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North Idaho Teaching Mission Group
Topics:We Pass on to Others What We Have Learned,
        Michael's Ministry,  The Exercise of Your Faith
Teachers: Tomas, Michael, Elyon, Machiventa

June 24, 2001

*	Tomas (Gerdean TR):  Good morning, faithful flock.  I am Tomas, your
friend, your longtime companion, and your cheerleader in your efforts to
take the
gifts you have become aware of and turn them into service to your fellows, as we
are also under the influence of the universal law that we pass on to others what
we have learned.  This format may appear foreign to you who have not been
to us in this way, but we are a fellowship of family in the spirit that is a
viable extension of Paradise, for we are in service to Lord Michael and in
harmony with the ministering spirits that have been designed to help the
ascending sons in their paths.  The light we bring is not a blowtorch or
floodlight but a steady glow.  You discover this illumination as you put one
in front of the other in faith.
	The demonstration of how the mortal and the divine walk together was so
beautifully illustrated in your session yesterday, for this depiction of how the
spirit leads lures you into advancing is very much the technique we seek to
duplicate as we urge you to take what you know and gently urge your fellows into
the line of truth, such as you have been led to discover by your knowledge of
divinity.  We seek to teach.  We seek to teach not so much academic information,
as this abounds, but to convey a reality, a real aspect of existence that is
eternal and enduring, that which has been born of the spirit and becomes
strengthened as a result of its faith-walk with spirit such that your confidence
grows, your reality grows, your effectiveness grows, and your truth, beauty, and
goodness grow in accordance with those simple lessons that you allow yourself to
be lured into learning by those who have gone before you and have paved the way,
now reaching back to encourage you to come into the presence of living love and
to accept it as your own walk with God.
	What a joy it is to be your friend and associate and to watch you come
alive as lights becoming stronger and brighter.  Indeed, your lights are helping
to bring about the dawn.  The combined lights of your association connect with
your neighbors hither and yon who are also in response to this dynamic circuitry
of personality pull toward home, toward Father, toward divinity.
	Well, there are many, many here in attendance today, as many as you would
allow yourselves to recognize.  I will thus hush.

*	Michael (Mark):  There are, indeed, a great many here in attendance at this
time, and they are all here at my bidding, my dear ones.  They are here as gifts
to you to aid in your ascension, your understanding, your comprehension of the
patterns and principles you are learning day by day, hour by hour.  I would
access this channel of communication to you at this time as an illustration to
you that I do so because this channel is available to me, and I will use any and
all channels to present myself to you and those who I have instructed to be
this task.
	I desire to more fully come among you that you may know me more fully and
recognize my presence in your lives, as I am with you always.  I am not only
there during your trials and your struggles; I am with you to share your
joy.   I
am with you to share your love.  I am with you that you may share me with
You are with me that we may seek and we may find all of my children.  Those who
hear my words, those who feel my presence indeed are my servants.  You each
minister to my children and, whether or not you are always aware, you speak for
me.  This is how I choose to manifest in this life.  In your lives, with your
lives, through your lives I will touch others, and you all will help me.
You are
my eyes to see, my ears to hear, my mouths to speak.  When there is a need for
service it is you they will see, my friends.  It is you they will hear.  It is
through you that they may come to know me, and I will find each one and bring
them into the flock.  I will seek them out, and you will be my foot soldiers. 
This is not a responsibility, a burden, to be borne.  This is a gift.
	When working with me and spirit you are lifted up as these circuits
complete.  Each time you are elevated nearer to me and to the Father be not
afraid to speak for me.  Call on your highest ideals and there I am.  I will
you.  I will minister through you.  We must work together.  This is a privilege
we both share, my friends.  This special liaison was designed by the Father of
all that we may both be lifted up, that we may all be lifted up.  This is a
Paradise pattern that you are beginning to perceive even at your very beginning
existence.  I assure you I offer you my peace that this pattern pervades our
beings, that we must simply allow this pattern to exist.
	I desire that you show all my children the joy and the love you have come
to know in coming to find me.  Be not serious about this task; be joyful.  this
is indeed a gift to be taken and a gift to be given.  So, let us let this dance
of joy begin, continue, proceed, and be directed to the Paradise Father where we
shall together stand in eternity in the embrace of the loving Father of all and
there receive the love and appreciation for our efforts in bringing about this
light and life.
	There are others available to you, as you so desire.  I withdraw, but I
never leave you, my dear ones.  I am never far from you.  For now I leave you my
peace and my joy.

