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North Idaho teaching Mission Group
Topcis: Rrejuvenation and growth, "Go forth and preach the gospel to all
the world"
Teachers: Elyon, Malvantra

July 29, 2001

* Elyon (Jonathan TR): Friends, I welcome your company. I give you my
greetings. This is Elyon. Today I wish to speak with you about
rejuvenation and
For many who have been applying lessons and truths acquired through various
means besides that of learning through word, there becomes established a track
record, a historical lineage of philosophical and spiritual acquirements. It is
always invigorating to have attained new insight, to have acquired a new skill,
that brings greater functionality on a spiritual level in ministry or in
well-being through the improvement of character and behavior. These attainments
are bringers of joy and satisfaction and enthuse the soul for new discovery,
energize one for the effort needed and required to attain higher levels. Growth
undergoes this cyclical form: struggle, attainment, satisfaction, and
through new enthusiasm for renewed struggle. When one grows weary, experiences
the fatigue of effort, it is noted that the personality seeks rejuvenation.
Often this word "rejuvenation" implies what I have just now spoken of, that
being, re-energized, to have enthusiasm, to be rested. However, it really means
to become as a little child, as a juvenile. You can be exhausted and
at the same time. Witness the tired child from such hearty play still enthused,
captivated by the activity. What is implied in rejuvenation? It implies the
wonder lure of discovery, faith in greater powers to guide and to protect,
idealism and hope that the future will be bigger and fuller of opportunity than
it is now. It implies the humility of understanding that one has more to learn
than has been learned. It also implies a willingness to act regardless of
attained knowledge and a boldness to behave in spite of skill, to undertake an
activity without much fret or worry over consequences; though this can and
has at
times brought the youthful personality into trouble. These traits are
to the aspiring spirit liver.
Our master said that you cannot enter the kingdom unless you become as a
little child. I would append to that that you will always remain a little
not lacking in maturity, but always retaining that wonder lure, that willingness
to seek adventure in spite of an assessment of ability.
Cyclically all of us, even myself at my level of ascension, will exert and
become exhausted, will be recharged and apply ourselves anew. But if one can in
a way drop the "re" from "rejuvenate" and simply be "juvenated", to constantly
retain that youthful zeal, then one can be adventurous, one can be still playful
in spite of exhaustion.
As one who holds a level of training from our melchizedeks at the grade
level of a constellation, I understand your awe, perhaps is the word, as you
to comprehend what it may be like to have ages behind you wherein you could have
gained the experiences -- and you will -- that I have undergone. It is indeed
rewarding. But I must also stress that every new turn in my path to the Father
reminds me how youthful I am. We stand at the beginning of the path to
though I am drawing my lessons from the realms of the Most Highs and you are
the realms of the evolutionary worlds. We both have barely begun to make our
The cycle of time on earth is short, and you experience a rapid time frame
of youth to aging within your biological structure. But never let that mold
thinking and your spiritual aspirations. There are millennia ahead of you
wherein you will be youth. Continue to grow, continue to mature, to advance
yourself in morontia meaning and spiritual experience and Supreme connectivity,
but remain as a little child. Be rejuvenated constantly. Know that aging on
your world is no different than the larval stage of a greater life; it must come
to an end, but it does not re-define the fact that you are standing at the
doorstep of a great mansion of wonderful surprises. You have only simply
Maintain an idealism and an adventurous curiosity.
I will now entertain your comments and questions.

Evelyn: That's a good thing to remind us of. We use the excuse, "Oh, I am
so old" to avoid doing things we know perfectly well that we could do.

* Elyon: It is true that one can limit applying oneself to an activity or
undertaking an endeavor using the definition of age. Whether it be that one
defines oneself as older and therefore unable, past one's prime, or as too
inexperienced, too young to know what to do properly; it is good to lessen the
value or impact age has upon your desire to either be of service or to advance
your personality spiritually.

* Malvantra: This is Malvantra.
We have been charged by our Sovereign Master Son to bring the gospel to the
world, actually, those were your instructions. My instructions are to bring the
gospel to the universe. Both of us have a rather large task, but we soon
discover that the world is not defined by the size of the planet you are living
upon. My universe is not defined by the size of Nebadon; it is your realm of
functioning that is your world, that is my universe. Physically we have
residence, but functionally the boundaries are different than the physical
You are already aware of this through your prayer life, your worship
and your spirit contact. You are functioning beyond the definitions of your
physical world, and you realize that in your efforts to demonstrate
righteousness, to enhance truth, that you have little effect beyond your
towns or
your region. The world is far too great to have impact upon. The definition of
"world" then becomes fuzzy, for in your inner life you've extended yourself
beyond the planet. In your outer life you barely scratch the surface. So, the
import of the phrase, "Go forth and preach the gospel to all the world" is not
the world but the gospel, and that you do something to spread it. While I am
stationed on Urantia, I do little elsewhere in Nebadon to be of service, but
I am
still preaching the gospel. I consider that to be a high and noble task,
for our
Michael has never been wrong in his assessment of needs throughout Nebadon and
his methods of going about ministering to those needs.
As Elyon has spoken of the inexperience of youth, know that, in your
mandate to share the gospel, the entire battalion of melchizedeks stands behind
you, that you are part of a movement that spans throughout all planets
within his
domain. Even on the worlds untainted by rebellion, undisturbed by
defaults, the same gospel is still in need of being taught. You stand not alone
in this effort; the mobilization for the upliftment of all souls is total across
the whole span of this universe. Where you lack experience, guidance will be
provided; where you need experience, lessons will be gained.
I am glad to be in your company, and I will now withdraw.

* Elyon: This is Elyon. I would close our fellowship. I encourage you to
be that young child, to be of good cheer, to demonstrate Michael's gospel of
towards one another, to rely upon your heavenly Parent for assistance. You will
be rewarded with wisdom; you will be supported by a family of beings who all
equally strive to do as you are striving to do. I bid you farewell.

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