sort of ill and sick. I wonder if you can comment on how best to deal with
that? I know there are times when it would just be best to spiritually go
within which helps us to personally slow down, and ... what good is sickness
anyway? (group laughter)

ABRAHAM: My son, Simon, I am loathe to say this: In your enthusiasm to
understand your mission assignment you have drawn this sickness to you.
Concerning the others, I cannot say, but your attachment to see results is
causing you to receive the opposite. You cannot test God. You will not attain
power that is not your own. You can only be a nameless conduit. Have not
worry nor fear, the illness will subside. Learn to detach, my son. What
Father has planned for you will exceed your own expectations. Remember the
Master when he said "your faith has made you whole." That is all. (Thank
you.) You are welcome.

What a joy it is for me to be with you each week, I am very much entwined in
your lives and I find it my honor to be your friend and teacher. Until next
week, shalom.

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