*	Elyon (Gerdean): Greetings, this is Elyon, your resident instructor and
your long-term friend.  How it pleases me to be with you and to see how you
for words to embrace one another in the spirit.  The spirit is truly the great
homogenizer, the mayonnaise, that  holds you together, the thread that
consistently weaves the tapestry of the family of man and God into a greater
reality, the morontia reality, indeed.
	Have you questions?

	Sivad:  I would come out from behind the persona of Sivad and ask you  how
we proclaim and live more fully the religion of living spiritual experience
without encumbering ourselves with the religion of ...(inaudible)?
*	Elyon:  Practice.  The props of beliefs are purposive and they have served
humanity well in evolving up from the primitive worship of nature and fear into
the exalted realms of recognition of those powers and personalities which
themselves as patterns of perfection for you to follow.  These extensions of a
greater reality are beyond words, beyond mortal concept until such time as the
aspiring mind seeks to formulate a belief system around the concept they have
attained in their minds or hearts.  This is how evolved religions grow, it's how
truth becomes crystallized.  When you begin to take it and study it, it has
already lost much of its elan.  This is even so appropriate, for it provides an
academic understanding of beliefs and a record of the evolution of spirit
reality.  It is what you might call scaffolding on the way to true worship. 
Understanding what role beliefs play is a step into awareness of how they have
worked for you and also against you, for in these concepts of beliefs there has
been difference.  Where there is difference without enlightenment there is
conflict and competition.  Thus in many ways the phrases and practices held
sacred by some are regarded as profane by others.  So, to you who inquire as to
how to transcend these stumbling blocks into the clear light of communion, you
need to be mindful that what is precious to you may be anathema to others.
	In presenting instructions to teachers and believers you have been
counseled to always respect the personality of man.  Many times man believes
he is his belief system.  Therefore when you disregard or disrespect the belief
system he or she subscribes to, you have somehow caused offense and thus
alienated the brother you seek to embrace.  So, being mindful of your words is
essential to a pure reflection of spirit reality.  As you make contact with the
indwelling spirit of the other, as your spirit engages the spirit of your
brother, you have made a viable connection that transcends words, that
belief systems, that transcends dialogue.  This language of love is the door
through which the Father Himself will speak to you both.  As you allow yourself
to be led by this spirit, as you put yourself in a position of giving yourself
over to be the eyes and ears and mouth of God, the words will be put in your
mouth that will not offend your brother but that will sound as music to his
You will be received; your words will be received as food and not as gall for
them to stumble over.  Thus, in the end the language of spirit is the language
you need to seek to speak, not the language of man nor of beliefs nor even
philosophies, but that of love.  It's a practice that is found by trial and
as you offend your fellows without meaning to or as you find yourself pondering
your own words that you interject into a communion that may abruptly alter the
very molecules of the air as that word falls as dead weight on an otherwise
soaring moment.
	You would think by my response that I was insinuating you must be careful
of what you say as if you need to walk on eggs as you travel your path and seek
to enjoy in joy being among your fellows.  I tell you that the closer you are to
living in the spirit the more in joy you are and the less you need to worry
what words you use, because they will be more and more an emanation of that
within you which you are automatically becoming, because your nature is becoming
more Godlike in your efforts to be His instrument.
	You introduce a topic of profound importance, for this is a major stumbling
block among those who are just starting out on their paths.  They have found a
belief system, and they seek to share their belief system.  The doors are
shut in their faces because they have not learned how to separate what they
believe from their faith, which is stirred because they have found something in
which to commit their belief.  It's an arduous process if you allow it to
overrule your intent to share that which has become your passion, your core
reality, your driving power, and your greatest need.  As you sit in
stillness and
bond with that reality within, you will gain in strength and in courage in
attempting to lead yourself into communion with others that this might be
that the lights of others are also illuminated by faith and by the spirit.  As
the light then shines upon your association that light itself will eliminate the
shadows of misunderstanding and mere words which get in the way of the communion
you seek and find because of your shared vision, your shared joy, your shared
reflection of spirit.
	I know it is hard for you word people, but it is also a fun challenge. 
Perhaps this is why we occasionally make up new words that can accommodate a
nuance or a moment in which there are no words to account for what you have just
experienced or realized.
	Why do you ask?
	Sivad:  Elyon, you know well why I ask.  You know the labor of religious 
philosophy that would surmount the challenge and pass the acid test of a
progressive spiritual civilization that doesn't confuse the things of spirit
the things of matter yet reconciles them effortlessly and with perfect poise
according to the will of our Father as if in a dance, a fluid movement, not a
material grasp.  Man assembles that we might seize and freeze.  This labor seems
wrought, in the context of the exertions of the Supreme in this moment, and at
moments that exertion is great.  Great opportunities abound at these times of
crisis.  I inquire to invite your assistance, as always.
*	Elyon:  You have my full support, son, as do you also have the full support
of the universe.  There are legions who are with you in your uphill struggle and
also those who hold the hand of those you seek to reach.  So, you are not alone
in your struggle.  It is not singularly your burden.  This level of evolution at
this point on your world Urantia is so fragmented.  There will of necessity be
helpers and teachers in every available culture to uplift and enhance the spirit
awareness, even in the religions of the world, the great religions which are in
many ways so different but in many ways are the cocoon of greater spirit truths
that will emerge in time and with effort.  The striving of the soul to find its
source is not limited geographically or culturally.  The souls in the hearts and
minds of humanity are being called forth, are being piqued to come up into a
knowledge of itself.  It can't be helped; it is like a bud that, given good
growing circumstances, must bloom.
	As we are here to flood your world with reality, you are being prompted
across the globe to respond to the light that is returning to .... taking place
in hearts and minds such as yours, giving even greater power and pressure to the
urge to advance.  We are coming out of the darkness; we are coming away from
isolation.  We are entering into a new era, a new dispensation.  While there is
turbulence and turmoil, there is also a great upsurge of spirit reality being
born and being reinforced because of your efforts.  When they suggest that your
striving is important, there is a great deal that goes into that understanding. 
Striving is not just work; it is momentum; it is a reach that realizes and
becomes actual.  Even when you don't understand it you are contributing to the
unfolding of planetary destiny.  In this there is indeed deep joy.
	I have taken more time on the podium than I anticipated, however, I have
much satisfaction in engaging with you in this way that we might share our
hearts' delight.  Who may I send in?
	Sivad:  Thank you, Elyon.

