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S.E. Idaho TeaM


Klarixiska(Virginia):   This is Klarixiska.  I just told my tutoree to get
out of the comfort zone so that I may be able to greet each of you and open
the session with prayer.

Father, Who has become so much greater to this small band of children,
including those of us who cannot be seen by these seven sitting here, we
are so grateful that Your love is an umbrella for all creatures that You
have created.  We are so grateful that Your love covers every religion,
every race, every endeavor to know You.  We thank You that You look at the
heart and the motive and know that which Your children seek.  We thank You
that You answer the prayers of the sincere, and truly more truth, more
faith becomes part of each that desires.  We thank You for our universe.
We thank You for Michael.  We thank You for Nebadonia.  We thank You that
we have the source of strength and help that You give to us.  Continue to
guide these, Your children, and help them to get out of that comfort zone
and be willing to speak Your truth in love.  So be it.

Abraham(Bill): Greetings. I am Abraham.  I am here to bring you part II of
my pep talk.

Ken: Greetings, Abraham.

Abraham: Thank you Ken.  Indeed, are you an intimate group this evening,
and it is a pleasure to once again be in your presence.  Your forthcoming
birthday celebration is always a great pleasure to us teachers and we will
be here with bells on.  We all but worship Michael, our universe Sovereign,
and especially do I, as a mortal of this planet, cherish his knowledge and
experience, having lived on our soil.

You have been discussing getting out of the comfort zone.  Actually, my
friends, it is not as though you have not been doing this that these words
were brought forth.  If you had remained in your comfort zone you would be
no where near this gathering tonight.  All of you have been brave.  All of
you have been willing to accept change and follow through on your heart's
leading. What I have been trying to convey to your sister group in Woods
Cross and to you is that you have now reached a maturity benchmark.  Phase
II is because you have completed phase I.  You have graduated from that
first level.  

Your maturity now is evidenced by the fact that you are comfortable with
the truth that you know.  You are willing to say, "This is how I
understand" this or that and it is not a great concern to you whether or
not your hearer accepts your point of view.  You are beginning to realize
that your job is merely to plant seeds, not to work on the cultivation or
to produce the nourishment that will result in harvest.  That is the work
of other spiritual agencies, primarily the Divine Monitor within each
person.  The Thought Adjuster is able to take the words from your mouth and
break through resistance that people have in their minds: mental blocks,
emotional barriers, fear, guilt, shame, and doubt, in order to reach the
level of comfort that can allow a person to listen with more than the ears
of the ego.
You have no responsibility for the results of the seed planting.  It is not
your job.  It is true, however, that you do have responsibility for how you
plant the seed, in what manner you offer your truth.  There you are growing
in discernment as you mature.  Here, at this juncture, is where your need
for guidance is critical.  For your Indwelling Monitor is an expert at
adjusting thinking and therefor can help you to best say things in a manner
which will make it more likely for the seed to reach good soil rather than
fall on barren soil or be choked amongst the weeds.

I don't need to dwell on the fact that there are many people whose minds
are closed to truth.  We are not asking you to take a battering ram to the
doorways of their souls.  We are not in the business of coercing or forcing
anything.  We are merely messengers of good news, the good news that there
is a banquet set in the presence of every mortal in their own heart, that
exquisite meeting place between God within and their soul.

I am persuaded that all of you here have made that nuptial agreement, that
you have decided that this mission is not a past time, an occupation for
your leftover seasons, but, rather you have committed yourselves to doing
the will of God as you best understand it in all the parts of your life.  I
am confident that my words last week were listened to, understood, and
followed, not only by those who were present then, as well as tonight, but
also by the larger audience to whom the transcripts are given. 

Be joyful, my friends.  This is the time that has been waited for by the
centuries.  This is the spiritual Springtime that precedes the beginning of
Light and Life.  Of course, it is soon, but not tomorrow.  It is growing
person by person, group by group throughout the world.  People are, by
whatever means of belief systems they possess or whatever religion they may
practice, people are awakening to actual God consciousness.  The circuitry
has made a difference, of course, for now Urantia is encircuited.  This
effect is clear.

Some have wondered why there appears to be an upsurge of evil in the world.
 It is my belief that this is partly an illusion and partly it is the last
throes of doubt, shame, guilt, fear and sin before the shield is thrown to
the ground and the sword is relinquished.  It is the last ditch stand of
the darkness that still inhabits many  people's minds as they are about to
realize the futility of their defenses against the light of God.  It is not
evidence of regression forever or of the defeat of our mission.  No, it is
a last resistance before the open armed acceptance.  

