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JUNE 11, 2001

I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. How wonderful it is to see you working and
fellowshipping in alignment with your spiritual lessons. Your enthusiasm for
the success of the upcoming conference is contagious. We on Michael's staff
also have our agenda scheduled and are prepared to create as much spiritual
upliftment as you allow. These life lessons that you live have given you the
tools to be flexible and accepting in combination with dedication and a
commitment to truth. Well done.

The Teaching Mission has created quite the sweeping changes, and we are all
in amazement at the growth and in such gratitude to the Caretaker of
caretakers. When you think back to your greatest lessons learned you have
seen they have come through conflict. You can get to see all sides of a
person during conflicts. How easy it is as a mortal to plunge into the
emotional during times of upset, leaving out rationality and incoming divine

TR: Hold on a minute. Sorry about this. I couldn't hear him and then I could
hear somebody else. Now it sounds like he is talking to somebody else.

ABRAHAM: Correct. I am speaking with your friend and brother, EMULAN, who
will address you.

Greetings, friends. I am so happy to be among you and be counted as a
participant in this Mission. I had to learn through experience to reach
where I am today. I was fortunate to have such wonderful mentors. All my
relationships helped me to learn and grow as a person. You each have
something to learn from one another. When one is always trying to be the
teacher the learning is limited.

In having a learners outlook you are open to those divine circuits that feed
you incoming spiritual information. Your outlook is always fresh and new.
The possibilities are endless. There is a great deal of satisfaction in
being the teacher because most students tend to look up to teachers.
Students who rely mostly upon their teachers words also can limit their own
incoming information.

The greatest teacher is one who is open to being shown that they can be
wrong. A good teacher has as much respect for the student as the student has
for the teacher. A good teacher sets not himself up above the students, but
works side-by-side in a co-creative effort to generate learning. The planet
as a whole is beginning to shift in thinking, discovering that no one human
has all the answers or can be set apart as special.

No teachers in my realm are set apart, different or above any of their
students. I have learned a great deal from hearing others experience and the
lessons learned therefrom. I have also learned from sharing and receiving
feedback from friends, associates and mentors. I am so much grateful to
Abraham because he treats me like I have a great deal to teach him. He is an
experienced and a wonderful teacher, but sits with me, side-by-side and
honors me as an equal. He greets me with enthusiasm--as if I am an important
part of his life. He looks at me with the eyes of a father, opening up my
own perception to my full potential. All of the wonderful teachers I have
known have made me feel I was acceptable as I am and showed me a broadened
horizon of where I am going.

A small child can truly relate with an adult who bends down on one knee to
eye level and makes attempts to delve into their knowledge. Small children
love to talk about themselves. They feel the adults interest says that they
are important and on equal levels as far as a personal being.

Our Master also honored His fellows while in the flesh by asking them
questions, taking an interest in their lives, making them feel they are an
important participant in the world and what they do really matters. He did
not squelch His fellows vision but sought to broaden them with a divine

The Master loved to learn about people and was truly fascinated in how they
became to be what they are. In getting others to talk the Master knew that
divine connections were being made, that many individuals were discovering
personal stumbling blocks and actually working through them. The Master
could see where ego may have created problems in His fellows lives and would
have tactfully redirect them to new insights. He was not forcing His own
knowledge, but as the learner His connection to divine communication was
flawless and He had access to vast solutions and new possibilities, yes.

I thank you for having me this evening. I return you to ABRAHAM. Farewell. I
thank you, Emulan, my brother. Be also assured I have also received a great
deal from you and your experience, your techniques of teaching, yes. I also
count myself truly blessed to know you, my brother.

This week, my friends, practice personal interaction with your fellows.
Recognize the difference in being a learner and a student. What is the
difference between a student and a follower? Practice being a director of
new potential in your fellows. Strengthen your connection with Michael, and
when you come up against those individuals who are deeply negative you will
be prepared to stay strong, stay inspired and keep inspiring. Know that my
love goes with you. Until next time, shalom.

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