*	Machiventa (Mark):  This is Machiventa.  I perceive that the time draws
short as the flesh grows weary.  I would seize this opportunity in this
which you have orchestrated for this purpose to make some simple
observations and
to pose some simple questions before we ring the bell and adjourn this
melchizedek classroom for recess.
	I of my order and you of your order both greatly enjoy basking in the glow
of our sovereign, soaking in his love and light and reveling in his joy.  We
both would agree that with this gift we receive we are then motivated to express
this in ways suitable in our environments.  I of my order am inclined to be the
one to consider rolling up the sleeves and getting to work in order to be about
the expression of service which you have come to learn is a necessary aspect of
the receiving of this Father's gift.  So, I point out some factors for you to
remember as you go forward and are drawn to service like moths to a flame.
	Your order of being has a unique potential not even available to my order
of being and that is the exercise of your faith which is your gift to the
This faith enables you to be more than you are, to accomplish more than you
could, to actualize more than you fathom.  I draw to your attention the examples
you are familiar with in your text of the incarnation where I actually walked on
your world and the impact of my visit and draw your attention to my human charge
Abraham  who had what is considered to be a far reaching impact.  I point out to
you : he is no different than you who sit here today.  I reference that our
sovereign, the Creator Son, who also walked on your world started as a babe and
again was no different from you who sit in this room.  Faith was not bestowed
upon him differently than faith has come to you.  It was his exercise of faith
which grew this faith which we all agree has had a lasting impact on your
Then I draw attention to his human associates,  his apostles in the flesh who
followed in his steps.  They were no different from you who sit in this room at
this time.  Each one of them had the gift of the Father and grew their own faith
in accordance with their abilities.  It was the combination of their
personalities and this faith which propelled their actions and which
impacted your world.
	Throughout time human associates have been engaged with all manner of
assistance from the other side, and in each case the ones to make a significant
impact were just as you are in this room.  I encourage you to realize the tools
that are before you, to heed well the gifts brought to you by those on the other
side who would be of assistance as well as those of you, your brothers and
sisters who are more advanced, who have done extracurricular activities and have
prepared to be able to minister to you in the flesh.  Accept these gifts from
these brothers even in your midst.  Accept the tools of all those around you who
would enable you to be more than you are.  Realize that you have at your
beck and
call more tools than did those who came before you who impacted your world so
	Now I pose the question:  What stands in your way?  What are the obstacles
which act as your stumbling blocks to impacting your world?  You have the
teachings.  You have the scriptures, the writings, the tools, the messages.  You
have the experiences of your brothers and sisters.  You have Michael within
There is nothing that could stand before you and the actualization of this
destiny.  It is merely for you to decide that these things that are between you
and your destiny are to be removed, overcome, gone over, around, or through.  It
is up to you to decide when this happens, how this happens.  It is not a matter
of if this happens, for all these obstacles will be removed in time, will be
removed by the conscious, freewill choice acting in faith.  You may do it now. 
You may do it later.  You may do it here.  You may do it there.  You will do
You decide, my friends.  When do we roll up our sleeves and get to work as my
melchizedek order is prone to do?  I tell you it is upon all of us.  I, being of
long duration, find myself waiting and observing, much time elapsing and, not to
alarm you but, your time slips by.  I will be here for the next wave, the next
generation, the next set of spiritual seekers just as you are here now.  I will
minister to them faithfully as I will minister to you.  I have given you my
The teachers have given you their word. Michael has given you his word; he is in
you.  Therefore, we have nothing holding us back.  In reality there is nothing
holding us back.
	So, that pep talk having been delivered I now choose to cut you free.  Ring
the bell and adjourn this class for which I and the others are so grateful that
you all attend.

