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AUGUST 19, 2001

DANIEL (TR: Bill Kelly) I am DANIEL, your proud teacher, friend, guide and
companion. On behalf of the staff of the Teaching Mission, and in my own
right, I welcome all of you to our gathering in honor of Christ Michael, our
most beloved Father/Brother.

This place is thick with the memories of joy, is frosted with the sweetness
of love and the sustenance for all of our souls. This place is not merely a
physical location. This place is this universe of Christ Michael and
Nebadonia. This place is in the loving hands of the Source of all things,
God Himself, at the center. This place is His table where we altogether
share the goodness that comes to us individually, and yet the goodness that
we pass around as you do morsels of food. This place is a vast playground,
is an immense university, is a great and wonderful family. This place
happens in your lives because at the center is God Himself. We are His sons
and His daughters. We are also brothers and sister to each other. We are not
judges and critics, although many a time we take that role. We are not
winners and losers. We are all benefactors of the divine goodness.

The darkness of millennia of the centuries is ended. You are children of
light because you have seen the light, and therefore you are light carriers
to those who dwell in darkness, but the darkness is rapidly fading, my
friends. I know that there is much that seems to contradict my words, but we
have the higher vantage point, therefore we can see farther, and so again, I
affirm the darkness is lifting. You have been brave over these years. You
have been immensely blessed, tremendously privileged to stand on the front
lines of the advance of light as it takes away darkness. You are aware of
this, I know.

Christ Michael chose this planet because of its condition, because it drew
from His generous heart the strongest desire to do what He could in His
bestowal to bring about its redemption. Many years have passed since He was
personally incarnate, but now He is here in power, as you know, to bring the
reawakening of those truths that He taught in the flesh so that this planet
will fulfill its destiny as His planet of nativity.

I rejoice to be with you today. I bask in the warmth of your love to each
other and toward us. I am proud to be your teacher and friend, and now I
stand aside, for Abraham will now address you.

ABRAHAM (TR: Nina) I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. What a wonderful day in which to
gather to pay tribute to your Brother/Father. I am touched by the bountiful
harvest of wonderful memories and lasting bonds of friendship. We are each
entered into this marriage of spiritual promise with unshakable dedication
and everlasting hope.

MICHAEL (TR: Nina) I am the Bridegroom and you are my bride. I am your
BROTHER/FATHER, co-creating life partner. We are pledged to one another in
this eternal marriage, and what you see that is before you in this
Correcting Time is our co-creation, our child. Your faith and devotion has
brought me to you. Your willingness to sacrifice selfishness has given birth
to greater purpose. Though the days we toiled have been long, we are
witnessing new birth.

When the parent lays eyes upon the newborn they are filled with such joy and
wonder at the creation before them. From that day on the parent pledges to
uphold and protect the child. A good parent desires what is best for the
child. In this co-creation of the Teaching Mission there are many parents,
many co-creators, all for the most part desiring what is best.

Some parents desire their child to be a reflection of themselves as if to
show their own success. Some parents guide a child in the ways that will
glorify the parent. Many parents are bogged down with expectations for the
child, and pressure the child to become what they believe to be right and
good, but most parents would sacrifice their very soul for the sake of the

You, my children, have given all for the sake of the Mission to allow it to
proceed on its own momentum. You did not use it to glorify self, but to
guide it towards the betterment of the whole. You doers of the Father's will
have brought our Mission into living reality. I fully trust you to nurture
it into its full potential.

Today I will celebrate my co-partnership with you each. Your demand to set
aside mysticism and self-glory brings lasting reality to this new age, this
new birth. I look at you each as the new father sees his newly born child,
and I am in awe of the beauty and intricacy of that the Father has brought
into being.

My children of Urantia, this is your Correcting Time. This is your Mission.
This is your child. How will you raise it up--in a reflection to glorify
self bringing temporary gratification or nurturing with those spiritual
foods that will sustain it in growth, in all events and circumstances? At
this point I do believe I perceive a beautiful and precious child growing,
learning, and yes, stumbling, but with the dedication and perseverance of
the co-parents standing up and moving forward.

Today I celebrate our co-creatorship, our marriage. I wish you to know that
my love and dedication to each one of you never wavers, but grows stronger
with each moment. Carry on.

ABRAHAM (TR: Nina) I am ABRAHAM. Our gratitude to you, our Brother/Father,
on your loving watchcare and parenting in our own lives. We would like to
also rededicate ourselves to you and become new creatures in you. Help us to
die to the old ways and be reawakened by the new.

My friends, my fellow co-workers, it is with gratitude on behalf of my staff
that I give you our gratitude for your ever enduring faith and strength to
carry on. Our love goes with you. Shalom.

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