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JULY 2, 2001

I am with you. I am your MOTHER, the Divine Minister of Nebadon. I ask you,
children of Urantia, to take heed. Hear my words. Listen well. We stand at
the threshold of change. We are the Unified Confederation in service to our
universe Creator, Michael.

Mission participants, I am here on behalf of the Universe of Nebadon to
reiterate how vital your work is now and in the Kingdom to come. We must not
simply be about self-agendas in the here and now, no. We are about growth
and evolution also in the time to come. We call on you, children, to lay
down the sword of the ego and the shield of the animal.

We are not fighting a battle, but coordinating the integration of a
universe. We are unifying to aid the Supreme Being in His state of becoming.
Lay down those childish toys. Take hands and unite. Unite for us, who have
waited so long for this moment in history, where Urantia is considered a
solidified integral progressive part of the universe.

I am with you, sons and daughters of change. You, my workers, who have
struggled to aid in our Brother/Father's Correcting Time, release your hold;
open your arms and await the unfoldment. What is our overall plan and
purpose? In whom do you serve? Your Mother stands by in anticipation of her
little ones calling out for comfort and assistance. Together, let us be
about the Father's business.

I am ABRAHAM. Thank you, Mother, for your words. We will, as a small corner
in the universe, heed your words with sincerity and devotion to the highest
we can conceive. How blessed are we that you would be with us.

My friends, relax and exhale. Be witness to the unfolding. Be available to
be Spirit led. Center yourselves on the serenity of Spirit. Capture for
yourselves 'the newness.' The seeds have been planted and well tended to.
The new shoots of growth are beginning to blossom and soon we will make
ready for the harvest.

This week I ask that you find rest and empty your cups. Be willing to lay
down what you have been clinging so tightly to. Allow for the unfolding.
Make ready for the growth to come and have not worry. The universe is with
you. I am aware there are questions.

CALVIN: Abraham, I want to welcome a member of our group that has never been
here before with us, Imara. Thank you very much, Mother, for your help and
being here tonight. Thank you Abraham for giving us added strength, help,
hope, courage and advise. (Yes.)

SANDY: Abraham, I would like to ask about the situation I have been going
through. Once again, another difficult decision for me. All I want is to be
Spirit led, but I am facing those things that I need to lay down. I still
have concern and confusion. I guess that I just want to confirm that if you
need me to be there at the Conference--I am willing to be there in Spirit or
physically, but if it is better for my spiritual growth to not be at the
Conference and be in another training--then I am willing to do that. Do you
have any insight?

ABRAHAM: I understand what you are saying. I cannot say one way or the
other, for it is your decision, your spiritual journey, your life that you
must steer as you feel to do so. I am understanding your sincerity of heart,
but also feeling there is some pain and disappointment that you say you want
to work though, but are in all actuality are attempting to flee. I am happy
to work personally with you on these matters. You have not to fear, but to
face truth and feel it. This is an important time for you, my daughter, and
I am wholeheartedly trusting in you as a friend, coworker and a child of
God, to make your best effort. Is this helping?

SANDY: A little--I am a little confused, but what I have been feeling lately
is that I have been experiencing that feeling of trust and truth, but this
decision is so big that it seems to overwhelm that, and therein lies my
quandary. I don't understand what I am fleeing. I thought I was facing.

ABRAHAM: That is the paradox yet to be unfolded. You have ability and skill
wherewith to discover what you need. You are really all right in any
decision you make. Feel safe. Another question?

SIMON: I am very grateful for the lessons of this week, and ask what words
you may have for me?

ABRAHAM: Simon, you have been a wonderful resource to this Mission. You have
done what you do best. Concentrate on the unfolding of things to come. Do
not so much force the unfolding as just be calm and allow for time to
explain all things. Another question?

IMARA: I have recently learned of a theory from a woman, who claims that
since the time of Jesus on this earth that people who achieve fusion with
their Thought Adjusters do not translate from this earth, as they do from
other worlds, but they follow Jesus' pattern of service after fusion until
natural death. I was wondering if you would comment on that?

ABRAHAM: This is difficult for me to discus because it may create quite a
controversy. I will tell you what I know. Individuals who have attained a
perfected life here in the flesh, who fuse with their Adjuster, more often
than not, forgo the mansion worlds and the path taken by the Master when he
was on earth. The Master needed to fulfill His duties by gaining all the
experience of the average mortal, and therefore He needed to complete the
average path--experiencing the mansion worlds, the morontial experience, and
so on. The mansion worlds are mostly required to correct those imperfections
that you cannot correct in the flesh. A perfected mortal has no need for the
mansion worlds. I cannot say where they may go directly from fusion, but
they are most definitely greeted by a heavenly host and guided therefrom,
yes. Does this answer, Imara?

IMARA: So for mortals that fuse from this world--do they die therefore a
natural death or do they translate from this world or does it vary?

ABRAHAM: It does vary in the material way in which they may leave this
world, but it depends a lot upon the Adjuster's desire. Beyond that much
information, I am not prepared. Is this at all helping? (Yes and thank you.)
One more question?

MIRIAM: Abraham, before Mother started I got the biggest wave of love, and I
didn't know who it was going to be, but I was filled with gratitude. I am
glad that we each have a place at the table, and even though that place is
uncomfortable for me sometimes, I am committed to staying and I love the
fact that I get to stay. I just wanted to thank you both. It was very, very

ABRAHAM: Beautifully said, my daughter. Yes, this topic will be touched upon
at the Conference. Everyone is needed and well loved. We have realized in
these years of the Correcting Time the beautiful devotion the students have
towards our movement. We are touched by the faith and willingness to really
work towards truth, beauty and goodness. Yes, I also am in gratitude, my
daughter. (Thank you, Abraham.)

TR: He is saying, "No Calvin."

There is no further Conference matters to discuss, (Laughter.) but I do love
your enthusiasm and drive to reach truth. Have not worry and know that we
trust in your Spirit guidance. That is all. (Thank you.)

Go in peace, my children, and know that the upcoming events are not chaotic
and under mortal control, but well planned out by a universe. Yes. Our love
goes with you. Until next time, shalom.

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