	Rob: As you know I am cut free by Michael to minister around the world his
gospel.  I am aware of that privilege and the opportunity to minister his will,
the Mother Spirit's and even your will as a senior in the ministerial team
on the
planet.  Can you outline five things I could add to my ministry for Urantia
readers and for the global population that would meet your needs?

*	Machiventa:  My dear friend, I am in awe.  I register your question, but,
my friend, I would hesitate to alter your course, because your course has
come to
you from a very sacred place of your faith and your trust in Michael.  I see no
imperfection in your plan.  I see nothing lacking in your course.  I see nothing
you need to be any more effective than you are.  I hesitate to imply by giving
you any specifics that there is anything at fault, anything missing in your
ministry.  You indeed are a shining example of potential maximized in the
To the very limits of your understanding and your ability you have opened and
stretched your faith wings, and you are acting on what you understand and know
about the Father and His desire for you.  I do not want to get in the way of
communion between you and your Father.  I offer you all the words of
encouragement and support I can provide.  I even pledge to you that I will
aid in
your ministry in whatever fashion I may be of service to you, my friend.
But you
are one of us, and you are in no need of redirection or reinterpretation  Only
expression lies before you, only fruition is beyond you.  It, to us and to your
own spiritual development, is rather insignificant whether your ministry occurs
here or there or in this fashion or that manner or with these words or those
phrases.  What is important to us is that you act, and when your foot is raised
and in motion then we are there to help you guide it and put it down.  You are
one who does not hesitate to raise his foot for the next step and seek guidance
for where it should land.  The guidance comes from on high and is in no need of
revision from one of my order.
	Can you accept this, my friend?
	Rob: I certainly can.  Thank you.    I love you very much.
*	Machiventa:  Please accept the gratitude of the entire corps of
melchizedeks for those of your order such as yourselves who reach out and
Paradise pattern to the very limits of your capabilities.  We could ask no
Michael could ask no more.  The Father expects no more.  Yet you will give us
more; you will give Michael more.  It is truly inspiring for one of my order to
behold one of you acting in such faith, because this faith has been developed
from nothing.  This faith has come from you inside.  I was created without the
need for faith.  You have had to develop this faith out of darkness.  To see
faith elevated to such a level in your only beginning existence is truly
miraculous.  I give glory to God in the highest when I observe this.  Thank
Thank you all for the exercise of your faith.  It is truly inspiring to all
of us
who stand around and beside and with you through this career.  I am humbled by
what I see and I thank you deeply.

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