Last week I did not allow for any questions in order that you might feel
the full force of my intention.  Tonight I am willing to engage with you.
At this time I will conclude my remarks and ask for your input.  Are there
questions or comments?

LaReen:    Abraham, when you say comfort zone, could you elaborate on that
a little more, how far it extends.  Everyone's comfort zone, I am sure, is
different.  Could you just expound on that, please?

Abraham:   I am borrowing words from your culture when I use the term,
"comfort zone".  The basic concept is that people are comfortable with what
is familiar, that which is routine, that which is well known and well
practiced.  Discomfort includes feelings of fear, anxiety, uncertainty,
self doubt, etc.  

The only way to conquer a fear is to do the opposite of what is natural.
What is natural is to run away, or to attack that which is feared, more
likely the former.  Therefor to deal with discomfort of the fearful type,
which underlies all anxiety and doubt, is to approach the feared situation,
person, object, etc.; to approach it in measured degrees and realize that
the fearful situation has not had fatal results, that you have survived
looking at this situation to the point that you have immersed yourself in
it.  When you calm down you can approach closer to what you are afraid of
and brings you discomfort, and very soon you are right in the midst of the
situation, finding yourself successful in overcoming the discomfort. [Ed.
Note: This is known as "En vivo desensitization" in the psychological
literature.] A common example is the fear of water an this approach is well
known to swimming instructors.  The same approach holds true for all other
situations, with the additional support that you have from your Indwelling
Spirit.  Yes, you are right that each person's comfort zone is their own.
It is unique to each individual.  Would you share with me what the purpose
of your question was, if you will?

LaReen: Well, as of late I find myself judging myself, wondering if it
makes me uncomfortable, should I just walk away?  I have been walking away
a lot lately.  It is a clear incident that happened on the internet with a
gentleman in his thoughts.  It upset me terribly and I just said I wouldn't
deal with it and walked away.  It has been on my mind ever since, that I
probably shouldn't have done that, walking away, I should have faced it.

Abraham: Daughter, no one is perfect.  I am not able to tell you whether or
not you erred in retreating from this situation.  I am able to tell you
that you do not need to be self depreciating.  You do not need to scold
yourself.  Your fear mechanism is based on the reality of the physical
world.  It is not always a negative aspect of your human nature.  You could
perceive danger and be accurate in it.  You are not required to be
foolhardy.  Do you understand that I am saying... that some fears are
legitimate and to be respected?   However, I cannot judge this situation.
That will have to be your job.  Seek clarification from your Father
Fragment and if you feel that you have been unethical toward this person,
make amends.  But if this person is a predator, has less than the best
motives, perhaps you have been wise.  Thank you for answering my question.
If you wish, we can delete this from the transcript.

LaReen: No, I'm fine.  Thank you very much.

Abraham: Do you wish further discourse.

LaReen: No, Abraham.  This is very important to me and one I have not dealt
with for a lot of years.  I'm just really glad that it has come around and
that you are helping us with it.

Virginia: Abraham.  Certainly my comfort zone has been to not tell about
the Teaching Mission to people, like my family or my friends.  Has the time
come that we are supposed too make this opportunity more public?  Or am I
asking for problems that will really not bring people to a deeper
understanding of God and the help that is available?

Abraham: My dear, if Michael, when he was on this planet, had calculated
all his words based on the fear that he would be disbelieved and rejected,
what would have been the extent of his ministry?

Virginia: Are you asking me??  (Laughter)

Abraham: I am presenting this as a rhetorical question to all of you.  The
answer is very evident, isn't it?  

There were some people he did not talk with before his public ministry.
When he was questioned about this he replied that they were not ready to
hear his truth.  But when his enemies waited for him to stumble so that
they could  find fault with him and have means to end his life, he
continued to preach, using parables.  He did not stop his mission for fear
of the consequences.  

It is unlikely that you would be crucified in this day and age.  It is
possible that some people who trust you might question your ....

Group: sanity?
Abraham: .....mental stability.  (More laughter).  But those who truly know
you and really respect you will take your seriously.  At least they will
listen to you and then it will be up to them to decide what to do with the
seed that you have planted.  Otherwise, the seed is not planted.  Therefor,
there cannot be growth or harvest.  

