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JUNE 4, 2001

I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. I am always looking forward to seeing you each week
because your new spiritual discoveries, and enthusiasm about them, help me
to view Father's works firsthand. As I have known you over these years you
have become very different people than when we had first started. The human
mind is usually in a constant evolving state, albeit seems slow, it is still
changing and moving.

We have been discussing common obstacles within the Brotherhood that seem to
separate us. One of those obstacles we will speak of tonight is on the
allowance of growth and change in yourselves and your fellows. Individuals
who have known one another for many years become used to the same behavior
and habit patterns. Upon meeting and becoming aquatinted with individuals
you are likely to form an opinion of who they are. You treat them according
to your beliefs of how they are.

If a man is selfish, you are not likely to believe he can change and grow;
so you treat him with limitations and are not likely to help him to move
forward. You can see a person in the public eye, and from news reporters,
accept their opinions about the celebrity. You have no firsthand knowledge
of how this individual really is, but still you are easy to form an opinion.

How ease seeking, so to speak, to form a simple opinion of other
individuals. You either like them, want to change them or leave them alone.
Many want the support of their fellows as they grow and change, but are not
so understanding when others do the same growing and changing.

A parent who has a child, who is a bit slow in learning, forms an opinion
and plan that accommodates the child. The child then believes they are slow
to learn and they are limited to changing and growing. The wise parent may
see the slowness in a child but always be highly aware of new possibilities
or avenues in which to guide the child.

Unfortunately, how you look in others eyes is important to you and your
growth as a person. We tend to keep individuals in a mold or with a label
that keeps them limited to new growth and changes. If you have known an
individual who was perhaps alcoholic, and knew them as an awful person but
see them ten years later in recovery, would you treat that person as if they
were that same alcoholic or would you perhaps be open to their newness and
encouraging in their upliftment?

Some people do not change, some do not evolve positively and do well with
new growth, some will stay in their same habit patterns, their same
self-pity, energy stealing, personality portrayals that is miserable, but
certainly acceptable in this mortal journey. You need not however be closed
off to them and limit them in where they may find new growth or new avenues.
Certainly have you learned to become inspiring and showing a new and better
way to all things, yes. You may never know how you touch people's lives by a
show that you believe in them, you have faith in them, you are not saddled
with the same opinion of them.

I also say that you need not put these growth limitations upon yourselves
either. You need not continue with the negative self-banter, "here I go
again" or "I can't do anything right." Do not close off growth. Do not limit
your possibilities. A close relationship with Father will aid you in
allowing yourselves and others to be open to new changes.

You need not ever let the opinions of anyone keep you stuck repeating a same
habit pattern. They will always have their opinions of you and it matters
not so much what they think of you, but what you believe about yourself,
what you believe about your status as an equal child of God. Close communion
with Father is a shield against the negativity that may keep you limited.
Know that Father wants you to experience this mortal life to its fullest and
have abundance in all ways.

This week instead of forming opinions, or treating individuals as if they
are stuck in the same behavioral rut, find encouraging and inspiring ways to
guide them to a more positive light. Do not limit yourselves either by your
small self-perceptions or becoming overwhelmed with what you believe to be
self-inadequacy. You, my friends, are children of God and we need to honor
that with open, growing and changing minds, yes. Have you questions?

CALVIN: Abraham, is there a balance--I call it the dance, in the middle of
speaking up and just letting things go? I am sure you know what I am talking

ABRAHAM: It is difficult when feelings are so painful and the wounds are
fresh. I know it is difficult, but to allow some time to pass is a good
guideline for knowing how to speak up rationally. Sometimes the hurt
feelings are magnified by unknowingness and assuming things are worse than
they really are. At this time it is good to ask questions, get clarification
of what the individual is really saying. Your true pain though comes from
your fear of what other individuals are saying about you is reality. It is
closing off in ego and shutting out possibilities for new understanding,
divine communion, growth and change. There are appropriate times in which to
speak up, such as times of injustice, but a calm and clear voice will be
heard much more than irrational screaming. It is also good to go back in
your memory to see if there are other causes that have made present events
so painful, and perhaps you are overreacting, yes. Time is difficult because
you feel you dwell in pain alone, but you know all too well that you have
the spiritual tools to survive, yes. Is this answering, my son? (Yes. Thank
you.) You're welcome. Another questions?

SIMON: Yes Abraham. I was wondering if you knew who the couple were in the
purple robes I met a week ago last Thursday, and what was their message

ABRAHAM: One moment. I am told they are only fellow believers, and it was
you that delivered a message to them, not them to you. Your show of faith
and willingness to learn was a wonderful example to them. They are coming up
against lessons that are aiding them in acquiring a more stable foundation i
n spiritual realness. You are somewhat perplexed by the event because you
were open to direct communication with your own Thought Adjuster. You were
without any fear and more open to learn than to teach. Is this helping?
(Yes. Thank you. I wonder if I can ask another question about how I might be
introduced to my personal teacher and if you might have a name, and if you
would coordinated that introduction?)

ABRAHAM: I can look into this for you. I will get back with you on the
details, yes.

TECTRA: Abraham, as we go about our days how do we stay more open to direct
communication with our Thought Adjuster?

ABRAHAM: There is so much outside stimulation that draws your attention away
from the Spirit. When you do not exercise certain muscles they are prone to
atrophy--even spiritual muscles. Study, stillness and fellowship are
wonderful antidotes to overwhelming mortal daily realness. It takes
commitment though to the Spirit--either you are in or out, committed or not.
The half-way commitment is too difficult. You have promised your life to
divine ways, and then knowingly go about doing the opposite, then certainly
are you going to be closed off to the Father. You become disappointed in
self and also believe Father is thinking the same way, and your feelings of
unworthiness pull you farther away. Everyone makes mistakes--certainly. Yes,
there are moments of weakness, no doubt, but in the realization of your true
intentions, you know if you have knowingly gone against the Spirit or not.
You are not then prone to feel closed off and away from God if you believe
you have only made a simple mistake. Yes, commitment to a life to the
Spirit, live what you believe, mistakes, yes, certainly acceptable.
Knowingly to go against that divine promise is closing off. Good question,
my son.

VIRGINIA: I want to know if having expectations of having an eternal family
are right or is that my ego that wants that?

ABRAHAM: I am altogether not too sure of your meaning, but I can say this
much. From the religion you learned as a child has put various beliefs into
your thinking that are sometimes difficult to be free from as an adult, but
with your new found spiritual adventure you are becoming more clear in
reality. There is a lot of confusion in the churches today, and the only way
to receive clarification is to be open to living revelation. What you
believe today may serve you today, but be open to revelation to receive
divine information that may expand your beliefs. I know you to be a daughter
with great faith and will carry a wonderful spiritual message all the days
of your life. Your enthusiasm is contagious and we are happy to know you in
this Mission of our beloved sovereign, Christ Michael. Yes. Welcome.

I am slipping and will take my leave. I do wish to express my gratitude for
your allowing me to change and grow at my own pace. My love goes with you.
Until next week, shalom.

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