Now, I am not suggesting that you set up a platform in the town square with
a P.A. system and start preaching  But, you have already begun to share
this basic meaningful core of your life with many people.  You have to
decide  how and when you do that.  It is not my job to make that decision
for you.  Have I been clear in my answer?

Virginia: Very!  Thank you.

Abraham: But is it what you may not have wanted me to say, perhaps?
(Chuckling and laughter.)

Virginia: I prefer my comfort zone.  (More laughter)

Group: Don't we all.

Virginia: I don't like my neck getting bruised.

Abraham: This is the problem for you all.  How to reach a sate of inner
peace where the disapproval, disbelief, or ridicule of other people does
not unsettle you. In other words, how to attain the maturity that Jesus of
Nazareth obtained.  Is this not the issue?

For if you could be a faithful seed planter without worrying about the
results and without feeling that your life would be depleted if there are
those who are not approving, then there really would be no serious problem
in this whole enterprise.  Do you understand this?

Virginia: I really do, Abraham.  When you use the word, ridicule, I thought
of Judas and how he could suffer a lot of things except ridicule.  I hate
to think of myself in that situation.  But I think ridicule is something
that is very difficult.  I avoid situations where I know I am going to be
laughed at, I guess.

Abraham: Yes, and you are not alone in this situation, my dear.  It is a
problem that can be remedied.  It is a part of spiritual growth to need no
other approval other than that which comes to you from within.  When that
is so solid in your life, if others approve....fine.  If they don't
approve, it's okay.  It may not be fine but it is okay.  Do you see, for
you know you are in alignment with God's purpose.  

This does not mean that you become a hermit, that you withdraw from people
in order to avoid disapproval.  The spiritual solution is the overcoming of
fear that I was talking about earlier. Have we pursued this far enough or
do  you want more discussion?

Marty: Can you wave a magic wand?

Abraham: You understand intellectually what you need to do, yes.  You see,
the problem is your feelings are a result of your emotional history as
people.  You have neuronal connections in your brain which have to be
over-ridden, undone, as it were, and new learning occur.  This is why it is
so hard to do things differently.  It is not a lack of will or motive on
your part, it is a physical habit, an unlearning and relearning process.
It takes time, It takes, as I said earlier, approaching the edge of your
comfort zone repeatedly.  Stand still until you can feel the anxiety
subside and then move forward some more.  It is not something you can
decide tonight and tomorrow you have it mastered. But you can't make any
progress until you are willing to try.

Ken: This is the decision you were talking about last week?  The decisions
we will have to make?

Abraham: Yes, it was.

Ken: Sorry for the interruption.

Abraham: No, that was a good question, Ken.  Yes, these are the decisions.
These are the decisions you have already made in the past in other ways.
It isn't as though you are beginning this process, my dear friends.  You
well know it or you wouldn't be here.  

By the way, Daniel is not demoted from his position.  Minearisa has not
taken leave of this group.  Aaron is present also this evening.  But I have
requested these sessions prior to our birthday celebration in order to
present phase two in its beginning.

Ken: Let me recap this a little bit.  Minearisa talked a while back about
beginning a second phase.  The first phase being relationships with
persons; the second phase being the relationships of a divine nature.  I
take it from these lessons that this what we are about to do, to expand our
box, to find that true sense of reality with the Father and begin to
express this divine relationship that we see, that has been shown forth by
you our teachers, by our dear Parents, and of course by Deity.  We are to
step forward now and express our unconditional love for our brothers and
sisters and show them what they are asking to hear, and that they are ready
for it now.  Is that correct?

Abraham: A+!

Ken: Hmm.

Abraham: Excellent, my friend.  In your own words you have summarized
beautifully what we are doing, and what we are helping you to do.  You have
overcome your fear of water. (Laughter) You have learned to dog paddle. You
have begun the side stroke and gained some ease with it.  Now you are
learning the Australian Crawl to go for the long distance, the one that has
the power and staying ability that can carry you onward in your journey.  Yes.

Ken: Thank you.  Thank you for this pep talk.  

Abraham: Indeed, my friends, Daniel will be returning in the future, as
will Minearisa and Aaron.  I will be present with you again shortly at our
birthday reunion.  I thank you for listening.  You are a delight to me and
I am so pleased that you are willing to take my words seriously.  May you
all continue to grow in your trust of the overcare of the Universal Father
through the Eternal Son and by the Infinite Spirit.  Even so, shalom.

Group: Shalom.

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